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Building for Life Assessor Network YH assessor network, May 24 2010 Stefan Kruczkowski, CABE Enabler

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Presentation from the 1st Building For Life assessors meeting in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.


  • 1. Building for Life Assessor NetworkYH assessor network, May 24 2010 Stefan Kruczkowski, CABE Enabler

2. East Midlands AMR 2009 comments

  • North West Leicestershire DC
  • In order to avoid poor quality schemes, it is essential that applicants embrace the principles of urban design and commit to design-led processes. The Council is particularly concerned at the availability, and use of appropriately trained design professionalsbetter performing schemes could have been easily lifted if BfL was available [at the time of application]

3. Changing climate PPS1 PPS3 World Class Places LDFs Adoption of BFLCABE Housing AuditsNew adminstration 4. 293 schemes completed between 2001-2006 The national picture 5. This performance presents a serious challenge to developerslocal authoritiesand to the Government 6. 2007 Green Paper eliminate poor developmentgood and very good development is no longer the exception but the norm 7. New homes, and lots of them (12,200 to be exact) Creating places or building estates? 8. 9. 10. Establishing our baseline was it really all that bad? 11. Yes it was 12. Splitting hairs?100% below standard H6: 2008 NWLDC Average Poor 13. But there were some interesting results 14. Why was this happening? 15. Chasing design 16. 17. 18. 19. Corporate consistency? 20. Even though we could get it right 21. We still did (or allowed) this 22. Skills issues BfL awareness throughout house builders Not so strong reputation for design 23. We know where we need to be, but how do we get there?- Understand why things are not working - Processes, policies, skills, buy in- Is design being championed? - Make the case for design (Corporately) 24. Evidence base= robust case for change Business case=synergy with Corporate goals Action plan= step change in working practices (internally and externally)Alignment in people and policies 25. December 2008 Cabinet approve an extensive urban design initiative funded by HPDG.Key decisions: - Note evidence base and action plan - Strategically appoint Design Ambassadors- Introduce a scores on the doors scheme - Share CABEs ambitions for design quality - Appreciate lead times for change 26. 27. - BFL as our DQI clarity and certainty - Soft testing getting people used to it - Basis for pre-application discussions - Basis for (design) recommendations - Justification for conditions - Planning Committee now expect BfL recommendations on all residential led schemes 28. Brand differentiation opportunity? 29. Looking at it from a market perspective 30. How were consumers making purchasing decisions?How was the product being marketed?What did consumers want? 31. We created ourplacean innovative new service that seeks to improve the design quality of new homes and neighbourhoods by providing home buyers with an easy to understand rating system 32. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that if home buyers are offered an easy way to identify good design, design standards will be driven up by more discerning purchasers. 33. 34. 35. 36. Clements Gate 14 ApprovedMarket Place 15.5 Approved Whitehill Road 14 Approved Battleflat 15 Approved Homestead Road 11 Approved w/cond Swepstone Road 17.5 Approved Huntlands 14 Approved Ashby de la Zouch 9 PendingTowles Pastures 7 Withdrawn (design) Measham Nursery 10 Withdrawn (design + other) 37. - Stronger schemes are getting more support - Members are robustly championing BFL approving schemes that meet the standard, deferring and confident to refuse schemes that dont (lifts versus losers) - House builders recognising both theriskand theopportunityassociated with ourplace (wider coverage) 38. What are we seeing now? 39. Applicants thinking about a sense of place 40. Taking a serial vision perspective? 41. 42. Looking beyond the red line 43. Recognising false economy of commissioning skills and/or consultants 44. 45. pride The productDesign processes Design skillsDefining good design in NWL Core design principles Six Stage Design Process Building for Life 46. pride

  • The Six Stage Design Process
  • - Adapted from Government Circular on Design and Access Statements
  • More explicit than CABEs Design and Access Statement guidance
  • Based on good practice
  • - Provides a point of reference for applicants
  • - Places an emphasis on skills, concept options and design testing/refinement

47. pride Building for Life Assessments Form part of Design and Access Statements.Sketch Up or equivalent Using graphical tools to develop, test, refine and communicate proposals. Melbourne Development Fly Through 48. Successes to date:- All recent schemes approved by our Planning Committee have met at least 14 criteria (or are expected to upon discharge of conditions). - Planning Committee have deferred schemes that fail to meet at least 14 criteria. 49. Successes to date:- Increasingly applicants are preparing Building for Life assessments. - There is evidence that our expectations is starting to lead to the engagement of more qualified design teams working on NWL applications. 50. Is it fixed? 51. Securing high quality design- Requires consistency - Requires resources You get what you put in/pay for 52. . But when you hear a house builder telling a purchaser, Were building a place, not an estate 53. . and their Sales Office sign says Builders and Placemakers. 54. its hard not to think asuburban renaissancemay be afoot.