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Things could not get any worse after hearing from users, stakeholders and rogue developers about how much they hated the system, then upper management in an effort to speed up the development process decides to convert a waterfall project into Agile. As the first Sprints happened, workflows were established and designs were approved the UX team found a perfect opportunity to situate themselves in a position to drive the entire software development cycle. Even as upper management threatens to pull the plug and a fast encroaching launch deadline looms, The UX team’s deliverables breathes hope into the project, wins the confidence of it’s worst critics and gains respect for the profession of UX. This presentation will chronicle 6 easy steps to implement a strong presence for any UX team in software development with real life anecdotes, design artifacts, illustrating principles from contemporary UX literature and the charming personalities and culture of this UX team. Find out what will make people who feel alienated and cagy want to talk to you and share valuable insights about the project. Discover how to win over those giving your team a harder than usual time. See when to make the strongest allies for your team and to negotiate and concede while sticking to your design roots. Position your team’s efforts literally in the front of the software development cycle by owning certain tangibles.


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