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You are not alone.If your spouse has a pornography or sexual addiction, you may be left feeling tremendous anxiety, heartache and fear. It’s not your fault, and your feelings are completely natural. This condition is called Betrayal Trauma.

Unfortunately many women with betrayal trauma aren’t receiving proper care, leading to long-term negative effects.

We can help. You can be restored to health and peace. We can’t change what has happened, but we can help change how you deal with it. Your future is full of hope.

6 Group Meetings6 Online Classes


Introducing The Solution.

Extra Healing with Yoga Classes.

Our program “Healing From Betrayal Trauma” puts all the tools for healing in one place. Our program mixes online learning with group counseling, all in a positive and comfortable setting.

Individual lessons allow you to heal at your own pace, based on your learning style. Each lesson includes step-by-step guidance, worksheets, articles, audio clips and assessments that get to the core of your situation. You’ll receive a personal journal to record your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a safe and private place.

In addition to the online classes, you’re invited to attend weekly group sessions at the Addo Recovery facility, led by a licensed therapist. It’s the perfect setting to discuss what you’ve learned online and connect with others who share your questions, and leave each meeting saying, “I’m so glad I went.”

People swear by the health and healing power of yoga. That’s why yoga is available to pair with your classes each week, for beginners

and experts alike. An additional fee may apply.

The lessonsWHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS? Where does this anger, hurt, pain and shame come from? “My spouse has the problem, so why am I suffering so much?” In this lesson you will learn the science behind betrayal trauma with a few tips and strategies to begin healing.

UNDERSTANDING ME. A series of assessments and worksheets help you understand how emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger and depression are affecting you – and how social support can help. The more you understand what you are experiencing, the more you can heal.

EASING YOUR ANXIOUS MIND. Common symptoms of betrayal trauma are anxiety and fear. In this lesson we will teach you how to deal with these feelings and move towards peace of mind.

START HEALING NOW. Begin your healing process with these 7 strategies, and restore strength to your life.

DID YOU KNOW YOU ARE THIS STRONG? You are stronger than you know. Learn how to use your strengths to develop resiliency during adversity, and turn feelings of inadequacy into strength and power.

POWER TO SELF-HEAL. In many cases, women blame themselves for their spouse’s behavior and feel a lack of self-worth. Learn to assess your internal dialogue and shift from self-criticism to Ãi�v�V��«>ÃÃ����q�VÀi>Ì��}����iÀ�«i>Vi�>�`�V��w`i�Vi����Þ�ÕÀ���w��Ìi�Ü�ÀÌ�°�









It's free.The average cost for therapy can reach over $1,100. Money should never get in the way of healing. So we are offering this 6-week program HQT�HTGG�VQ�VJG�ƂTUV�����OGODGTU��

This pain doesn’t have to be a part of your life forever. We invite you to reserve a spot in the next class, and restore your life to peace.