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learn how to respond to angry customers without getting angry yourself.


  • 1. Asserting Yourself with Angry Customers

2. Everyone has had to deal with an angry customer at least once. 3. Facing an angry person under any condition can be.. Intimidating 4. Stressful 5. You have to handle angry people strategically 6. Always have a plan 7. I know youre upset about this Ms. Bradley. Please tell me what happened. 1. Acknowledge the persons anger 8. 2. Listen to the full explanation 9. Even if the customer appears to be ramblinglisten. 10. Look directly at the customer and show by your facial expression that you are concerned. 11. I see. Uh-huh. I understand. And then what happened? 12. 3. Make A Statement of Regret 13. It doesnt matter whos fault it was.. This statement should be short, to the point and sincere 14. I feel very bad that you had this experience Im very sorry about this. 15. 4. Tell the person you heard and understood Repeat Summarize Paraphrase 16. 5. Stay emotionally tuned in I realize this has been difficult for you. 17. Demonstrate that you care in tone, words, posture and facial expressions 18. 6. Find and express a point of agreement 19. 7. Generate Solutions 20. 8. Take Action Resolve the problem as reasonably and as quickly as possible. 21. Important Point to Remember.. You are not responsible for their anger 22. They are angry because they choose to be 23. Do what you can do and then move on. Another customer awaits!