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Chuck Close

Chuck Close By Shannon Van Staden, Thomas Mackintosh, Shane Vanvelsen Tough StartChuck Close was born on July 5, 1940, in Monroe, Washington. Suffered from severe dyslexia so did poorly in school.Close also suffered from a neuromuscular condition, leaving him unable to play sports.Got a kidney infection and was bed ridden for a year.Found ArtChucks parents where artistic and gave a lot of support

With his struggles at school chuck found solace in art

Influence'sIn 1954 chuck went to a exhibition of Jackson Pollock and saw al his paintings.Jacksons style influenced chuck tremendously and made chuck want to become a professional artist.

Mural, 1943 by Jackson pollockThe Rise of ChuckChuck close went to Washington University and graduated in 1962At this time chucks work was very abstract

1960By Chuck close

Change Chuck goes to Yale of Fine Arts During this time in Yale chucks work goes from abstract to high photo realism.This becomes Chucks signature style

Mark, 1979. acrylic on canvas, 9' x 7' (29.6 x 23 m)

Big Nude, 1967. oil on canvas, 117 x 253" (9'9" x 21').knittingChuck developed a process he called knittingUsed exacting grids from huge large frame polaroid pictures of his models Then recreated it on canvas in oil.PerfectionChuck painted his friends family and himselfHe worked big and close up with extreme detail.Painted every flaw on every patch of skin, mouth, nasal cavity.These paintings were so photo realistic it would be hard to tell the difference.

Big Nude, 1967. oil on canvas, 117 x 253" (9'9" x 21').At the time this kind of art had never been done before The inject printer Chucks application of colour was new and worked extremely well.This application was so revolutionary that it helped the development of the ink jet printer.

Self portrait In 1968 Chuck did a famous self portrait

This is a good example of how he paints every flaw

Hair is a mess

Blemishes in the skin

Facial features are all done as they are nothing is changed.

PhilIn 1969 Chuck did a portrait of Phillip Glass.Phillip glass was a extremely well known composer at the time

This became one of the most famous and recognizable pieces for Chuck Fame

In the 1970s Chucks work is shown is some of the worlds finest gallerysChuck is widely considered one of Americas best contemporary artists Bad luck In 1988 close suffered a sudden rupture of the spinal artery.Close was left nearly entirely paralyzed After lots of physical therapy Close was permanently confined to a wheel chairBut had partial use of his limbs Carry OnAfter the accident Close continues with his work despite his physical limitations.

Close now paints with a brush taped to his wrist.

Change in styleAfter the accident Close goes back to a abstract styleStill doing portraits but with less precisionThis does not effect Closes reputation and standing at all Self-Portrait, 1997. oil on canvas, 102 x 84" (259.1 x 213.4 cm).

Closes position in the art world does not change

In the year 2000 president Clinton names Close a recipient of the national medal of arts

In 2007 his life becomes a full length documentary Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress