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KITCHEN APPLIANCESS.NoCompany WebsiteProductsDistributor Avaliable in KashmirRemarks/Summay (Give a whole idea of the company (Like what kind of products etc. etc.)Kitchen AppliancesCoolers/ACFansCrockeryLanternsWater HeatersWinter Products1www.ifbappliances.comYesYes2www.preethi.in3www.skylinehomeappliances.com4www.orientelectric.com5 (Dealer)S.J.A TradersK.P Road AnantnagPh No +91-9622658410Anantnag-192101Good 16http://www.kenstar-appliances.com17http://www.vkgroupindia.com18http://www.sharpindialimited.com19 china dinner sets etc36http://sujana.comYes37http://glenindia.com38 etc40http://www.nutanhomeappliances.in41http://www.fabianoappliances.com42http://www.singerindia.netYesYesa. rehman & sonsnazeer ahmedContact No.94190166872, akhara building, barsha chowk, srinagarPincode-190001Good (medium level) including coolers and heaters43http://www.prestigesmartkitchen.com44 valley454647

B - Grade Companyhttp://www.anupamhomeappliances.comhttp://www.crystalappliances.comhttp://www.galaxyintl.comhttp://www.brighthomeappliances.nethttp://mghomeappliances.comhttp://www.kenwoodworld.comhttp://www.sundevappliances.comhttp://www.tradekey.comYesYesGood (medium level) including coolers and heatersSKYLINE HOME APPLIANCESYesYesCheck it

TOP CLASS (OUTSIDE INDIA)https://www.fisherpaykel.comStarted operation in indiahttp://westinghouse.comStarted operation in indiahttp://www.advancedmaytaghomeappliance.com

http://www.medleygiftarticles.comhttp://www.welcomegroupindia.com & Spares Only

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SOFTWARESS.NoSoftware NameWebsite AddressUses PriceChecked or Not checked yet1FlyHelp to Create Help DocumentationTrial version Not installed yet2GnuCash software Free and Open Source Accounting ProgramNot installed yet3Garden Planner and Landscape Design ToolTrial version Not installed yet4inFlow Inventory Inventory - Inventory SystemTrial version Not installed yet5FlippingBook Publisher a Variety of Digital Publications books etc.Trial version Not installed yet6All-Business-Documents Documents and LettersTrial version Not installed yetHome7All-Business-Letters Access to Hundreds of LettersTrial version Not installed yetAbout Us8Agent Ransack File Searching UtilityFree and Open Source Accounting ProgramNot installed yetProducts9Advanced Diary and powerful digital journalTrial version Not installed yetCareer10Gramps Genealogy Research ToolFreeware (Free)Not installed yetDownload11Crave Accounting Pro software Trial version (Rs 13000)Tried once Partnership12Genbox Family History genealogy softwareFreeware (Free)Not installed yetContact Us13 Stock and Inventory Management SoftwaresWhat is Inventory Management Software?

The fundamental Function of stock management software is to allow organizations to track, store, sort and organize their stock levels. Stock management system Facilitates the logistical management of stock and items and can enhance processes related to ordering, transportation, storing, assembly, dispatching and delivery.

Also called a inventory control system, it could be utilized across commercial enterprises from production to sales by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Characteristics of these products consider more effective recording and maintenance of stock levels, quality control, sorting by distinctive item types, tracking the last shipment of products and organizing recurring requests.

This Software can help organizations to avoid problems, for example, over-ordering and over stockpiling expenses. They can help to ensure raw materials are constantly in stock, monitor how much time a product stay at different areas, and follow product transportation.

Stock management system are gainful to organizations who deal with huge amounts of items, allowing them to focus their efforts on enhancing and analyzing different regions of the business. It is so helpful for small entrepreneurs and retailers who need a clearer review and more control over their product flow.

Features of Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software helps a lot in streamlining the operations and goes beyond in house inventories. Nowadays, they help you to track whether the products have reached your customers and even give you an idea of what items are selling more than the other. Here is a rundown on the essential features seen in inventory management software:1.Ease of use: Inventory software is easy to install and is configured well on your operating system. With step by step instructions the software gets installed in jiffy.2.Compatibility: Most inventory control system is compatible to the Windows operating system which most of the companies use. This makes it the most preferred software for commercial as well as non-commercial small and medium based businesses.3.Data Storage: The software keeps storing the data over a period of time. This means that you just have to keep adding the essential items in the list without worrying about losing the previous data4.Ease of Access: The best part about the inventory software is the accessibility. Your employees also can use the software without any interference5.Customization: Inventory management software solutions allow you to create prints of the data and even customize these prints according to your needs. Multiple prints of the same data in different manner are also possible.6.Excel is now outdated: Excel doesnt help in tracking the inventory since it has to be created manually. This makes the software a good choice that allows automation of the entire inventory process.7.Integration: Certain accounting software is integrated with the inventory software. This helps the businesses to enable their financial and inventory process smoothly administered.8.Mobile Accessibility: Certain inventory software is available on the mobile too. They are made on responsive design platform. This means that these software are designed to be used on PCs, Tablets and Mobiles9.Security: Inventory management system comes in different users accessibility. As a business head you can assign roles as to how much access your employees or team members have to the inventory data. This compartmentalizes the editing or inputs of each of the employee in accordance to their work.

The Role of inventory management software in your business

You need to have products available to meet your customers demands and also not overstock or under stock any particular product. So, instead of relying on your memory, your inventory management software helps you in making better judgments.


Efficiency: Inventory Management software gives you the complete picture of all your products without the tedious process of counting each of them. Also, you get the accurate account of all the products at different locations without going there personally.

Money Saver: You can keep a track of all your products and this software helps you by giving details about products that are hardly sold thereby enabling you to choose products to be discounted. Products that are sold most of the time are restocked quickly to maintain the demand.

Customer Satisfaction: Right from the time the product is stocked till it reaches the customer, each stage is entered in the inventory management. This particular benefit is clearly seen in online retail sales where the customers are even updated on the tracking code of products ordered.

Add-ons: The inventory management software gives the most accurate status of the products stocked. Some also give their price list and more advanced ones even generate individual barcodes of each of the products. This makes the entire inventory process smooth going.

Future: Every business poised for growth entails expansion in the inventory list; making the inventories more complex than before. In spite of this change, inventory management system can still work very well for your business.

Drawbacks:1.Seamless coordination between the suppliers and retailers is a must, information has to be updated and sound technology has to be in place. This might not be possible at all locations2.If the new information is not updated or there are too many products then there could be problems of making any useful decisions regarding products

14 version Not installed yetPOST:15 version Not installed yetADD YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE16 version Not installed yetProfitBooks 1234517Inventory Biz Stadard 5.4 (Singlei User) RS 12000Not installed yetCrave Accounting Pro 18Trial version Not installed yetBusy Accounting Software Appliances Store Inventory Software19Tally ERP 9 20Reach 21Zoho Books 22Saral Accounts Home>Products>Retail Software> Appliances23AccountingGuru APPLIANCES STORE INVENTORY SOFTWARE24Reeleezee 25Accounter Complete Inventory & Accounting Management 26Easy & Fast Billing27Multi Discounts & Schemes Multi StoresSet of Items (Selected Items Sales on Single Selection) Other Item SchemesBARCODE Scanning & Printing MRP wise Stocks & Auto Rate CalculationsMake Smart Purchase & Re-Ordering System Control & Reduce Inventory CostImproved customer satisfaction with Home delivery SPECIAL FEATURESS.NoWebsite NameDescriptionRemarks1http://www.vertex42.comFor excel worksheets/Templates etc.GoodGood for downloading Excel formats etc.Marg Special Attraction2http://www.craftive.comLogo Design/Website Design/Website DevelopmentGood3http://www.logodesignpros.comLogo Design/Website Design/Website DevelopmentGood4http://www.josephjoseph.comUtensils Knives Chopping Boards Food Preparation Tableware Financial Account with IT-ST-Auditors Reports5 Bakeware /Cookware /GlasswareState/Country wise Sales Tax Reports & Registers6 Distributor Software7 Distributor Software8 Distributor Software9 Distributor Software10 Distributor Software11 Distributor Software12 Distributor Software13 Distributor SoftwareDownload link14 Distributor Software15 Distributor Software16 Distributor Software17 Distributor Software18 Distributor Software19 Distributor Software20 Distributor Software21 Distributor Software22 Distributor Software23 Distributor Software24 Distributor Software25 Distributor Software26 Distributor SoftwareState/Country wise VAT & E-Returns27 Distributor SoftwareOperator wise Powers & Boundations28 Distributor SoftwareMulti Location Inventory Management29 Distributor SoftwareTDS / Excise / Service Tax Invoice & other Formats & Purchase Order Management to Become a Product DistributorChallan & Counter Sales Distributor SoftwareV. GoodPost Dated Cheque Management with Bank Paying Slip E-Mail & SMS Facility Software selection process complete1000+ Sale, Purchase, MIS & Gross Profits Analysis Currency Symbols to show bill value in 5 Currency self, Dollar, Pond Euro, Rubbles Store with Separate store for Breakage/Expiry/Waste (BOM) on Issue/Receipt, Direct Receipt, Reverse & Lot Bases (Eagle View) provisions to make your printouts attractive Setups to customised MARG on customer site of bill direct Email to party Import from Excel, DBF, Csv, Txt files (No need to feed manual purchase) Item / batch / size wise BARCODE, Word, Excel, Html, Rtf, Dot matrix View & Print pre-defined Ports/Printers for Bills & Reports self-defined Hot keys & My Menu with unlimited keys's of utilities like multi edit to make your business smooth Different type of Accounting Voucher Entry System type of Inventory Entry System RequiredNew BusinessFund/Bank/Budget Planning, Targets & CMS/Purchase Cheque Saver with operator password support on single click (Inbuilt Support Link) chatting system to give message to users Bill Attraction

Provision for Barcode Billing & PrintingItem Search on Name, Code, Barcode, Fast Search Code, etc

Provision for Item Photo printing on billLight Fluctuation Security (Unsaved bills can be loaded)Estimate Provision with advance provisionMulti Bills on Single Computer for multi customer handingMulti firm Billing (All items selected in single bill and auto save in respective firms)Provision for Sold but not billed & Billed but not soldHot keys to feed Purchase, Other Entry or Modify/Print BillsProvision to load items from other billProvision to load items from other company billImport & Export Data from Branch/Head OfficeCtrl+O option for Export/Import Bills ItemsCredit / Cash / Credit Card / Cash + Credit Card provisionParty wise credit/cash provisionCash bills/parties separate ledger & outstanding provisionLedger & Outstanding for Cash Sale & Stock Add/LessCash / Card / Cheque Receipt & Advance Cheque provision in Bill3 Provisions of add/less in bill for Freight, Packing, OthersCredit/Debit Note adjustment provision in billCancelation, Amendment with amended items statementCashier/Checker SystemProvision for Direct Email Bill to Party & Field StaffProvision for Direct SMS Bill Detail to Party & Field StaffProhibited Party/Item provision (Transaction allowed only to selected users)Loss & Margin Loss IndicationHide Party/Item provision (Show only to selected users)Stop Billing provision for Company/Item/Party wise ItemChallan Selection : Selective/All Items/Partial QuantityOrder Selection: Selective/All Items. Balance order shift in Shortage, Delete, PendingCountry Entry : Selective/All ItemsParty History Dashboard on Party SelectionEg. Ledger Balance, Overdue, Outstanding Bills, Credit Limit, Last Bill History,Last Payment Detail, PDC Pending, Annual & Monthly Sales and Return %, AddressRate, Scheme & discount ask only on right key and skip on enter for very fast billingPrint Batch provision for less from other batch and print other batch (Party wise)Default/Separate bill remark eg. "Happy New Year"Auto split of bills on Company, Tax Type, MRP/Sale Tax, etc basesPhysical stock verification based on Company, Category, Group, Manufacture, Rack, Batch, Expiry etc

MARG SoftwareInventory Entries

Whole Sale Billing

Counter Sale for Multi Customer Handling

Item List with Purchase Detail

Item Batch/Size Detail with Purchase Detail

Bill Transport/Bank Detail with self-defined fields

Self-Designable Bill FormatsCounter Sale Entry

1)Multi customer handling provision2)Direct interaction with database no need to save3)Customer merge provision4)Purchase bill feeding on counter entry5)Operator wise counter sales6)Supervisor can see all counter sales7)Counter sale to Bill conversion

Multi Series Provisions

1)Inventory entry wise series2)Separate default series for Retail/Wholesale, Tax/Retail, Cash/Credit, etc3)Series for Receipt/Payment/All/Both4)Series wise Salesman/Area (Headquarter)/Party5)Series wise bill discounts6)Series wise Item/Companies7)Auto series selection on Tax/Retail, Cash/Credit, Party wise, Self-selection, Add prefix, etc8)Series wise Price List

Point of Sales provision

1)Barcode Scanning2)Item Searching provision for Barcode Miss print on +key3)Item wise default sales quantity4)Cash/Card/Both acceptance5)Get ready for next bill after bill saving (No party selection every time)6)Efficient Return Management on same bill7)Provision for separate cashier system for cash collection8)Multi customer handling on single computer9)Auto pickup of Rates, Discounts & Schemes10)Bill value bases discount system11)New scheme, products, etc sms & email system

Credit Limits

1)Default provision for all parties2)Party wise separate credit limits in Amount, Bills & Due Days3)If party cross his credit limit than Indicate, Follow Strictly, Stop Billing4)Provision to include Challan value in credit limit5)Separate Primary limits. Operator wise powers to cross with password6)Provision for Cash billing allowed or not if credit limit cross7)Utility to Auto fix party credit limit on the bases of Sale8)Send direct SMS if party cross his primary / credit limit9)Provision to calculate amount after selected date for Credit limit10)Provision for Cash/Stock Less outstanding check for credit limit

Rate system

1)9 Rates, MRP, Purchase Rates, Cost, Cost w/o Deal2)Party wise default rate for Sales & Brk/Exp3)Party wise Item special Rates4)Party wise Add in Rate provision eg.Rate=Rate+%, Rate+PurchRate*%, Rate- MRP*%/100,a)Rate-(Mrp*Deal/(Deal+Free))*%)/(100+%), etc5)Master/Batch/Date wise Rates6)Minimum Rate setup7)Price to Retailer / Price to Stockist provision8)Self-define name for 9 price list9)Increase rate with x% Item-to-Item/Bill Wise10)Rate in 2,3,4 decimals11)Pick Rates, Schemes, Discounts from last deals12)Less rate indication13)New/Old rate indication & printing provision14)Approximate Rate show/create on MRP/Cost/Purchase + Item Margin15)Provision to open batch windows if different rates on FIFO16)Generate Net Rate on the bases of purchase discount17)Generate sales rates on Purchase Rate/MRP/Cost18Ask rate in multi-currency (Item wise)19)Operator wise sale rate decrease upto %20)Net Rate, Net W/o Deal, Lot Rate, Scheme Net Rate, Estimated Rate hot keys21)Multi Rate changer & Rate advisor22)Show Rate in billing (Rate/Net Rate/Rate+Tax/Gross Rate)

Salesman Selection

1)Party / Series / Loop wise M.R. Selection2)Salesman wise Ledger & Outstanding maintenancea)Few areas maintain Ledgers & O/s of Salesman not of Party.b)Commission of Salesman = Total Salesman Discount - Party bill discount3)Salesman Commission calculation, posting & profit effect or not provision4)Provision to merge duplicate items if Rate & Discount is same5)Corporate Ledger & Outstanding system (Bill to multiple location & accounts to Head Office)6)Provision to set Station, Area, D.L.No., Name, Code wise Party Selection7)Multi Sales Return, Breakage/Expiry Return, Replacement, Price Difference Dr/Cr Note in Sales Bill8)Sales Return, Breakage/Expiry Return, Replacement, Price Difference Dr/Cr Note in Sales Bill9)### Items only to ask percentage & Amount (W/o Quantity used for Add/Less)10)General Items (Un-stocked items) provisiona)Eg.If you sold computer and you want to give description of items used in itb)but not want to less stock you can use general item11)New Launched Items load in bill12)Stocks & Billing in Multi Unit eg 10 Bag 12 Kg13)Item Name printing in any language14)Auto rate calculation on the bases of MRP/Cost/Purchase Rate/Any Rate15)Provision for Negative Stock16)Repeat Billed Items Indication & merge print provision17)Actual Cost, Cost W/o Deal etc multi cost saving provision18Predefined set of Items & loading on bill19)Bill conversion from 20,000 amount to 17,250 automatically for shot cash20)Cash Returner (Customer give 2500 Bill Value 2329 Return Cash 171) with printing provision21)Bill/Item Profit/Tax summary on single key22)Company wise Discount Summary & Bulk Amendment23)Whole bill rate increase/decrease in % / Party wise % feeding24)Auto display of Last deal of selected product with Party/Last al deals on Ctrl+S25)Provision to show Saleable & Brk/Exp return Dealings on Sales26)Show Return analysis (Saleable & Brk/Exp Return Qty & %) on Saleable & Brk/Exp return entry27)Selected Item Purchase Detail / Sale to Party / Sale to All / Return Analysis / Issue/Receive analysis28)Insert Item on selected row between 2 items29)Billed Item Batch/Profit detail with scroll to cross check margins/rates/deals etc

Free Scheme (Bonus)

1)Party Master, Item, Batch, Date wise scheme2)Free scheme calculation on Item, Batch, Manual, Lot bases3)Default/Party wise Free calculation in reverse with round off provision4)Provision to calculate free scheme in amount if Free Quantity