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  • Five Star Productions
    by: Bianca Maldonado
  • Corporate Background
    Company Name: Five Star Productions.
    Year Founded: 1989
    Location: Boca Raton, FL
    Number of employees: 65
    Type of company: Private
    Stock ticker symbol: N/A
    Annual Revenue: aprox. $2,400,000
  • Brand Hierarchy
  • Brand Research
    Target Market:
    Men or women between 25 55 years old.
    Type: Executives of a company with a product to produce. Could be corporate or entertainment like a video for an artist or a movie.
    Class: Mid high High class
    Education: minimum a Masters degree.
    Region: USA
  • Position on marketplace: 26th on the USA.
    Primary competitors: Top film production companies in the USA.
    Five Star vs. Competition:
    Recourses to do most of the production in house and in a lower cost than the top production companies.
    Recipient of prestigious industry awards, such as Addy's, Cindy's, Telly's, and an Emmy award.
    Scott Woolley is the recipient of the coveted 1999 "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award".
  • Branding:
    Name: Five Star for the universally recognized symbol of quality .
    V :the roman number of the number five.
    Star on cement: making reference to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    Black: associated with power and elegance.
    Gold: associated with intellect, freshness, and joy.
    Purple: associated with royalty, power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.
    Advertising: Click on logo.
  • Mission Statement:
    Our mission and passion is to create television programming and video content that inspires both the viewer and the Five Star team creating it.
    Just bring us your vision. Five Star will transform it, bring it to life and magnify it for an indelible impression on your target audience.
    We will exceed your every expectation.
  • Archetype:
    The Magician.
    I think that this is the main archetype given that in every area of this companys web site is reflected an I can do it mentality, there are no obstacles for them.
    Actually there is a part on the company story area that the president and founder, Scott Woolley states:
    When asked who our competition is, I will tell you, "Us. Each project we complete sets the bar a little higher for the next. We don't worry about anyone else; instead we choose to concentrate our full energies on delivering the best that we can, all the time."
  • Brand stories:
    This is an extract of the companys story and it reflects where they came from and how far the have come.
    Five Star Productions began in a small, rented storefront office space. He hired two employees and was at a standstill. "We didn't know what to do next, so we had a phone installed, and ordered business cards and letterhead," he recalls. But the phone didn't ring. Why should it? No one knew about the fledgling company.
    But, much like his innovations in the grocery industry, Scott was bound to be an innovator in his newest pursuit. He and his employees identified a niche they felt they could fill. "We liked airplanes. We had every book, every magazine about flying," he recalls. At the time, they saw no TV shows that mirrored those interests. So they made one.
    They were right, and Five Star Productions took flight. Advertisers eagerly bought time on the show, and Five Star's first series, "Flight" was picked up by a network, then sold into syndication. Scott built on that success, identifying other untouched areas of programming, and developing and producing a total of eight series, five of which are still in production.
    One of Five Star's earlier productions, the groundbreaking "Today's Environment", was hosted by noted environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. The show not only made a positive impact on the way people regarded the environment, but made an impression on a world-renown environmentalist, activist, and fellow entrepreneur.
    John Paul DeJoria, CEO and co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, is an innovator in the hair care industry, and one who uses his success to benefit others. John Paul saw the show, and became a frequent sponsor. Because of his reputation as an outspoken defender of the environment, Scott soon asked him to co-host the show. John Paul agreed, and brought a new perspective and appeal to the show.
    As Five Star grew, so too did Scott's relationship with John Paul. Eventually, John Paul and Scott became partners in Five Star.
  • Brand Community & Interactivity
    Five Star Productions has a very complete website where the client can see where they came from and where are they going. They can se examples of their work, a list of clients and testimonies of their work.
    Also, they have a client area where the client has access to it and have direct hands on contact with the company. All this with the security of a password and username.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Resources:
    Five Star Productions Corporate Website
    Company Profile
    Color meaning
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