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Etiquette training course is designed to help participants know the basic setting of a table and how to maneuver the basis fundamentals of manners while eating. This workshop introduces you to basic business etiquette, and the importance of behaving appropriately during lunch or dinner as well as the workplace. The trainer will be engaging and cover examples of good and bad etiquette. Learning about proper etiquette with a good meal, fun environment, and great conversations!


  • 1. ETIQUETTE TRAINING University of Kentucky April 14, 2014 CareerDude
  • 2. Banquet Setting CareerDude
  • 3. Cell Phones DO NOT text or answer phone during meal functions CareerDude
  • 4. Bread and Drink CareerDude
  • 5. Bread Meal Water CareerDude
  • 6. Napkins Put napkin in lap when you sit CareerDude
  • 7. Table Setting Items CareerDude
  • 8. Place Setting CareerDude
  • 9. Utensil Positioning RESTING POSITION FINISHED POSITION CareerDude
  • 10. Lemons Uses: Foods and beverages Remember to put other hand over lemon when squeezing to avoid the squirt! CareerDude
  • 11. Empty Wrappers Place used wrappers on rim of plates or saucers CareerDude
  • 12. Bread and Butter Dont cut bread with a knife; Place butter on your plate before spreading on your bread. CareerDude
  • 13. Butter Knife The butter knife travels with the butter. CareerDude
  • 14. Bread Tear, dont bite or cut bread. Butter one piece at a time. CareerDude
  • 15. CareerDude
  • 16. CareerDude
  • 17. The Salad Use salad fork. If only one knife, place it on bread plate when finished. CareerDude
  • 18. Salt and Pepper Shakers ALWAYS TRAVEL TOGETHER CareerDude
  • 19. A la mode ICE CREAM YUMMY!! CareerDude
  • 20. Cookies Should be selected with tongs if available CareerDude
  • 21. Coffee and Hot Tea Service CareerDude
  • 22. Sandwiches NOT BEST CHOICE when dining with potential employers or dinner event. CareerDude
  • 23. Sandwiches NOT BEST CHOICE when dining with potential employers or dinner event. CareerDude
  • 24. Fried Chicken Eat with fork and knife or with fingers. Not recommended when eating with potential employers. CareerDude
  • 25. Corn on the Cob NOT A WISE CHOICE CareerDude
  • 26. Bacon Crispy bacon eat with fingers Soft bacon use knife and fork CareerDude
  • 27. Bisque A rich creamy soup typically made with shellfish. Avoid if sensitive to seafood or dairy products. CareerDude
  • 28. Canap Small opened-faced toasts served during receptions CareerDude
  • 29. Consomm A clear, broth based soup CareerDude
  • 30. Haricots verts (ar-e-ko-'ver) GREEN BEANS CareerDude
  • 31. Crudits CareerDude
  • 32. Who gives the Best Advice for the Job Search on your campus? CareerDude
  • 33. When should you send a thank you note following your interview? Is it appropriate to send your thank you note via email, text, or mail? CareerDude
  • 34. What are topics that should be considered inappropriate during a interview or business meeting? CareerDude
  • 35. Whats the purpose of interviewing during a meal? CareerDude
  • 36. What are the top 10 most common etiquette dinning mistakes? CareerDude
  • 37. What is the appropriate attire for interviewing during a meal? CareerDude
  • 38. When is it appropriate to address a recruiter or the CEO of your company by their first name? CareerDude
  • 39. Provide some examples of the best methods to prepare for the job interview. CareerDude
  • 40. Fact: The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees free speech to all citizens. So, please provide some reasons why you should use discretion to your personal brand on the social network sites? CareerDude
  • 41. How important are career goals? Give some examples of career goals. CareerDude
  • 42. Questions & Reflection James W. Stuckert Career Center University of Kentucky 408 Rose Street Lexington, KY 40506 Tel: 859.257.2746 Fax: 859.323.1085 Email: Lenroy.Jones@UKY.edu Web: www.uky.edu/CareerCenter CareerDude