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Betty (BJ) Barclay. Graduate Coordinator, Visual Arts “Her dedication far surpasses the requirements of her job – she provides every single applicant with the sense of a support structure awaiting them at UCSD.” ~ Veronika Bauer, Graduate Student. Kathleen Brownell. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Betty (BJ) BarclayGraduate Coordinator, Visual ArtsHer dedication far surpasses the requirements of her job she provides every single applicant with the sense of a support structure awaiting them at UCSD.~ Veronika Bauer, Graduate Student

  • Kathleen BrownellManager, Fiscal Services, Biological SciencesKathleen is at the vocal forefront for campus initiatives that affect workload for faculty and staff. She is the queen of maximizing resources and finding money just when you think there is none.~ Joanna Mancusi, Business Officer

  • Joy ConnollyProgram Representative II, Continuing EducationJoy is an instrumental element in the maintenance of a positive work environment where she promotes respect and the appreciation of each individual.~ Derry Connolly, Associate Dean, Continuing Education

  • Clement DemmittSenior Electronics Technician, PhysicsClems notable contributions are countless in the support and assistance he provides. he is a big part of our departments ability to keep the labs running smoothly and efficiently.~ Carmen Jones, Lab Assistant

  • Adam DiProfioFinancial Manager, Mechanical &Aerospace EngineeringHe is a wonderful ambassador for the department of MAE. We have had several people apply for open positions in his area because they know of him or have taken a class from him at Staff Ed.~ Kathleen Johnson, Business Officer

  • Gary DoranAdministrative Specialist,Institute for Pure & Applied Physical SciencesHe is always friendly and always willing to help or even simply cheer up his colleagues, from professors to secretarial staff and students.~ Igor Roshchin, Director

  • Caren DuncansonAdministrative Specialist,Physical Sciences Dean's OfficeCaren is the face of the programs she administers to our students. She handles the faculty with patience and tirelessly works to make things run smoothly.~ Lisa Tauxe, Director

  • Janet FeldmanSenior Administrative Analyst, Academic PersonnelJans keen intelligence and excellent analytical abilities are tempered by a gentle wit, which makes working with her a pleasure.~ Tricia Takacs, Director

  • Ryan FinnertyHead, Database Management, Geisel Library Catalog DepartmentIt is his keen eye for detail, ability to identify and express the essential elements of an issue, ...flexibility, and ability to get the job done that make him a most sought-after participant in task groups and committees.~ Shirley Higgins, Assistant Department Head

  • Liz FloydBusiness Officer, CommunicationShe has established a terrific environment that balances low-key friendliness and cooperation with professionalism among the staff.~ Ariana Hernandez-Reguant, Professor

  • Jean ForsytheCoordinator, Math Testing & PlacementIf only every office on campus was so helpful and courteous is a frequently heard compliment from her satisfied clients.~ Robert Bruce Arnold, Director

  • Jennifer GriffinAdministrative Analyst, BioengineeringShe is always honest and direct in her approach to many issues. She is respected by her peers and works to obtain consensus even under difficult circumstances.~ Loretta Smith, Business Officer

  • Stephen HamiltonDatabase & Web ApplicationsProgrammer, Resource AdministrationWith Stephen, I feel like Academic Affairs has found one of those hidden treasures, an employee that had been working somewhat under the radar and just needed the opportunity to show his stuff to campus.~ Bobb Barile, Director, Staff Human Resources

  • Nelda HannExecutive Assistant / Research Lab Group Coordinator, Chemistry and BiochemistryMs. Hann always demonstrates a positive, can-do attitude that directly translates into her ability to quickly resolve the complex problems and needs of those around her.~ Seth Cohen, Assistant Professor

  • Nancy HatchProgram Assistant,Muir College Interdisciplinary StudiesHers is the kind of dedication that can be overlooked, precisely because it is done so well that it doesnt call attention to itself.~ Martha Lampland, Director

  • Trevor HenthornSystems Administrator, MusicTrevor obviously could qualify for a higher level position; but he stays with us because he loves music, and musicians, and the music technology our faculty & students create.~ Marjorie Hardy, Business Officer

  • Carol HobsonAdministrative Director, Center for Research and Computing in the ArtsCarol has raised funds, written grants, and organized international collaborations and presentations for CRCA - above the scope of the normal duties of a business officer.~ Shelley Marquez, Business Officer

  • Julie JohnsonAssistant Director for Degree & LanguagePrograms, Graduate School of IR/PSShe has demonstrated an ability to achieve action and change within a large and bureaucratic institution. she has created an arena for collaboration, dialogue, and change.~ Kathleen Masey, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

  • Devaney KerrDirector of Student Affairs, EconomicsShe continues to be open and accessible to students who need her help. She will be the person our students remember as being there for them when they look back on their time at UCSD.~ Nan Daugherty, Assistant to the Chair and MSO

  • Mary KincaidProgram Administrator, Chemistry and BiochemistryShe is both professional and compassionate, and her attitude towards everyone is exceptional. Her compassion and encouragement keeps many students from spiraling into depression.~ Edward Dennis, Professor

  • Alan MoxleySystems Administrator,Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringIn a world where excellent customer service sometimes seem so rare, it is a unique pleasure to work with Alan.~ Robert Clay, Information Technology Manager

  • Gerard NorwichStaff Research Associate IV, BioengineeringHis high-quality and effective service and his cooperative and friendly behavior have successfully reflected the UCSD we care image in the San Diego community.~ Shu Chien, Professor & Chair

  • Jocelyn PachecoFinancial Manager, Structural EngineeringShe is constantly trying to find ways to improve her staffs morale and to reward them for a job well done. Her efforts have cultivated a staff whose loyalty is unparalleled.~ Jacqueline Vo, Business Officer

  • Karen PetersCataloging Systems Coordinator, Geisel Library Catalog DepartmentI particularly appreciate that, in those rare moments of overt conflict in various meetings, I can count on Karen to find a diplomatic way of smoothing the waters.~ Linda Barnhart, Department Head

  • June PetersenBusiness Officer, PhilosophyJune has provided a fine example to her staff in the art of teamwork. In times of crunch, crisis, and deadlines, she does not hesitate to pitch in and assist with the task.~ Catherine Asmann, Student Affairs Officer

  • Candy PetrolleSenior Editor, Chemistry and BiochemistryShe has the most friendly and unflappable personality I have ever seen in a staff member.~ Michael Sailor, Professor

  • Anna RogersProgram Representative I, Continuing EducationAnna constantly cheers and reassures her department coworkers and is a model of respect, teamwork and commitment.~ Luz Chung, Director

  • Lucinda Rubio-BarrickBusiness Officer, LiteratureHer sense of kindness and tact have enabled her to preserve a delicate balance between the often conflicting interests and personalities of both staff and faculty.~ Todd Kontje, Professor and Chair

  • August SageStaff Research Associate III, BioengineeringHe maintains a professionalism and maturity far beyond his years and has always performed his duties efficiently and with enthusiasm and good spirits.~ Michael Voegtline, Staff Research Associate

  • Barbara SanchezProgram Coordinator, Warren College Provost's OfficeBarbara commands terrific respect from all her colleagues because she coordinates and supervises with the utmost regard for each persons worth and potential.~ Steven Adler, Provost

  • Patricia WalshAssistant Administrative Analyst,Biological Sciences Dean's OfficePeople are eager to work with her and happy to assist with her projects because they feel (and are) genuinely valued.~ Pamela Daener, Assistant Dean

  • Van WongStaff Research Associate II, BioengineeringVan is a wonderful mentor to trainees, especially undergraduate students. He is a constant source of motivation and encouragement.~ Robert Sah, Professor and Vice Chair