5 Ways for Authors to Get More Shares on Social Media

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Spent much time on social media? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+? Then you may have noticed all the authors begging (or demanding) you promote them to your friends and followers. Or is that you? Are you driving people crazy with your barrage of tweets and posts that say nothing more useful than "Buy my book"? In the event that youre hitting up strangers for free marketing, here are some ways to help them in good conscience to recommend your book to their friends and followers. Ready?


  • 5 WAYS FOR AUTHORS TO GET MORE SHARES ON SOCIAL MEDIA Trouble getting your content shared and re-posted on social media? Wondering why nobody is liking or retweeting or repinning you? Here are some ways to rethink how you connect with other users, and make yourselfand your contentmore shareable.
  • BE A PERSON: Do you keep blurting Buy my book without sharing anything about yourself as an authoror as a person? It only takes a few words here and there: about your life, what youre excited about, things that you like. Any opportunity to relate to you, perhaps even bond with you, will go a long way.
  • TREAT THEM LIKE PEOPLE: Seriously, you followed them for one week and already youre asking them to vouch for you? What next, you need help moving your couch? You do understand that these are social networks, right? Treat people like, well, peoplenot like they're just prospects.
  • DESCRIBE YOUR BOOK: What is your book like? Are all your book-related tweets a collage of hashtags and obscure descriptions and quotes from people we dont know? Have movie poster blurbs taught you nothing?
  • PITCH TO THE RIGHT AUDIENCE: Who likes the kind of thing you wrote? When looking for potential readers, start with people who've exhibited an interest in the type of stuff you write. Not everybody likes every type of book. In fact, nobody likes every type of book.
  • MAKE THE BEST BOOK YOU CAN: Is your book ready to share on social media? Did you write the best book you could? Did you revise it? Did you edit it? Did other people read it? Did you revise the book after their feedback? Do you have a great cover? Do you have a great 2-sentence description? Do you have a great summary?
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