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Some self promotion. It's a mix of some awesome testimonials from real clients, a bit about our ethos and reasons behind our brand as well as reasons to use MailAway email marketing.


  • 1. www.mail-away.co.uk twitter.com/mailaway

2. We have now run several projects supported with the MailAway system and we are already seeing real practical benefits; such as segmenting sample lists and optimising the timing of reminder emails .Robert Rush, Managing Director 3. Why do email marketing anyway?

  • Ten reasons why we think its a good choice...
  • Cost effective
  • Immediate
  • Flexible

4. Why do email marketing anyway?

  • 4. Personal
  • 5. Interactive
  • 6. Responsive
  • 7. Measureable

5. Why do email marketing anyway?

  • 8.Versatile
  • 9.Easy to share
  • 10. Environmentally
  • friendly

6. MailAway have provided our company with a first class service from initial design concept through to finalised product and after sales service .Chris Rea, Harlyn Surf 7. The need for something different

  • Smaller businesses want more
  • but dont necessarily have the budgets
  • Most are savvy enough to do it themselves
  • but dont have the technical ability
  • All want the results email can bring
  • but without the hassle

8. MailAway provided an excellent service for Cornish Crabbers. We approached MailAway with a very specific brief and came away with exactly what we wanted plus a few improvements! Cherish Maxwell, Marketing Manager 9. The MailAway ethos

  • Simple. Reliable. Enjoyable.
  • Email marketing has never been so simple

10. It has been a wholely positive experience bringing MailAway into our market research activities.MailAway understood the challenge and could see immediately how their platform could make our life easier and how we could improve the quality of service we deliver to our customers .Robert Rush, Managing Director 11. Great looking designs

  • created just for you

12. I am very pleased with the MailAway service and the newsletter templatethey designed for LESW. MailAway stuck to tight deadlines and helped create a campaign that was perfect for my needs . Andrew Weaver, Managing Director 13. Create and send

  • your own email marketing campaigns

14. MailAway has given our website a more professional look and feel. It has given us a better understanding of our expanding customer base and their buying habits . James Cock, Managing Director 15. Manage subscribers

  • easily and effectively

16. The system is utterly idiot-proof and we aim to support clients with setting up on MailAway and eventually take on their own email-marketing. Were also using it ourselves to keep in touch with clients, cross-market our services and drive new business. The whole team is really enthusiastic about this amazing service . Rachel Picken, PR Manager 17. Measure your success

  • with beautiful reports

18. The MailAway system is very easy to use and provides great statistical informationon each campaign which is invaluable.I would not hesitate in recommending MailAway Chris Rea, Harlyn Surf 19. One service. One price.No contract. No hidden fees. Pay for what you use. How refreshing... 20. The MailAway programme is perfectly simple to use and does exactly what it says on the tin. We have been able to segment our database to send more targeted emails, whilst keeping control of our costs .Danny Chambers, Sales and Marketing Manager 21. The difference with MailAway is that its incredibly affordable so its easy for clients to try the service and experience great results first hand.Our first newsletter for a client had a 50% open rate and generated business straight away so they saw immediate return on their investment .Rachel Picken, PR Manager