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  • 1. Oracle Caregiver Mobility Cathy Samaillie EMEA Healthcare IBU
  • 2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oraclesproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  • 3. Healthcare Challenges Healthcare is a unique industry with challenges that are not found in other industries. Healthcare is supported by industry specific applications: Electronic Medical Records, Pharmaceutical, Radiology, etc. Doctors & nurses need easy & continuous access to the workstations. Pressure on staff to increase productivity reduce administrative time Hospitals have entire teams dedicated to simply keeping the desktops devices and operating systems running.This leads to complex management of desktop devices and user environments and the costs have become unsustainable. 3
  • 4. Caregiver Challenges The ability to close a workstation immediately while keeping the applications being used in a suspended state Instant re-opening of the applications as they were on the same workstation or a completely different one Fast and easy access to any device at any place Familiar applications work in the same way and functions such as viewing images supported No patient data on the local device no risk of patient data being lost or stolen
  • 5. Healthcare IT Challenges To provide easy access for doctors and nurses, workstations are heavily deployed often 3-4 times the number of actual staff. Legal & Security requirements Reduce & remove all moving parts from the desktop that lead to local failure and maintenance calls. Reduce costs consumed maintaining user access to applications.
  • 6. Healthcare RequirementsImproving Patient Care & Coordination While MaximizingEfficiency and Reducing Cost Improving patient care & coordination while maximizing efficiency and reducing cost Eliminate information gaps and improve quality of care and seamlessly integrate information and processes to drive continuity of care Enhance compliance with national and local regulations and effectively manage enterprise risk Support active management of patients with long-term conditions and deliver population-based health initiatives Deliver integrated view of clinical, operational and financial data and improve clinical outcomes through healthcare analytics, benchmarking and comparative effectiveness measurement
  • 7. Oracles Caregiver Mobility SolutionsProvides caregivers flexible access to multiple desktopenvironments in a secure and cost-effective mannerOracles Caregiver Mobility solution provides: Secure and continuous access to users from any workspace Increased security and manageability of sensitive patient and critical healthcare applications Near instantaneous login to desktop environment A reliable way to back up desktop environments and ensure full desktop and data recovery A reduction in management and maintenance costs associated with a traditional distributed desktop environment
  • 8. Hospitals experiences with Caregiver Mobility Canary Islands Health Service Denver Health Barwon Health Australia Bispebjerg Hospital Denmark Lothian University Hospital UK University Hospital of Brussels Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis NL Sivas Cumhuriyet University Hospital
  • 9. Hospitals experiences with Caregiver MobilityNHS Lothian Improves Staff Efficiency While Saving US$2.4 Million with Fast & Flexible Access to RecordsChallenges Provide comprehensive IT services to a team of 28,000 employees dispersed across 299 separate sites within the region Ensure that nurses, consultants, and administrators are able to easily access the applications they need from any terminal to deliver excellent healthcare to the local and wider populations Reduce costs to help meet government efficiency targets to reduce overall expenditure by US$49 million in the 2010-2011 fiscal year Enable consultants to work flexibly between different hospital sites for efficiency and improved patient services
  • 10. SolutionReplaced PC-based infrastructure with up to 10,000 Sun Ray clients to simplify IT administration, reduce costs, and improve access to a wide range of applications Enabled doctors or nurses to log-in with a smart-card in just six seconds to access their application, allowing staff to quickly switch between work-stations in the hospital Enabled critical staff to work from home, ensuring continuity of service to patients Stored all information securely on Sun hardware in one centralized data center, eliminating the risk of sensitive information being stolen from a PC or laptop
  • 11. Solution Reduced overall costs by US$2.4 million, including US$1.6 million in reduced technical investment and US$0.8 million on salary savings with an expected 25% reduction in support staff Reduced costs for electricity by US$1.6 million per 2,000 users over a seven-year period Reduced time to add a new workstation from up to two hours for a PC to just 10 minutes for a new Sun Ray and speeded upgrades with centralized administration and distribution
  • 12. Caregiver Mobility ArchitectureCaregiver Floor Stations & Offices Secure Data Center Virtual Desktop Hosting Sun Ray Client Efficient IT desktop provisioning with secure access. Healthcare Application Servers EMR, Pharmacy, Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Radiology, Other Oracle Virtual Desktop Windows Active Infrastructure Directory Domain Fast Session Access Oracle Solaris AD Server Authentication & Location Aware Hot-Desking Domain Services Oracles Sun x64 or SPARC Servers Oracle Caregiver Storage Desktop Images
  • 13. The Thinner, The BetterLower Complexity Helps Reduce Cost PC Embedded OS Sun Ray client thin clientLocal Apps,Local OS, Local Apps, Local OS, Nothing toMemory, CPU, Memory, Manage!Hard Drive CPU
  • 14. Sun Ray Technology Choice Security