5 Easy Ways to Promote Your SlideShare Presentation

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5 EASY WAYSTO PROMOTEthe heckout of your SlideShare PresentationSo, you've finished your 1stSlideShare presentation. ...and you're prettychuffed about it.Job Done,time for a drink. Hang on.... Not just yet! You need toPROMOTEYour Presentation! So Listen up! I've gotPromotion TipsComin' at Ya! 5 WAYS TOPROMOTE THE HECK out of your Presentation!PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!1Share your presentationfrom SlideShare to TwitterPROMOTEthe HECKout of it!1...it includes the tag"@SlideShare"so theirteam might see it!PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!1...and don't forget that yourslide deck will play fromWITHIN the Twitter Feed!PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!2Pin it to Pinterest... it playsright from Pinterest Feed too! PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!2Just like this... PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!But...hang on! There isn't a Pinterest sharebutton on SlideShare! PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!2See!PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!2Instead, you need to install "Pinterest Save Button"and Pin from your browser. PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!2 Like this... Choose the one with theshort description & PIN it!Excitedabout gettingmore shares?Pssst... find out moreabout creating a presentationthat getsMASSIVE shares! CLICK HEREhttp://sociallysorted.com.au/how-to-use-slideshare-to-attract-450k-content-views/PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!3 Feature expertsfrom your industryin your Slide Deck.They will often share it.PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!3 Like this:PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!4 Embed the Presentationon your Blog! Lead them to more content thatgives massive value. PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!4 Like this: PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!4 Like this: PROMOTEthe HECKout of it!5Share imagesfrom your Slide Deckto Social Mediaas a Teaser!Excitedabout gettingmore shares?Then get savvyand start usingthese 5 Tips!Excitedabout gettingmore shares?Find out more aboutcreating a presentationthat getsMASSIVE shares! CLICK HEREhttp://sociallysorted.com.au/how-to-use-slideshare-to-attract-450k-content-views/PRODUCTION TEAMCreated by:Images by: CLICK HEREWant more?http://sociallysorted.com.au/how-to-use-slideshare-to-attract-450k-content-views/www.sociallysorted.com.auwww.shutterstock.comwww.canva.comCOMING UP NEXT: http://www.slideshare.net/donnamoritz/slideshares-hidden-treasure-7-ways-to-stand-out-on-slideshare