welcome class of 2019.  hickory ridge is comprised of approximately 90 teachers, with 24% having...

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Welcome Class of 2019 Slide 2 Hickory Ridge is comprised of approximately 90 teachers, with 24% having an advanced degree and 18% having their national board certification. Hickory Ridge students achieve high scores in proficiency and growth on NC Common Exams and EOCs Slide 3 Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. Hickory Ridge offers a broad range of clubs and organizations for students to grow in leadership and service, recognize achievements and honors, and allow for exploration of individual interests. Our athletes participate in 28 interscholastic sports including: baseball, softball, golf, tennis, swimming, basketball, football, etc. Slide 4 More Choices, More Freedom, More Responsibility We only have homeroom periodically not everyday. Lockers are given only if you request one and pay $5 for a lock. Bookbags can be carried from class to class. We start school at 7:15 and end at 2:15. Slide 5 All the rules will be given to the students in the Student Handbook at the beginning of the year After School Detentions Saturday School In school suspension Out of school suspension Long term suspension/Alternative placement Slide 6 Countywide initiative to incorporate technology into the classroom Student-centered and allows choice Increase student engagement and ACHIEVEMENT! Individual teachers determine when/if BYOT will be used Slide 7 Dont forget Compulsory Attendance Law students 15 and younger will be in violation of the law if you miss more than 10 unexcused days for the whole year! In high school, attendance is also taken during each class period If you are tardy 4 times in the same class, it equals 1 absence If you are absent more than 8 times in a class, you may not get credit for the class After 8 absences in one period, you would have to make up time in Saturday school Over 13 days absent in one semester = no credit (regardless of grade in class) Slide 8 Block Schedule 4 classes a day About 90 minutes each 8 classes per year For each class you pass with at least a 60, you earn one credit You will need 27 credits to graduate Slide 9 3 classes have End of Course tests. Algebra I Biology English II The difference is that EOCs are given after each subject instead of at the end of the grade level. Students also take NC Final Exams 17 Total All final exams count for 25% of the overall grade Slide 10 Earn the minimum amount of credits each year To be a sophomore, you have to earn 6 credits-Students MUST PASS classes (60%) To play a sport, you must earn 3 out of 4 credits in the previous semester and be promoted to the next grade level To be able to get your learners permit or drivers license, you must pass 3 out of 4 credits in the previous semester Slide 11 Total Credits: Minimum of 27/Maximum of 32 ENGLISH: 4 credits MATH: 4 credits SCIENCE: 3 credits SOCIAL STUDIES: 4 credits HEALTH & PE: 1 credit CAREER CLUSTER: 4 credits Middle school credits in math (Math I and Math II) count towards graduation but not towards GPA. Slide 12 HRHS Counselors see students based on last name: A DMs. Jenny Osborne E KMs. Kelly Lord LRMs. Kathy Habjanic SZMs. Betsy Navel Graduation CoachMr. Ryan Ferguson Student Services Website important information Student Services Website *If you want to see us, stop by the guidance office and fill out a form, email us or call us. Slide 13 A career cluster has 4 classes in a specific area of interest with at least one class being a second level. Slide 14 Every class you take is recorded on your transcript. Attendance, EOCs, immunizations, GPA, and class rank are also included; however, not teacher comments and discipline Sample transcript Sample transcript Slide 15 Grading scale is located on the student handbook folder A= 90-100 B= 80-89 C=70-79 D=60-69 F= 0-59 There is a GPA equivalent for every grade A=4.0; B=3.0; C=2.0; D=1.0; F=0 For every honors level course, 1/2 quality point is added to the GPA For every AP (Advanced Placement) or College and Career Promise course, 1 quality point is added to the GPA GPA can be found on Parent Portal and on transcripts Slide 16 Regular Classes Covers content outlined in Common Core Curriculum for each subject area Honors: Offer the same curriculum as regular classes but are tailored for high-achieving students covering additional topics or some topics in greater depth Advanced Placement (AP): Cover the breadth of information, skills and assignments found in corresponding college courses Align with the standards and expectations of leading liberal arts and research institutions Provide motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to study and learn at the college level Students can earn college level credit based on the grade they make on the AP Exam in May and the college they attend (not all colleges give the same credit) Studies have shown that the rigor of a student's high school curriculum is the single best predictor of success in college per www.collegeboard.org.www.collegeboard.org Slide 17 Should your child take an Honors class? Ms. Isaacs will discuss Honors classes Ms. Isaacs Please consider where your child might want to go to college and with whom they will be competing. Remember, class rank starts as a freshman! Slide 18 Our current junior class: 92 out of 369 students have a 4.03 or higherwhich is Top 25% of the class 36 out of 369 students have a 4.47 or higherwhich is Top 10% of the class Our current senior class: 80 out of 319 students have a 4.18 or higher-- which is Top 25% of the class 31 out of 319 students have a 4.54 or higher-- which is Top 10% of the class Slide 19 Honors English I 93% or higher in 8 th grade Language Arts Most students start in Math I (there is no honors version) Honors Math II 85% or higher in 8 th grade Math I Honors Earth Science 93% or higher in 8 th grade Science Honors Biology - 85% or higher in Honors Earth and 85% or higher in 8 th grade Math I and plans on taking AP Science class by Junior year Slide 20 Honors World History - 93% or higher in 8 th grade Social Studies Honors Civics 93% in 8 th grade Social Studies and plans on taking AP World History as a Sophomore Chinese I, French I, or Spanish I 85% or higher in 8 th grade Math and 8 th grade Language Arts Slide 21 If your child begins to struggle in a HS class, please know that we offer tutoring in a variety of ways: Peer Tutoring: Wednesdays after school in the media center until 3:15 Teacher Tutoring: Most of our teachers will stay after to help students (ask them for the schedule) Paid Tutors: We have a list of teachers in the county that you can pay for tutoring after school Slide 22 Your child will hear a lot about classes on Wednesday. They will pick their courses for next year and bring home a registration sheet for you to sign. Consider all four years when choosing classes (they already received a four year plan). Have your child return the registration form to their Encore teacher by Tuesday, March 17 th. HRHS counselors will meet with each student individually to look over their choices. Slide 23 You should get your childs schedule in June but sometimes classes have to be balanced after that. You should have a limited time to request an online schedule change, but you are not guaranteed one. Please make sure your child chooses wisely now. Official schedules will be distributed at Open House in August. Slide 24 FOR INCOMING 9 TH GRADERS Slide 25 4 year program School within a school Focus on interdisciplinary project-based learning Develops workplace readiness with field trips, job shadowing, and internships DOES NOT CONFLICT with Honors/AP classes, sports, clubs, heterogeneous grouping Director of Cabarrus County Visitors Bureau-Ms. Donna Carpenter Slide 26 Average Salaries of Travel and Hospitality jobs that require at least a Bachelors Degree can be: Convention & Event Planner:$46,000 Hotel General Manager: $50,014 Executive Chef: $69,000 Corporate Travel Manager:$80,448 Human Resources Director:$80,863 Senior Marketing Manager:$100,000+ Slide 27 Counselors will be available this evening at a table in the commons to answer specific questions. Be sure to stop and speak with Core classes-Commons Electives-Gym Clubs-Cafeteria Academy-Media Center