15 ways to make your organization more likeable

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  • 1. 15 Strategies to Make Your Organization More @DaveKerpen, CEO, @LikeableMedia Author of @likeablebook June 2011

2. Warnings about Social Media

  • Social media is not free.
  • Social media will not bring you instant results.
  • Social media cannot make up for a bad product or service.

3. Like is the New Link 4. Its Not About You 5. Likeable Social Media:How to Delight Your Customers,Create an Irresistible Brand,and Be Generally Amazing on(& other social networks)15 ways 6. 1. listen first and never stop listening 7. 8. 2. think and act like your customer 9. 10. 11. 3. compel your customers to be your first fans 12. 13. 14. 4. respond quickly to all bad comments 15. 16. 17. 18. 5. respond to good comments too 19. 20. online influencers the new celebrities? 21. 6. be authentic 22. 23. 7. should you ask a lot of questions? 24. 1. Pose a question or challenge directly to fans2. Ask fans to like it 3. Announce winners of a Facebook-hosted contest or sweepstakes 4. Include everything else all remaining status updates that didnt fit any of the above categories in a recent study, Likeable Media looked at status updates that 25. In 100% of cases, engagement rates for posts that asked fans to Like this were up to 5.5 times (on average 2.7x) higher than those for other updates.* In 9 out of 10 cases, status updates that posed a question directly to fans were 2-6 times as engaging as other updates. Likeable Media found the following 26. 8. provide value (yes, for free!) 27. 28. 9. share stories (theyre your social currency) 29. 30. 10. inspire your customers to share stories 31. 32. 11. integrate facebook into the entire customer experience 33. 34. 12. use facebook ads for greater impact 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 13. admit when you screw up then leverage your mistakes 40. 41. 14. consistently deliver excitement, surprise, & delight 42. 43. 44. 15. dont sell! just make it easy & compelling for customers to buy 45. 46. but how do we get started today? 47. getting started on: 48. If you can add a business as a FRIEND, its not properly set up on Facebook.Individual profiles are for Individuals. profiles: 49. Groups are organized around common interest. Limited functionality, but able to organize large groups of people. Can be public or private. groups: 50. Established for businesses:Become a LIKER Completely public, dont need to be a member of Facebook to view HIGHLY functional. fan pages: 51. community pages: 52. the 5 most engaging status updates: 53. getting started on: 54. Consumer Insight Customer Service Real Time Communication best uses 55. Limited to 140 Characters, Twitter is based on the simple premise of reporting Whats happening? right now whats happening? 56. Type RT @DaveKerpen: OR Simply click the Retweet button retweeting: 57. Click the Reply button @reply: 58. DM (Direct Messaging): 59. tweetdeck: 60. hootsuite: 61. other apps: 62. getting started on: 63. Demonstrating Corporate Culture Demonstrating Product Uses best uses: 64. Content is more important than production quality. A good flipcam will do. Short and sweet is almost always better. A good rule of thumb is 30-90 seconds per video. Have fun. Video is a great way to showcase your brands personality . Answer peoples comments.tips: 65. 66. getting started on: 67. Recruitment Retention Industry Collaborationbest uses: 68. company profiles: 69. getting started on: 70. Blogs allow you to connect with the consumer in a more casual level, enable you to talk directly with consumer via comments, and allow you to expand and explore topics best uses: 71. There are over 200 million US-based blogs. In addition to providing a platform for expanded, easily updatable content, blogs have another important purpose: B.L.O.G. =BETTER LISTINGS ONGOOGLE(and Bing too!) 72. 73. Thank You/ Grand Prize/I Love Feedback likeable.com likeablebook.com Engage with me @DaveKerpen on Twitter Ask us questions @Facebook.com/LikeableMedia Or, email me anytime dave@likeable.com