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Heres how the steps to creating that perfect turkey day are a lot like planning and implementing a successful content marketing plan.


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2. Ahh, Thanksgiving. Its a relaxing day filled with food, family and football, right?2 3. Unless youre hosting. Then, if youre not prepared, it can be a crazy day spent trying to be an outstanding hostess while not overcooking the turkey or burning the green bean casserole. Heres how the steps to creating that perfect turkey day are a lot like planning and implementing a successful content marketing plan.3 4. First, you have to plan your menu. Before you can do anything else, you have to determine whats on the menu.4 Image via 5. A blog, Facebook page and website might seem like the turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing of the content marketing world because it seems like everyone expects them to be part of the menu.But its still important to consider your audience. Just like you wouldnt cook a gigantic turkey for a room full of vegetarians, you should carefully consider your strategy to be sure youre reaching your audience and delivering what they want. Read more about how to develop an effective content marketing strategy here.5 6. Then, youve got to invite your guests. If you dont ask people to come to the table, they wont be knocking on your door.6 7. Youve planned your menu and have some amazing treats lined up that you know everyone will love. Now you need to invite your guests. Even the most stellar content isnt worth much if no one knows its thereyou need to promote it. Learn more about how to spread the word here.7 8. Now its time to get cooking. All that planning is no good if you dont start whipping up some tasty concoctions. 8 9. A good content marketing plan is a balancing act. You need to have something on each burner and two things in the oven in order to create a consistent effort. One video, blog post or ebook is great, but its not enough for your audience to fill up on. Keep the content coming so that if your audience wants seconds, youre prepared. If youre stumped on what to write about, check out these 20 best content marketing writing prompts here.9 10. Set a festive table. Consider the presentation.With content, as with food, presentation is key. 10 11. Content is much more appetizing when its delivered in a way thats visually appealing. If youre creating a SlideShare presentation, jazz up the cover. Setting up your blog? Get a graphic designer to create a custom look for you. Most people are visual learners, so use graphics to support the content you create. Not only will this make the content easier to consume, but it will appear more professional as well. Learn more about the impact of visual content marketing here.11 12. Now gauge the reaction. No one liked that Tofurkey? Dont make it again next year.12 Image via 13. Check those metrics! Monitor your engagement and review your site stats to find out what worked best. Learn what was well received and what wasnt in order to serve up exactly what your audience likes best. Read up on the four metrics content marketers should be measuring here.13 14. Finally, enjoy your leftovers. Just like that leftover turkey can become sandwiches and soup to be enjoyed for days to come, your content can be repurposed, too.14 15. Consider turning your blog post into a SlideShare presentation or your existing print brochure into an ebook. Repurposing allows you to get the most out of your content.Learn more about ways to repurpose your content here.15 16. Follow these steps and youll be feeling like the Martha Stewart of content marketing in no time.16 Image via 17. Happy Thanksgiving from us gals here at Cursive Content Marketing (we arent hosting this year, but we do make a mean pumpkin ice cream pie if you want the recipe). 17


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