chapter 2 tools & measuring instruments tools  hand tools  measuring tools  cutting tools...

Download Chapter 2 Tools & Measuring Instruments TOOLS  Hand tools  Measuring tools  Cutting tools  Power tools  Lifting equipment  Cleaning equipment 

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  • Chapter 2Tools & Measuring Instruments

  • TOOLSHand toolsMeasuring toolsCutting toolsPower toolsLifting equipmentCleaning equipmentSpecialty tools

  • HAND TOOLSScrewdriversPliersHammersWrenchesSocket wrench setsSpecial tools

  • ScrewdriversPhillipsFlat BladesTorxSelect screwdriver blade to match the size of the screw head.

  • PliersCombination Slip jointSide cutters Long nose

  • Pliers

  • Pliers

  • Specialty PliersBattery pliersHose clampGrease cupTin snipsMany other types

  • HammersBall peen hammerEngineers hammerSoft facedRubber mallet

  • Hammers

  • Hammers

  • WrenchesOpen endsBox end

  • Wrenches

  • Wrenches

  • Other Types of WrenchesAdjustable end wrench (Crescent wrench)Open end-box

  • More WrenchesFlare nut wrenches

  • Socket WrenchesSocket wrenches comein sets that are classifiedby their drive size. Threedrive sizes are commonlyused in the automotive trade. , 3/8,

  • Socket Wrench DriversRatchetSpeederNut driverBreaker barT-handle

  • SocketsHex size# of points on hexDeep & shallow socketsDrive size

  • Specialty SocketsImpact & Standard SocketImpact socketsSpark plug socketsUniversal socketsO2 sensor socket4 & 8 point sockets

  • Socket Wrench AccessoriesExtensionsScrewdriver ends

  • Specialty Hand ToolsMagnet, Pick-up tool,Valve lifter tool, oilfilter wrench, brakeSpoon, ring expander,mirror tool.Ring compressor, Pullers: damper,slide bar, pitmanarm, wheel andbattery terminal.

  • CUTTING TOOLSHack sawsFilesChiselsTaps & DiesDrillsGrindersDa Torch

  • HacksawsUse to saw through metal.Needs a special blade depending on thickness of metal.Blades come in 18, 24, or 32 teeth per inch.

  • FilesFiles are used much like a saw.They only cut when you push.For removing small amounts of metal.Many types with funny names.

  • ChiselsUsed with a hammer to cut cut through metal.Tends to be crude but is effective in certain situations.

  • Threading ToolsCut threadsTaps cut internal threads.Dies cut external threads.Used in automotive service to repair threads.

  • Drills3/8 drill the most common for general automotive work.Powered both electrically and pneumatically.Drill press available.

  • Oxy-Acetylene TorchCompressed gas type torch using oxygen and acetylene.Flame over 4000 degrees F.Used to cut metal or heat nuts and bolts for easy removal.

  • Grinding EquipmentPedestal GrinderValve grinding equipment

  • POWER TOOLSPneumatic toolsHydraulic power toolsElectrically powered tools

  • LIFTING EQUIPMENTFloor jacksLifts

  • CLEANING EQUIPMENTSolvent tank using mineral spirits.Immersion cleaner using very harsh chemicals.Steam cleaner.Sand blaster.Wire brushes & scrapers.

  • Solvent TankUses mineralspirits as a solvent.Used on oily andgreasy parts.Use gloves for thesolvent is harsh onskin.Dont put any otherfluids in the tank.

  • Immersion CleanerVery harsh solvent.Clean carburetor parts, pistons and other parts with burnt and varnish like deposits.

  • MEASURING TOOLSMechanical measuring toolsFluid measuring toolsElectrical measuring tools







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