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  • Bibliography: The Politics of Provisions Bohstedt 1 / 37



    ABBREVIATIONS (Newspapers listed separately)

    Add MSS Additional Manuscripts, British Library

    AHEW Agrarian History of England and Wales (8 vols, 1967-2000)

    APC Acts of the Privy Council of England (HMSO 1964)

    BL British Library

    BRL Birmingham Reference Library

    CSPD Calendar State Papers Domestic

    HO Home Office, Public Record Office

    ODNB Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

    PC 1 Privy Council, Public Record Office

    PRO Public Record Office (National Archives)

    Riot Census John Bohstedt, Censuses of Food Riots 1527-1867, posted at

    RO Record Office

    QS Quarter Sessions

    SP State Papers, Public Record Office

    SRP Stuart Royal Proclamations

    UNL PwF University of Nottingham Library, The Portland papers

    VCH Victoria County History

    WO War Office, Public Record Office

  • Bibliography: The Politics of Provisions Bohstedt 2 / 37



    Birmingham Reference Library

    British Library: Manuscript Room and Newspapers (Colindale)

    Clifford Papers, Ugbrooke House, near Chudleigh, Devon

    County Record Offices of Devon, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire,

    Wakefield (West Riding of Yorkshire), West Yorkshire Archives Service (Leeds).

    UNL University of Nottingham Library, the Portland papers

    WWM Wentworth-Woodhouse Muniments, Sheffield Central Library


    AnnReg Annual Register

    ABirmG Aris's Birmingham Gazette

    CambI Cambridge Intelligencer

    DailyAd Daily Advertiser

    DerbyM Derby Mercury

    ExeterFP Exeter Flying Post

    GentMag Gentlemans Magazine

    HampsCh Hampshire Chronicle

    LeedsM Leeds Mercury

    LondonCh London Chronicle

    LondonCo London Courier

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    LondonEM Evening Mail

    LondonObs The Observer

    LondonP London Packet

    LondonSt The Star

    LondonT The Times

    MornCh Morning Chronicle [London]

    ManchM Manchester Mercury

    ManchG Manchester Gazette

    NorfCh Norfolk Chronicle

    NorthptonM Northampton Mercury

    NottmJ Nottingham Journal

    PublicAd Public Advertiser [London]

    ReadingMOG Reading Mercury and Oxford Gazette

    SheffI Sheffield Iris

    SherbYM Sherbourne and Yeovil Mercury

    Swinneys Swinneys Birmingham & Staffordshire Chronicle

    BWorcJ Berrow's Worcester Journal

    YorkC York Courant

  • Bibliography: The Politics of Provisions Bohstedt 4 / 37



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  • Bibliography: The Politics of Provisions Bohstedt 5 / 37


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  • Bibliography: The Politics of Provisions Bohstedt 6 / 37


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  • Bibliography: The Politics of Provisions Bohstedt 7 / 37


    Braddick, Michael J., State Formation in Early Mod

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