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Xerte at HRC Our college’s journey Abigail Howe Head of the LRC Ken McKerral Curriculum Manager for Business Technology Scott Clark Internet and Media Technology Foundation Degree Student

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Abigail Howe, Huntingdonshire Regional College presentation at Xerte Showcase May 2012


  • 1. Xerte at HRC Our colleges journeyAbigail Howe Head of the LRCKen McKerral Curriculum Manager forBusiness TechnologyScott Clark Internet and MediaTechnology Foundation DegreeStudent

2. BeginningsSummer term 2011 Head of LRC introduced toXerte at ACER/JISC Learning ResourceManagers Forum.Summer 2011 Head of theLRC created Xerte tutorialsfor Information Skills. 3. Information LiteracyCILIP definition:Information literacy is knowing when and why you need information, where tofind it, and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner.(CILIP 2003)In FE this means: How to search the internet effectively Evaluate sources such as websites for academic value (bias,credibility etc) Awareness of plagiarism and how to avoid it through referencing andbibliographiesI firmly believe this is a Functional Skill that is needed in life this is not just foracademic purposes. 4. Information Skills - Difficult to Deliver Timing in year context. Staff to deliver it traditionally qualifiedlibrarians. Must be generic but engaging to varied subjectareas. Range of ability in FE. Not that interesting! 5. Biggest problem: Learner perception ofability is much higher than actual ability.CIBER Google Generation Research 6. Delivery September November 2011 Delivered Info Skills Sessions.Evaluating websitesBibliographies, referencing andplagiarism 7. Reflections and ImprovementsNovember 2011 LRC Staff and Student feedback.Plan to improve the sessions for September 2012.December 2011 Business Technologyrequired work placements for learners.January 2012- May 2012 - Work placement.Working initially from specific instructions,then just given content. 8. Scotts work Improved existing sessions to spec Improved interactions Created new session on journals 9. Impact of placement Head of LRC time! Reflections work sheets Better sessions - Differentiation 10. Information Skills Sessions 11. Created a real work experience opportunity: Adapting an existing product Working to briefs some of which werelooser and some were tighter Learning about Copyright and e-learning. Working for a demanding client! 12. Benefits of Xerte for Info SkillsFor the learnerResource that learners can go back to - unlike presentation from Librarian.Engages learners this is a dull subject!For the college Staff utilisation para-professional can deliver. 13. Future plans 2012-13 LRC delivering an e-safety qualification looking at using Xerte for this. Better sessions for each academic year keep reflecting, iterating and improving. Continue with work placement. 14. Bibliography CIBER 2009 (Online) Information Behaviour of the Researcher of theFuture. Available from: http://www.bl.uk/news/pdf/googlegen.pdf (accessed3 April 2009). CILIP 2003 (Online) Information Literacy: Definition. Available from:http://www.cilip.org.uk/get-involved/advocacy/information-literacy/pages/definition.aspx (accessed 13th April 2012). Rowlands, I et.al. (2008), The Google Generation: the InformationBehaviour of the Researcher of the Future, Aslib Proceedings, 60(4),pp290-310 15. Any questions?Abigail HoweHead of the LRC01480 [email protected]?