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  • 2. This bull makes me stronger, makes me full of energy and it warms me up every day of my life. It makes me sleepy when I see his face.
  • 3. Why is this bull so hungry? His face is getting lonely but there is full of hope for his life. Time to get a chance for the future.
  • 4. This bull looks very old. I can see a lot of experiences in his face. The more you get old the more you have experiences.
  • 5. T he bull becomes different type from his family. The legend warrior, the one ready to every challenge. This bull will change the bull story. This one is my favorite one because I like the mood his face is so strong. This bull has different face of powerful feeling and it looks independent from any kinds of animals.
  • 6. He changed his face and shape of body, to change all of these he worked for 20years. But not ready for to face the challenges.
  • 7. This bull has no face. There is still an invisible face. You cannot see his face because he lost his mind thinking of food.
  • 8. This bull is charity because he loses the most important in his head. Life without ears, face, nose, mouth and eyes.
  • 9. This bull is hungry of the face. This bull has no hope, no dreams, no future, but only the only story left is the story of his body.
  • 10. This bull reminds me of a mummy from Egypt. His body is so bright and straight. He will go no farther than 2 steps.
  • 11. The twin of slender deer and misrepresent of "Bull". The more I look the fewer details I find. But there is one more left .
  • 12. The leads of the lines are connecting to each other, but there are lines without life. No proof to say this is A BULL unless you knew it first.