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Enterprise social networks for a better way of working. New communication and collaboration tools have emerged, offering alternatives to email, and making it much less relevant. Open, multi-platform communication is fast becoming the norm – and it’s commonplace for content to be expressed in multiple ‘dimensions’ at once.


  • 1.05/08/2013 Enabling a new level of enterprise communication and collaboration for superior business performance. Atos in Social Collaboration

2. 2 05/08/2013 Business gets social... What the analysts say Gartner: By 2014, refusing to communicate via social channels will be as harmful as ignoring emails or phone calls is today. By 2016, most collaboration applications will be equally available on desktops, mobile phones, tablets and browsers and corporations will routinely expect managers to be available by voice, video and text. IDC: Enterprise adoption of social software has accelerated over the past few years as companies look for competitive advantage through productivity increases generated by the use of social tools in building a more collaborative and knowledge sharing environment. Forrester: in 2011, 60% of firms had social technology investments. Integration into Information Workplaces is a necessary step before social technologies can have broad-based business impact for the enterprises that use them. 3. 3 05/08/2013 Business gets social What the analysts say Processing emails is increasingly eating free time in evenings and weekends Management by email is creating distance between teams and management which diminishes engagement Email interruption has become a barrier to effective meetings and team work Email interruption has become a barrier to focus on important versus urgent issues creating stress and feeling of inadequacy New generations communicate differently at home and expect the same at work: only 11% of 13 to 19 year olds use email to communicate with their friends. 4. 4 05/08/2013 CEO sponsorship A crucial driver for change We are producing data on a massive scale that is fast polluting our working environment and also encroaching into our personal lives. At Atos, we are taking action now to reverse this trend, just as organizations took measures to reduce environmental pollution after the industrial revolution. Our ambition is to be a Zero emailTM company within three years. Over 3.5 million hits on Google! 5. 5 05/08/2013 Be able to inform people in real-time and get feedback and ideas More innovation, more agile, more efficient, more effective ways of working leading to shorter time-to-market and better results. Fresh ideas Start here! Better work life balance Increase the number of people feeling connected & engaged Giving knowledge a face and a name, be recognized. Great place to work Easy integration of processes on a global basis and across functional boundaries Create extended teams within the company and with a larger ecosystem Following a more natural collaboration and communication workflow. The Social organization Facilitate business functions at different levels by connecting people with relevant knowledgeable peers and content Better leverage information for business optimization, making processes more agile Reduction in the costs of managing information by employees. + Revenue - Cost + Margin What will Social Collaboration bring? ProductivityCollaborationEmployee satisfaction Innovation 6. 6 05/08/2013 How Atos takes Social Collaboration to clients and prospects A journey to Social Collaboration in 4 steps: 1. Define your social strategy, make a right choice on your social product 2. Deploy & integrate into existing IT and business processes landscape enabling faster collaboration and ease of use 3. Drive change management, set up and lead communities to ensure a successful adoption 4. Host, manage & maintain your data and apps in the most appropriate way incl. migration of relevant content and monitoring end-user adoption and social business related KPI metrics. 7. 7 05/08/2013 London 2012 Zero email certifiedTM We discovered email in processes were signs of broken workflow Atos has developed a maturity model to show up and remove the emails present The Atos Olympics SIEM process is our first process to be Zero email certifiedTM. 8. 8 05/08/2013 HR New hires able to operate from Day 1 Quick integration into relevant communities Pro-active suggestions on relevant information for work and professional development (colleagues, trainings, docs). Atos as a use case Tangible benefits from our internal program SALES RFI greater speed to respond! Quick access to relevant information through tagging and ratings Experts are quickly identified Easy to produce docs with various contributors. OPERATIONS More productive team work New management style through an open communication Reduced time-to-market thanks to mobilized teams User friendly, convenient and speed work is fun! Innovation driven by your team. 9. 9 05/08/2013 Atos example deployments Pharmaceutical Internal Social Collaboration based on Sharepoint/Newsgator replacing corporate intranet Media Google Apps and MS office cloud deployment for 40,000 employees Public services Innovation team deployed blueKiwi to increase collaboration around technological advancements of the organization. 10. 10 05/08/2013 In summary Industry analysts predict a strong move to integrated social technologies accessed through more mobile devices Email is no longer the most efficient way of communicating now there are more current tools in the marketplace CEO sponsorship is crucial to an organizations social strategy Social Collaboration brings significant benefits to an organization Atos four step proven methodology can help you prepare, decide, implement and maintain your social ecosystem including our differentiating Zero emailTM based analysis and process certification. 11. 11 05/08/2013 And most importantly Social Collaboration is not just a trend It is happening today If you choose to ignore it, it will come anyway. 12. 12 05/08/2013 The next steps We offer an initial exploration meeting to deliver the following: An indepth view of our social offering Review of your current landscape Identify priorities Key benefits for your organization Recommendation report. 13. 05/08/2013 Thank you Atos, the Atos logo, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldline, Atos Sphere, Atos Cloud and Atos Worldgrid are registered trademarks of Atos SA. November 2012 2012 Atos. Confidential information owned by Atos, to be used by the recipient only. This document, or any part of it, may not be reproduced, copied, circulated and/or distributed nor quoted without prior written approval from Atos.


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