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2. About us Slingshot SEO is driven by our passion for the Internet and our endlessfascination with the way its changing the world.Search is at the heart of how people andbusinesses experience the web. What happensin search shapes how the Internet (and theSlingshot SEO Visioneconomy) works it has become the lynchpin ofour daily lives, the heartbeat of our society.To continually lead deservingbrands to dominance in the ever-Search is the ultimate proving ground for the evolving world of search, and toquality and merits of businesses. It is set up sothat the good guys win and the bad guys are share what we learn with the world.driven away.Its our honor to play a role in the advancementof search, namely by helping deserving brandsachieve search dominance. Slingshot SEO worksexclusively with good guys, and we help themwin, the right way, every time. 3. Why SEO?Whether youre a small business or Fortune 50, potential customers from Chicago to China are searching for the products and services you sell. Having the right strategy to optimize your brand online can go a long way indetermining whether your business flourishes or falters.Advantages of SEO: First-page organic results offer more powerfulbranding and positioning. Some 62 percent ofNow, agencies dont just have to do whatsearchers click a first-page result, according to theyve always done create ads and buythe DIYSEO blog. Google prides itself on delivering media they must also attract, motivate,the most digitally relevant and useful results to and engage specific audiences with a brandssearchers, so if youre on the first page of organiccontent. Agencies have to earn media forresults, you basically have the Google stamp of their clients in addition to buying it.approval for that particular keyword.* AdAge Digital (Dec. 2011)Provide unique and relevant content thatgives users a reason to visit your site first. Google Webmaster Guidelines (Dec. 2011)*For more information, visit our website at www.slingshotseo.com to see our guide on How to Value SEO4 4. Why Slingshot SEO?Slingshot SEOs results are driven bya tireless passion to master the scienceof search. Unlike other SEO companies,Slingshot SEO offers you not just guidance andexperienced advice on how to approach your brands digitalpresence we also execute on those plans. And perhapsmost importantly, SEO is the only thing we do we dontbuild websites or offer email marketing or sell toasters. Wejust do SEO. And we do it well. 5. How do we do it?At Slingshot SEO, we practice a methodology to get to the science of search engine optimization.Weve broken this applied methodology, CLASS, into five buckets to help you easily understandhow it impacts your SEO success. Each CLASS element Content, Link Graph Optimization,Architecture, Social and Strategy provides our clients with strategic insights to begin buildinga solid and successful SEO campaign in a field defined by constant change. 6 6. CONTENTWere Here to Help You BeSuccessful, Not Replace YouSEO begins with great content. Search engines read exactly whatyour site says and determines whether its worthy of rankingor not. Slingshot SEO is dedicated to providing highly relevantcontent that users and search engines love from inception throughOWNED CONTENT placement, saving you time and internal resources. In fact, arecent study by MarketingSherpa states, 76% of B2B companiessay content creation is very or somewhat difficult to create.Content Creation was found to be the MOSTeffective of all SEO tactics.- Marketing Sherpa 2011 Search Marketing Benchmark ReportRICH MEDIA 7 7. LINK PROFILEYou Dont Need To Hire a Researcher,Thats Why Were Here.At Slingshot SEO, we often compare links toreferences on a resume. Just like references, Why bother with a number thats at bestgreat links are an endorsement of content. Ourthree steps removed from your actualteam of dedicated experts seeks out the right goal, when you could instead directlyrelationships for your brand, turning them into measure what you want to achieve?digital signals that show relevance to search Susan Moskwa, Google Engineerengines and result in better rankings.8 8. ARCHITECTURESite-wide & Templates AnalysisCanonicalizationInternal Link StructuresSite Tree DesignURL OptimizationPage SpeedGoogle Webmaster Tools AuditLeave It to the ExpertsEven the best content with all the right endorsementswont help your site if its preventing the search engines 94% of organizations say that SEOfrom understanding its pages. Our team ensures that your has become a more important leadwebsite is speaking the same language as the search bots source over the last 12 months.and then makes only the recommendations you need,- Marketing Sherpa 2011 Search Marketingwith your resources in mind, to achieve success.9 9. SOCIALBuild Relationships Among Several Media, Not Just OneAre social signals around your brand sending the rightmessage? As search engines grow more sophisticated, theconversations happening around your brand will have greaterimpact on rankings. Social signals go far beyond popular socialmedia sites, and Slingshot SEO can help guide your social teamto engage their audiences in ways that help search enginesunderstand the importance of your brand.Web 2.0/Social Graph 10 10. STRATEGYWere Here to Help You Meet Your GoalsWithout clearly defined goals, it canbe tough to navigate the strategicand tactical decisions that must bemade nearly every day to achieve SEOsuccess. Slingshot SEO offers world-class consulting by a team of SEOResearchexperts that execute a full CLASSstrategy to help drive rankings andtraffic and help you make the rightcalls with the right data to show realresults that matter. VALUE ExecutionRecommenda tions 11 11. Custom pricing Slingshot SEOs Pricing AlgorithmThe core components of the Slingshot SEO CLASS methodology are comparable tothose used by some of the best e-marketers in the world. We did a study on what thesesuccessful e-marketers did right in organic search and have since used this knowledgeto launch successful enterprise SEO campaigns for hundreds of clients. This data-drivenknowledge led to a defined SEO Pricing algorithm to deliver to our clients.Well analyze 3 areas: Your owned content vs. your top competitors within each element of CLASS The amount of earned media required to become relevant for category keywordsand sub-category keywords The amount of quality content required to become relevant for a keyword category12 12. Our storySlingshot SEO is one of the countrys leading and fastest-growing search engine optimizationfirms. It employs more than 100 search experts from its headquarters in Indianapolis andlocations across the country. Innovation is Slingshots hallmark. With its own in-house Research& Development Department delivering unique reports about the SEO industry, Slingshot SEO iswell-regarded as a thought leader in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization. It isthe first SEO firm to hire an Editor-in-Chief who oversees an internal team of writers and we wereranked #58 on the Inc Magazine Annual List of 500 fastest growing companies.The HistoryThe roots of Slingshot SEO can be traced to the late 1990s when three high schoolbuddies - instead of delivering pizza used their after-school time to earn money throughbanner advertising on the automobile websites they designed. Long before search engineoptimization was an industry, Kevin, Aaron, and Jeremy were building websites and rankingthem highly on the most prominent search engines of the era. After going their separateways and graduating from college, the three got the band back together in 2006 to formSlingshot SEO.13 13. Our founders Aaron Aders Aaron is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Slingshot SEO. Building on more than a decade of Internet marketing experience, Aaron has contributed in many roles including Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Systems Analyst and Chief Operations Officer.Aaron earned a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Biology at IndianaUniversity in 2004. During the following years, Aaron traveled thecountry working at Watson Pharmaceuticals in Phoenix, Arizona, andlater for an environmental abatement company in Miami, Florida. Hewas even accepted into medical school in 2006. It was at this time that he received a call from anold friend, Jeremy Dearringer, about an SEO opportunity, and Slingshot SEO was born.Creating and managing proprietary software and processes is at the core of his contributions atSlingshot SEO. As Chief Strategy Officer, Aaron will continue to steer the strategic vision behindSlingshot SEO software and business processes.Fun fact: My eyebrows sweat when I eat sour candy. 14 14. Our foundersKevin BaileyKevin is co-founder and President of Slingshot SEO. An IndianaUniversity graduate, Kevin has more than fourteen years of Internetmarketing experience involving organic search engine optimization,eCommerce, conversion rate analysis, statistical analysis, affiliatemarketing and web design.Prior to co-founding Slingshot SEO, Kevin spent two years workingwithin the technology related intellectual property strategy practice ofCRA International, a publicly traded consulting firm in Chicago Illinois.Kevins core responsibility at Slingshot SEO is to manage the companys overall strategic objectiveswhile also spending time on the sales side building new client relationships. He is responsible forfinance, conversion rate analysis researchdevelopment and statistical analysis.Fun fact: When I was 17 I tried to build a YouTube style video website calledCrazyVideos.com and got sued by my web host for going over the bandwidth limitof their advertised Unlimited Bandwidth Plan. 15 15. Our founders Jeremy DearringerJeremy Dearringer is a Co-Founder and the Chief Research Officerat Slingshot SEO, an award-winning and nationally recognized SEOconsulting and internet marketing firm. A Purdue University graduate,Jeremy launched his entrepre