3 12 annuals to add to your arsenal

Download 3 12 annuals to add to your arsenal

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  • 1. Annuals to Addto your ArsenalTerri James

2. Why Add Annuals to Your Arsenal? Additionof full season color Filler for bare spots in garden Seasonal Interest 3. Abutilon Flowering Maple Voodoo FairyCoral Red Melon Sorbet 4. Acalypha - Copperleaf 5. Acalypha - Copperleaf Sizzle Scissors Beyond Paradise 6. Alternenthera Josephs Coat 7. Begoina - 8. Begoina - Babywing Angle wing Bonfire Big series Green & bronzeleaf 9. For 2013 BegoniaCracklingFire Series Creamy Yellow Orange Pink White 10. Canna floridata.comimages.mooseyscountrygarden.commissouriplants.com 11. Carex - Sedges mountaincrestgardens.comcalfloranursery.com anniesannuals.com 12. Cleome Not the OldFashioned 13. Coleus - 14. For 2013 ColorBlazeKeystone Kopper 15. Colacasia Elephant Ear 16. Colacasia Elephant Ear Blackstem Jacks Giant 17. Cordyline Red Starmooseyscountrygarden.compendernursery.com 18. Cuphea Cigar Plant 19. Cuphea Cigar Plant Firecracker Batface Mexican Heatherextension.iastate.edu Caribbean Sunsetmexicohorse.com monchesfarm.com 20. Eragrostis Love Grass WindDancer Purple Love Grass 21. chilternseeds.co.uk Erigeron Mexican Daisy Yes, this is a weed, to someflickr.com 22. Eupatorium Elegant Featherhardys-plants.co.uk 23. Euphorbia - DiamondFrost Breathless Blush 24. pendernursery.com Gaura - o Ballerina Roseclwa.org 25. Geranium - 26. Hibicus - Annualo Maple Sugar 27. Impatiens - Various colors Fusion series Exotic Sunset 28. For 2013 New Guinea Strike Series Variegated foliage Compact Colors Orange Orchid Pink Plum Salmon White 29. Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine 30. Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine 31. Lantana - 32. Lantana - Lucky series Red Hot Peach Flame Bandana Red 33. Melinis Ruby Grass 34. Millet - Jester JadePrincess Purple Barron hortgardenstoday.blogspot.com 35. Musa / Ensete Banana 36. Pennisetum Fountain Grasses Purple Fountain Bunny tails Prince Princess 37. Pentas - 38. Ornamental Peppers - 39. Osteospermum Asti Series White Lavender Purple Asti Mix 40. For 2013 Osteo Zion Red Series has goodheat Does not melt out 41. Perilla Beefsteak Plant 42. Perilla Beefsteak Plant Magilla Purple Magilla Vanilla 43. For 2013 PetuniaQueen bee Dark purple andyellow Lots of variation 44. For 2013 Petunia Crazytunia Series Pulse Star Jubilee Red Blues Mandeville Cherry Cheesecake Black Mamba 45. Plectranthus - Spurflowers Variegated Silver Shield Mona Lavender Swedish Ivy 46. Purslane Yes, another weed! flickr.com davesgarden.com 47. Rudbeckia - Cherry Brandyozarksgardens.commartinseebergardendesign.co.uk 48. Salvia - Black-n-Blue DancingFlame Evolution AAS Winner Summer Jewel Red &Pink AAS winners 49. Stipta Ponytail Grass 50. Strobilanthes Persian Shield 51. Talinum paniculatum - Limnwhiteflowerfarm.com 52. Verbena - 53. For 2013 VerbenaLanaiLime Green Mounding Habit Verbena LanaiCandy Cane 54. Zinnia - Profusion Series 55. Where to find the latest & greatest? All America Selection www.all-americaselections.org Grimes ProvenWinners www.provenwinners.com ColoradoState Annual Trails www.flowertrials.colostate.edu 56. All-AmericaSelection 57. All-America Selection - 2013 CannaSouthPacific Scarlet 58. All-America Selection - 2013 EchinaceaCheyenne Spirit 59. All-America Selection - 2013 GeraniumPintoPremium White toRose 60. All-America Selection - 2013 Tomato Jasper F 61. All-America Selection - 2013 Melon Melemon 62. All-America Selection - 2013 WatermelonHarvest Moon 63. All-America Selection - 2013 Zinnia ProfusionDouble DeepSalmon 64. All-America Selection ZinniaProfusion Double Hot Cherry 65. Also look for Perennials! Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Great Plants Perennial Plant Association Perennial Plant of the Year Plant Select All-America Rose Selections American Hosta Society 66. For 2013 Great Plants Program Queen of the Prairie (Filipendula rubra Venusta) Hills Oak (Quercus ellipsoidalis) Border Pine (Pinus strobiformis) Redwing American Cranberrybush Viburnum(Viburnum trilbum Redwing) Blue Heaven Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scopariumBlue Heaven) 67. Now that your have your list! What are you going to do with all of theseplants?1. Place them in open spots of your flower beds2. Containers a. Hanging Baskets b. Window boxes c. Pots 68. How to CreateShow StoppingContainers!For all Four Seasons! 69. Planning Find great containers For big pots use afiller in the bottom Use good potting soil Mulch, cans, Bark, peat moss,Styrofoam peanutspearlite, vermiculite Use hardscape items Use a slow release Trellis, obelisk, woodyfertilizerstems Steal ideas! 70. For 2013 Color of the year Emerald 71. When plantingthinko Thrillero Fillero Spillerwww.thrillersfillersandspillers.com 72. Spring! Pansy Cabbage Chard Heuchera Viola Tiarella (Foamflower)Photos: Proven Winners 73. Summer Photos: Terri James 74. Summer Fillers Plectranthus Ponytail grass Thriller Persian shield Cana Peppers Cordyline LantanaBanana Geranium Spillers Euphorbia Plectranthus Elephant Ears Begonia Wind Dancer - grass Sweet potato vine 75. Common Fillers 76. Uncommon Fillers - Swiss Chard Peppers Eggplant Tomatoes Okra Artichokes 77. Patio Gardening Cauliflower, Attribute Hybrid Peppers, Sweet Red Popper Eggplant, Shooting Star Lettuce Blends Herbs Corn 78. Summer 79. Fall Keep things that will take the cool weather Grasses Add Mums Artificial flower picks Scarecrows Mini pumpkins 80. Fall 81. Winter 82. Winter Trim shrubs for colorand texture interest Red dogwood Yellow dogwood Curly willow Gentility trim shrubsfor greens Add Pines Pinecones Yews Snowflakes Junipers Christmas ornaments 83. Winter 84. For 2013 Try something different for a container Hollow out a pumpkin and plant somemums in it Fairy Gardens Reuse a pallet for a vertical garden Your imagination is your limit 85. Questions Terri James tjames2@unl.edu 402/472-8973 Slideshare.net 86. Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture and NaturalResources at the University of NebraskaLincoln cooperatingwith the Counties and the United States Department ofAgriculture.University of NebraskaLincoln Extension educational programsabide with the nondiscrimination policies of the University ofNebraskaLincoln and the United States Department ofAgriculture.