a curriculum overview of spanish 324: a second level honors course

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A Curriculum Overview of Spanish 324: a second level honors course

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  • A Curriculum Overview of Spanish 324: a second level honors course
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  • Course objectives Grammar Complete study of simple indicative tenses Introduction to present subjunctive Review and expansion of adverbs, irregular adjectives, comparisons of equality and inequality; superlatives
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  • More course objectives Vocabulary, expressions and idioms Oral fluency Idiomatic written expression Cultural enrichment: expanded knowledge of Spain
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  • Activities to achieve objectives Tons of grammar practice: oral and written! Lists, lists, lists of vocabulary to memorize for weekly quizzes Oral dialogs (no reading!), impromptu question-and-answer, spontaneous discussions Cultural readings & short story Compositions Research paper
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  • Goals of cultural enrichment Geography and history of Spain Important cities and places of interest: architecture Art and music Theme of honor: Don Quixote
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  • Means of enrichment Analysis of La suerte de un joven honrado, readings on Spanish Civil War and Pablo Picasso and discussion of Guernica. Group presentation of the cultural highlights of a region A 2-3 page research paper in Spanish using Internet and text sources and written as a journal of a trip to a region of Spain
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  • And the best for last The following are presentations created by the students in Spanish 324-02 in May, 2002. Enjoy the show. Seora Cisco