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Chef OLeary will cover Business Dining Etiquette. From dress etiquette to navigating the table, styles of service to types of courses, this session will leave you confident with how to conduct yourself in most dining settings.


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2. Business Dining Etiquette Are you the host or the guest? Host pick out place, date, and time of dinner. Invite your guest at least one week ahead of time. Restaurant Confirm reservations, arrival time. Guest If invited to dinner except or decline as soon as you know if you can make it or not. Dress code find out so either party does not make a mistake 3. Business Dining Etiquette Foundations of the dinner Business impressions Represent organization Influences career success First impressions Stand when greeting people Respect the situation Pay attention to the speaker 4. Business Dining Etiquette Moving to the table Starting the Meal Follow the host The customer is most important Napkin How to remove Place on lap When the napkin means finished or you are coming back Talk about alcohol and moderation 5. Business Dining Etiquette Ordering Keep entre price in mind Order in moderation Navigating the table What each utensils is used for Talk about glassware Dinner Types of courses 1. Appetizer 2. Soup 3. Salad 4. Fish 5. Grilled white meats 6. Sorbet 7. Grilled or roasted red meats 8. Game 9. Fruit and cheese 10. Desserts 6. Business Dining Etiquette Pairing food courses and wine 1. Appetizer Champagne or dry white wine, or ros wine 2. Soup Ros or medium-dry white wine 3. Salad No wine 4. Fish Dry white wine or ros 5. Grilled white meats Light bodied red wines or ros wine or dry white 6. Sorbet No wine 7. Grilled or roasted red meats - Full bodied red wines 8. Game Champagne or full bodied red wine 9. Fruit and cheese Sweet white, ros or light red wines 10. Desserts Sweet dessert wines or liqueurs, fortified wines 7. Business Dining Etiquette Style of eating with utensils American Start with knife in right hand, fork in left tines down. Makes a few cuts, then rest knife on the plate and switch fork to your right hand tines up. Continental Again start with knife in right hand, fork in left tines down. Make a few cuts and rest knife on plate and keep fork in left hand tines down. Conversation at the table About relationship not just food 2 types of conversations Business Small talk or light conversation 8. Business Dining Etiquette Ending the meal Dessert Share only when the host offers coffee or tea Comes after the dinner unless the host offers it up. Considered and after dinner drink Departing the meal Indicating meal is done Done by the host Napkin at finish Who pays? Thank you 9. Questions?