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CCN Regional Meeting. Agenda. Introduction and welcome Business update Service update Product update Break “Customer experience” Questions and answers Networking and refreshments. Business update. New ownership. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • CCN Regional Meeting

  • AgendaIntroduction and welcomeBusiness update Service updateProduct updateBreakCustomer experienceQuestions and answersNetworking and refreshments

  • Business update

  • New ownershipCeridian is now a private company predominately owned by 2 large private investors; Thomas H Lee Partners and Fidelity National FinancialDeal was announced and closed on Nov 9th 2007Company was sold at $36 per share, valuing the company at around $5.3 billionNew owners buy into the corporate management and strategy, with a 5 year strategic plan in place to grow the organisationSignificant growth and efficiency gains anticipated, with UK, MNS and Ireland set to be at the front of those gainsBetter integration across the business units, with the customer placed at the heart of everything we do

  • Ceridian global values

  • 5 Global goalsCustomer LoyaltyGrowthCultureFinancialCompliance

  • Customer programmes20077 of top 10 contracts renewed in last 18 monthsRBS EAP now globalRestored service levels after isolated print issuesAdoption of Net Promoter Score evaluation Right Now database and service being developed

    2008Telephony systems to be re-deployed across all client facing teamsMore focus on customer feedbackCSC / Incident logging to be established for all customer teams and servicesNPS feedback embedded into product and service teamsNew service delivery models to be adopted in 2008Adoption of a company wide customer excellence programme

  • Highlights from 2007Not only did we win the Pay Awards Outsourcing Provider of the Year for the second consecutive time, Brian Gibson a payroll executive in our Glasgow office won Payroll Bureau and Outsourcing Employee of the Year too.

  • Service updateBegin >>

  • AgendaPrint quality and deliveryNet Promoter ScoreP35Data SecurityTelephonyClient Support CentreCustomer Support Services

  • Print Quality and Delivery BackgroundEarly 2007 Ceridian print site moved Some customers affected by poor print qualityKnock on effect on delivery - increased number of customer complaintsUpdateMuch improved but still not where we want service levels to beCentralised issue management and detailed RCAWorking hard with our suppliers to drive improvements

  • Net Promoter ScoreUltimate Question How likely is it that you would recommend Ceridian to a friend or colleague

  • NPS Promoter ScoreMarch 2007 (-28)Pilot project to prove execution model (100 customers Glasgow and Manchester)December 2007 (- 5)Follow up call with respondentsLearning incorporated into future surveys

  • Ceridian P35 Online Filing ServiceThe HMRC require all P35 Employers declaration for 2007/8 to be returned by 19 May 2008 and all PAYE tax references with 50 or more employees must file a P35 return electronically.

    Ceridian provide assistance to over 2,500 employers and have frozen the price for this service for the last 2 years

    Significant improvements have been made to the Ceridian P35 Online Filing Service offering for this year.

    All Offer collateral, P35 packs and Supporting information (external website and TYE booklet) have been re-designed in line with Customer feedback and will be made available well in advance of Tax Year End processing.

    Emails/Letters will be sent at each stage of the process to keep customers updated on the progress of their P35 Online Filing (confirmation of receipt of application, Confirmation on receipt of completed P35 pack, confirmation when we have keyed and filed the figures online to the HMRC).

    All filing and support will be managed by local payroll contacts.

    The P35 offer deadline for all existing customers is 31st January 2008. All customers should have been contacted by email or letter regarding this offer and all applications received should have been confirmed (10 day turn around on customers who have not supplied an email address).

  • Data Security

    We recommend all files with personal data should be password protected you may have already been contacted

    Currently assessing best solution to maximise security of data

    Needs to be non prohibitive for customers

    We will shortly be communicating our proposals

  • TelephonyFeb 08 Launch skill based routing for Bureau customersCalls routed to most appropriate colleaguesCall optionsReduced waiting time and abandoned call ratesDetailed MI being used to monitorSwitch to 0844 numbers (cheaper for customers)Recording calls for training and monitoring Hold music changed

  • Customer Support CentreKnowledge BaseSave time and money and visit our Customer Support Centre CSC within the HRE portal, granting youaccess to our frequently asked questions and product specific information. This is a secure way to obtainInformation at the touch of your finger tips. Our knowledge base is self learning and will continue togrow as more of our customers visit us online.

    Key Word SearchTo make things easier you can search for information by using the key word search functionality. Wecontinuously monitor all key words that are searched to ensure that content is available to assist withyour enquiry.

    Log An IncidentIn the event you cannot find what you are looking for then you can log an incident with one of ourexperts. Not only will we respond to you but we will guarantee that the information is added to our onlinecontent for future reference.

  • Customer Support ServicesAim to simplify Account Management for customersNew Team will be introduced during FebCentralised Escalation DeskCustomer Case Managers targeted on quick and effective resolution to customer issuesNot account managementUsing MI to provide detail for focus areas

  • Product update

  • Product update - agendaNew FeaturesNew FacilitiesFuture Change:April 2008April 2009PayPoint future!CPS 1 / HRe 5

  • Ceridian Payroll New FacilitiesNew optional Pay Statement security feature:National Insurance Number AB123456C will be shown as *****456C NINO missing shown as spaces PENSIONER or NONE shown in fullBank Sort Code 112233 will be shown as ****33Bank Account Number 012345678 will be shown as *****5678Building Society reference AB123456-JAS will be shown as ********-JASIf needed then contact support desk

  • Ceridian Payroll New Facilities -RemindersCeridian Electronic ExchangeCSV Input data reportsCeridian On-line Reporting (COR)On-line Payroll Documents (OPD)

  • Updates April 2008Summary of items:Maternity Rights Non-cash benefitsBasic Rate Tax ChangeCSL changes (no more 42 days waiting)Carter 2 validations (DOB & Gender)Electronic ExchangeP46 requirementsCeridian Payroll FutureApril 2008April 2009PayPoint!CPS 1 / HRe 5 Payroll

  • Change in Maternity Rights For EWC 6th April 2008 onwards Employee is entitled to all non-cash benefits for full duration of maternity leave (OML & AML = 52 weeks):Company CarMobile PhoneComputerChild Care VouchersBicycle?EtcSalary Sacrifice implications:Illegal to sacrifice SMP only earnings or occupationalEmployer required to continue non-cash benefitsPension entitlement (employer contributions - including Sal Sac) to continue for all paid maternity (39 weeks)

  • Basic Rate Tax reduction10% Income tax band removed (now zero)22% Basic Rate reduced to 20%The impacts:Charitable Giving & Gift AidPossible impact on Personal Pension deduction amountsPension implicationSome PP schemes reduce the deduction amount by the equivalent of Basic Rate i.e. 78 for a gross 100 contributionFrom April 2008 this will no longer be correctIf your payroll stipulates this reduction, check and ensure that the new 20% BR is incorporated i.e. 80 for a gross of 100 contributionIf you use Ceridian automated options then OK But if you stipulate the amount or use a 78% value, then you need to changeNotify Ceridian of any change you require to your stated valuesEnsure your scheme rules reflect the change

  • P46 Starter (April 2008)Employers who are not provided with a P45 for a starter are obliged to issue and obtain a signed P46Use the correct tax code!!!:Declaration Athen use emergency CumulativeDeclaration Bthen use emergency Week 1 / Month 1Declaration Cthen use BR Cumulative

    Never use BR Week 1 / Month 1 for a P46 starter (ever)No other tax codes are allowed for P46 starter casesEmployers must complete for first paymentNow will have DOB and Gender

    New Non-taxable identifiers (NI-L, NI-S)CPS 1 / CPS 2 / HRe 5

  • Birth-date & Gender (April 2008)New requirement to include and report an employees birth-date and Gender for in-year HMRC formsBirth-date of 01011901 should not be entered if not genuine?HR processes and system will need to ensure correct data capture

  • Carter 2 - In-Year electronic filing (Deadline April 2009)Ceridian Electronic Exchange Available on: CPS 1 CPS 2 (Source Payroll)HRevolution 5Legacy PayPoint

    Inclusive in Ceridian Electronic Exchange:P9, P6B, P6 Tax Code updatesCSL (Collection of Student Loans)Pension messages: P46(PEN) / PENNOT

  • The important message Ceridian Electronic Exchange is In-Year ReadyOver 2,500 current usersIt does have an associated additional charge You can take advantage of the benefit now you dont need to wait until 2009

  • Ceridian Payroll Future April 2008Flexible Payroll processing Ready to run Part trials (CPS 1 / CPS 2 / HRe 5)And further plans for the futureOff-schedule payments and disbursements are also offered within CPS 1/ HRe 5

  • Ceridian Payroll Change April 2008Missing Tax Code Will now use BR CumulativeNew Annotation NI entered in tax code field T000 (but not PayPoint):NI-L for employee whose normal earnings are under the Lower Earnings LimitNI-S for stude