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  • 1. Initiative Why is it Important?

2. Definition

  • As in real life, this is the ability of one side to act first.
  • The first step or opening move
  • Taking independent action and going beyond what the job or situation requires.

3. Benefits

  • Implement new soluctions.
  • Bring innovative actions.
  • Solve emergency problems faster.
  • Changes old procedures.

4. Initiative Ways

  • Identify parameters.
  • Redefine your job.
  • Identify solutions, not problems.
  • Initiate wisely.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Fill in for your boss.

5. Initiative Strategies 6. Challenge Yourself

  • Try to set up new challenges for your career every day, week, month and year.

7. Initiate Wisely

  • Dont act like a blind person, if you have an ideia, think and rethink in order to see if it is reliable and if its pay off.

8. Fill In For Your Boss

  • Offer to fill in for your boss at meetings that she or he are unable to attend. But always get the necessary information in advance.

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