5 surefire ways to repurpose your webinar

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  • 5 Surefire Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar

    Making sure that your webinar reaches as wide an audience as possible is an important concern. Given

    all the work and planning that has gone into setting up a webinar, you will naturally want to get as much

    mileage out of it as you can. And one of the best ways to do that is by repurposing your webinar, so that

    it can continue to work for you long after the initial run is through. How do you do that? Here are a few

    tips that may come in handy.

    Create a blog post out of the content in the webinar

    If you currently maintain a blog, you already have an effective platform for drumming up attention to

    your webinar. You may have already used your blog to promote your webinar beforehand, but it can be

    used to reach even more people as well. Make sure to post about your webinar in your blog, and you

    stand to gain a few more interested viewers.

    Turn your Webinar into a podcast and post it to iTunes

    A webinar can be converted into a podcast fairly easily, and this will allow you to upload it to iTunes.

    This way, your webinar will attract the attention of a lot more people than you had initially planned.

    Post your slides to Slideshare

    Slides of your webinar can also be uploaded to Slideshare and similar sites. This will give potential

    viewers a chance to check out the visual content of your webinar.

    Include your webinar in an e-newsletter

    You can also send email newsletters to your followers, including a mention of your recently concluded


  • Create 5-minute segments of your webinar and post it YouTube

    Finally, utilize the power of YouTube to get your webinar to the attention of millions of viewers around

    the world.

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