campaigns for cross-channel marketing: what are you doing to drive roi? | bazaarvoice summit 2014

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Watch a recording of this session here: Date - Wednesday, 14 May Time - 10:45 AM Room - Room 18 A&B Summary Get prepared for an impactful session and learn from our speakers how to better drive ROI through all channels by better preparing, launching and tracking campaign results. It’s all in the marketing.


  • 1.#bsocial14 Campaigns for cross-channel marketing: What are you doing to drive ROI? Michael Smith, R.J. Talyor

2. Sterling Jewelers Digital Marketing Program Michael Smith, VP eCommerce 3. Confidential Sterling Jewelers Digital Marketing Program 2013 35/23/2014 Confidential Sterling eCommerce 3.5x Revenue Growth in the last 3 years Key Digital Marketing Drivers Email / SMS Mobile Sites & Apps Display/Retargeting SEO/SEM/PLAs Affiliate 4. Confidential Email / SMS 45/23/2014 Confidential 5. Confidential Subscriber Acquisition 55/23/2014 Confidential Web invites customers to opt-in the first time the visit the site. Customers can also opt-in when making a purchase, applying for credit or through the footer on every page of the site. Social Customers who visit and Like the Kay Jewelers Facebook page can also opt-in to receive our emails. We are currently evaluating to drive email acquisition through other social media channels as well. Mobile Customers who opt-in for our SMS service get an automated response asking them to reply with their email address in order to get a $25 off $100 coupon. In-store Sales Associates ask customers for their email address at the time of purchase. There is also a counter card in all stores where the customer can opt-in for SMS. 6. Confidential Ratings & Review Email 65/23/2014 Confidential 7. Confidential Ratings & Review Social 75/23/2014 Confidential 8. THANK YOU Michael Smith, VP eCommerce 9. Moments Matter one. 10. 12-25% increase in sales if the transactional message includes personalized product recommendations. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud 11. Connected Consumer two. 12. 78% 13. 3.1 hrs3.3 hrs Average Hours Per Day Spent on Mobile Device 14. Power Mobile Users: Activities of Smartphone Owners vs. Smartphone & Tablet Owners 15. 83% of US Consumers research products while in-store on their mobile phone. Googles Our Mobile Planet Report 16. Digital interactions influenced $.36 of every dollar spent in retail. Deloitte, 2014 17. The New Inbox three. 18. Many of our retail clients experienced mobile open rates exceeding 80%. 19. 91% of consumers indicated that access to content across all devices was important. 2014 Mobile Behavior Report, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud 20. Email from Brands 21. Purchase from a Brands Email 22. Location four. 23. Connected Products five. 24. 75billion. 25.

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