Aesops Fables the Hunter and the Woodman (1)

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<p>It was a woodman cutting down a huge tree. The hunter asked if the woodman saw marks and footprints of a lion. I will show you the lion himself said the woodman. The hunter turned very pale and said: No thank you, it is the track only I am in 4 search of.</p> <p>What did you learn from the story? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Did you learn any other new words?</p> <p>One day, announced that he</p> <p>was going to bring a lion back</p> <p>with him. He took his rifle and</p> <p>went to the near forest. After</p> <p>walking for a few minutes, the</p> <p>For the original text and more, visit: || For more mini-books, please visit my blog: http://dedicatedteachers.wordpress.comWikipedia</p> <p>hunter</p> <p>heard</p> <p>a</p> <p>loud</p> <p>voice</p> <p>coming from nearby. 3</p> <p>5</p> <p>A hunter was after the trail of a lion. In the forest, he met a woodman and asked for help. Will the hunter find the lion?</p> <p>Fatma N. M. AbdullahModified by6</p> <p>Fable: a short false moral story with a 1 Aesop is a Greek man. He wrote many short stories to give advice. Most of his stories are about animals and beasts.</p> <p>Aesops Fables?</p> <p>Picture </p> <p>he was only good at talking.</p> <p>with huge beast. The villagers knew</p> <p>always talked about his adventures</p> <p>hunter. He was a big mouth. He</p> <p>Among them, there was an old</p> <p>there</p> <p>small peaceful village. The villagers</p> <p>Once upon a time, there was a</p> <p>were</p> <p>kind</p> <p>2</p> <p>and</p> <p>friendly.</p>


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