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Pilgrims Daily Life -Section 2- By: Ms. Wolniakowski

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Pilgrims Daily Life. - Section 2- By: Ms. Wolniakowski. Map . Time Line . Bradford becomes new governor, after Carver dies from working himself to death. The pilgrims sign a peace treaty with the Native American Groups . 1620. Mayflower Compact is signed to establish the new government. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Pilgrims Daily Life

Pilgrims Daily Life-Section 2-

By: Ms. Wolniakowski

Page 2: Pilgrims Daily Life


Page 3: Pilgrims Daily Life
Page 4: Pilgrims Daily Life

Time Line


Mayflower Arrives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Mayflower Compact is signed to establish the new government

The Pilgrims meet Habbamoch amd Squanto. Two Native American leaders who spoke English

The pilgrims sign a peace treaty with the Native American Groups

New settlers arrive on the fortune (new ship) and the colony and conflict grows

Bradford becomes new governor, after Carver dies from working himself to death

Page 5: Pilgrims Daily Life


Page 6: Pilgrims Daily Life

Technology: Housing

Housing Built in model of their old English homes. Made with timber frames and steep roof for storage

Page 7: Pilgrims Daily Life


There were no schools established in the new world children were taught to read and write by their parents

Page 8: Pilgrims Daily Life

Food Duck Sea food: Shell fish and snails Cornbread, Curds (form of

cottage cheese), Oatmeal cereal served with the duck or sea food

**The Native Americans taught the pilgrims how to hunt and fish in North American lands

Page 9: Pilgrims Daily Life

Work Feeding Family: Hunting and gathering food Household chores: cleaning, tending garden,

gathering fire wood, cooking Fighting for freedom: a group of men selected

to keep colony safe

Page 10: Pilgrims Daily Life

Religion The Pilgrims were finally free to practice their

own religion in the new world.

Page 11: Pilgrims Daily Life

Important people Bradford Squanto Miles Standish Habbamock Edward Windslow

Page 12: Pilgrims Daily Life

Lesson #2 Daily life in depth

Page 13: Pilgrims Daily Life

Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=


Page 14: Pilgrims Daily Life

Compare and contrast Know that you know and understand

information on the pilgrims compare and contrast their life with your list what you have in common and how you differ

Page 15: Pilgrims Daily Life

Virtues Virtues: “Behavior showing high moral

standards” Examples: Love, patience, hope, goodness, honor, decency, respectability, integrity -To the Pilgrims and the Native Americans virtues were a very important part of their life. They named some of the children after having one of these. -Pick a virtue that describes you!

Page 16: Pilgrims Daily Life

Leadership and sacrifice

~Squanto possessed many of these positive virtues. ~He was captured by many early settlers yet that did not stop him from helping the pilgrims when they came to America ~He was important for the pilgrims survival because he spoke English so he was a translator for the pilgrims to the native American tribes. He also helped the pilgrims to learn to hunt and fish on his land. ~He died in 1622

Page 17: Pilgrims Daily Life

Two Cultures meet Samoset, a Native from the Monhegan tribe in Maine who spoke

English, walked into Plymouth on March 16, 1621. Samoset returned to Plymouth on March 22. He brought

Massasoit with him. Massasoit was a Pokanoket Wampanoag sachem (leader).

Governor Bradford and Massasoit signed a peace treaty. Squanto, the only surviving member of the Patuxet tribe, also

came to visit. Squanto and Hobbamock lived at Plymouth Plantation. They

helped the colonists to gather food, plant corn, find their way in the wilderness and to understand the native people.

Resource: http://www.teachervision.fen.com/discovery/American-colonies/785.html?detoured

Page 18: Pilgrims Daily Life

The “Fortune” lands In November, 1621 the ship the Fortune landed

at Plymouth with 35 new colonists. The original Pilgrims had barely enough food for themselves, and little to spare for more people.

This is when conflict around camp begin to arise as the new settlers were not compromising with the pilgrims.

Example of Christmas day

Page 19: Pilgrims Daily Life

Survival As the winter began it was hard for the pilgrims to live

day to day. After conflict began with the new settlers and the native Americans the colony began to fall apart. The main cause of death when the winter came was:

Starvation: Crops could not grow in the cold, and the pilgrims were still learning how to hunt and where to hunt so many ended up starving to death

Freezing to death Reflection question: think of everything you need to

survive day to day, especially in Wisconsin? How does this compare to what the pilgrims had in the winter.

Page 20: Pilgrims Daily Life

Disease When the pilgrims came to the new world they

also brought disease. They ended up spreading the plague to many native Americans. The main tribe they hit when they came to America was the Patuxet tribe. This was the tribe that Squanto lead, he was one of the few that survived.

Page 21: Pilgrims Daily Life

Trading In order for the pilgrims to make it through both

winter and the spread of disease they relied on the neighboring native American groups to be able to help them trade to necessities they needed for survival.

Trading activity

Page 22: Pilgrims Daily Life

Lesson #3: Writings

Page 23: Pilgrims Daily Life

The Mayflower Compact

The mayflower compact was written by the Separatists as a governing document for the Plymouth colony

It Signed on November 11th by 41 Colonists

This document was made to form a compromise among the settlers and the new to come

What are other governing documents?

Page 24: Pilgrims Daily Life

Peace treaty The agreement, in which both parties promised to not "doe

hurt" to one another, was the first treaty between a Native American Tribe and a colonist group. According to the treaty, if a Wampanoag broke the peace, he would be sent to Plymouth for punishment and likewise the pilgrims would be sent to the Wampanoag’s.

The treaty lasted 50 years Do you compromise with your family and friends? What are

things you can do to compromise besides signing a treaty? http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/the-pilgrim-wam


Page 25: Pilgrims Daily Life

Story telling Stories were told in the new land to be able to

pass down morals and lesson learned living in the new land.

The only way that the people who died would live on is through the families telling their story and passing it on, that way they could live forever

What are some of your families stories?

Page 26: Pilgrims Daily Life

Writing letters Just like story telling the pilgrims sent letters

home to the family members they left behind in their homeland.

What would you tell your family back at home if you traveled to America?

Page 27: Pilgrims Daily Life

REVIEW!! Look back at the previous section, take notes,

there may be a quiz ahead!

Page 28: Pilgrims Daily Life

Quiz#1: What are the names of 3 important people? (3 pts) 1) 2) 3)

Page 29: Pilgrims Daily Life

Circle on the map Native American groups that we talked about in the last lesson? (3 points)

Page 30: Pilgrims Daily Life

If the pilgrims landed some place else then what would be different? (3pts)?