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2013 Rate Card


  • Owner/Publisher Steve Owens

    654 Osos Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401Phone: 546-o6o9 or 544-8711 Fax: 546-8827

    Email: slojournal@fix.netwebsite: www.slojournal.com

    Rate CardJanuary 2013

  • Deadlines:Space and copy due by 15th of preceding month.

    Rates: Open Annual ContractRate (12 Issues)

    1/8 page $ 300 $ 2501/6 page 450 3501/4 page 600 5001/3 page 650 5501/2 page 750 650Full page 1200 1000Premium Pages 1600 1400Business Card 150 100

    Color: Rates include color*No minimum size requirement.

    Commission:Advertising rates are 15% commissionable to recognized advertising agencies submitting camera-ready electronic files in approved formats.

    Material Requirements:Quark, Pagemaker, Illustrator documents with supporting files. Photoshopfiles saved in .jpeg or .tif formats at 300 dpi for grayscale or color. Someother programs extract acceptable eps files, please call. Colors in CMYKformat.

    Why You Should Advertise in the Journal/Plus:

    Its the community magazine written for and by the local

    people of San Luis Obispo County and Northern SantaBarbara County.

    Its distributed at more than 600 key locations throughout the Central Coast. Monthly columnists include: County Superintendent of

    Schools, SLO Mayor, City Council members, the DowntownAssociation and other community leaders.

    The entire magazine including advertising and past issues are available on our website at no extra cost.

  • 1/2 Page

    5" x 7.5"

    1/8 Page

    2.5"x 3.5"

    1/3 Page

    2.5"x 10"

    5" x 5"

    1/2 Page

    3.75"x 10"

    1/6 Page

    2.5" x 5"

    5" x 2.5"

    1/3 Page

    3.75" x 7.5"

    1/4 Page

    7.5" x 2.5"

    5" x 3.75"

    3.75"x 5"

    1/2 Page

    7.5" x 5"

    Full Page

    7.5" x 10"

    AD SPECIFICATIONS1 column = 2.5 wide 2 column = 5 wide 3 column = 7.5 wide

    Ad Sizesin Inches

    1/8 page2.5 x 3.5

    1/6 page2.5 x 55 x 2.5

    1/4 page3.75 x 55 x 3.757.5 x 2.5

    1/3 page5 x 52.5 x 103.75 x 7.5

    1/2 page5 x 7.57.5 x 53.75 x 10

    Full page7.5 x 10

    Listing/Business Card3.75 x 1.75

    Credit InformationFor all new advertisers, payment is required prior to publication. Oncecredit has been approved, terms are net 15 days. Balances delinquentbeyond 30 days are considered past due and accrue finance charges at arate of 1.5% per month on total past due amount (18% annual financecharge).

    The Journal/Plus Magazine assumes no financial responsibility for typo-graphical errors, omissions, misrepresentations in copy or the failure of anad to be published.

  • Quick Facts Frequency: Monthly

    Circulation: 25,000 copies, serving more than 100,000readers throughout the Central Coast

    Targeted demographic: Designed for all ages witharticles on people, community events, health and fitness,finance and business.

    Distribution: Available for free pick-up at more than600 locations throughout the Central Coast. It is also availableonline at www.slojournal.com. Some key locations include local hospitals, medical facilities, doctors offices andlibraries. A few specific pickup locations are listed below.

    San Luis ObispoAmtrak StationChorro/Marsh

    Bank at 995 HigueraChamber of Commerce

    Madonna InnNew Frontiers

    Vons at MarigoldMission Mall

    SLO County Library

    Five Cities AreaAG & Nipomo LibrariesLongs Shopping Center

    The Girls Restaurant

    Los OsosLos Osos Community Center

    SLO County LibraryPost Office

    Valley Liquor

    Morro BaySLO County Library

    Spencers MarketVons


    CambriaCookie Crock

    SLO County LibraryPost Office

    AtascaderoChalk Mountain Liquors

    SLO County LibraryWalgreens Pharmacy

    Paso RoblesSLO County LibraryWilson's RestaurantShell Media Center

    Santa MariaSanta Maria Library

    WalgreensSenior Center

    TempletonMedical Offices

    HooversTempleton Market