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Chinese dining etiquette/custom. Question 1 :Where is the most important guest seat in the dining table ? . 8. 7. 1. 2. 6. 3. 5. 4. Dining Seating Arrangements It shows the importance of each guest and a sign of respect for the guest. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chinese dining custom

Chinese dining etiquette/customQuestion 1 :Where is the most important guestseat in the dining table ?


Dining Seating ArrangementsIt shows the importance of each guest and a sign of respect for the guest.

The host/ the elderly or the most important guest will have the seat of honor. Normally, the seat of honor faces the door or main entrance.


Chinese dining customQuestion 2What is the table layout in Chinese way ?Spoon, plate, chopstickPlate, spoon, chopstickChopstick, plate, spoonPlate, chopstick, spoon

Table layout in Chinese way

Chinese dining customQuestion 3: Can you stick your chopsticks upright in your rice?

Do not stick your chopsticks upright in your rice

Absolutely not. Because its the way a bowl of rice is offered to the spirit of a dead person in front of their photograph.

Chinese dining customQuestion 4: Host orders beef broccoli. However I like beef, but I dont like broccoli.I use the chopstick to find beef only.I use spoon to take both, but I give broccoli to someone else. I dont eat this dish.











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Ma stands for "mazi" (Pinyin: mzi Traditional Chinese ) which means a person disfigured by pockmarks. Po (Chinese ) translates as "old woman". Hence, Ma Po is an old woman whose face was pockmarked. It is thus sometimes translated as "Pockmarked-Face Lady's Tofu". 2.

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It is call spring rolls because of all the vegetables (cilantro, mint, basil, bean sprout, etc.) that go into the rolls.Cho fn


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Call 911 Chicken8.shu jio

In certain parts of China, boiled dumplings called Jiaozi are served at midnight on New Years Eve, instead of Nian Gao. These dumplings are associated with good fortune because they're shaped kind of like ancient gold ingots - the Jin Yuanbao. Sometimes an actual coin is hidden in one of the Jiaozi. The person that gets this dumpling has extra good luck. jng ko y

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The Chinese hot pot boasts a history of more than 1,000 years. While often called "Mongolian hot pot", it is unclear if the dish actually originates in Mongolia. Mongol warriors had been known to cook with their helmets, which they used to boil food, but due to the complexity and specialization of the utensils and the method of eating it, hot pot cooking is much better suited to a sedentary culture.