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In Ancient Egypt daily life was very important. Daily life consisted of jobs, government, and leisure activities. For boys, there jobs came from their fathers. Whatever the father did for a job so would the son. Most women and girls stayed home to work in the house, cleaning, cooking and washed the clothes. Some of the jobs consisted of Scribes, Artisans, Artists, Architects, farming and many more. Scribes were relatively high in the social classes. The scribes recorded records, and copied religious texts. Since the Scribes didn’t have to pay taxes they were very wealthy. Artisans made statues, furniture, jewelry , pottery and, shoes. Architects designed temples and, royal tombs. Also Artists painted detailed pictures on the walls of deep burial chambers. Last but not least, farmers and peasants were at the bottom of the social scale and, was the majority of the civilization. Farmers grew wheat and Barley. But, Peasants helped to build pyramids and, mining gold.

Guests at banquets often wore cone of perfumed wax on their heads. The heat in the room would melt the cone and the

perfumed wax would run down their heads. It was made out of scented wax.


Wigs were worn for special occasions such as Bouquets or gatherings. Men and Woman would shave their head at a young age then, wear a wig. It may sound weird but the wigs were made of real hair that was attached to a net.


Combs were used in Ancient Egypt to maintain their Wigs. The picture to the right is a double sided comb. The comb on the left is a normal one. Combs were mostly made of wood and

they were hand held size.


The ancient Egyptians often used throw sticks to hunt for birds.

Hunting was an important way of getting food, but was also

considered a sport. This is a special throw stick that was

made to go in a pharaoh's tomb. Objects made to go in tombs were not actually used, but were put in

the tomb so that they could be used

in the next life.