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Flexible content strategy presented within the metaphor of Peter Pan. Content approaches at the World Health Organization (WHO). This presentation shows some approaches that have worked and some that haven’t.


  • 1. Escaping the Peter Panapproach to contentmanagementConfab 1 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014

2. Why Neverland? Background Managing web content doesnt exist (like Neverland) Goes up instantly (like flying with pixie dust) Anyone can do it (any child that is) Before: web technology-basedNow: content-based (so its childs play)Confab 2 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 3. Learning objectives Challenges of managing web content at WHO A multifaceted approach to manage and improve web content Moving from content posters to content managersContent approaches some that have worked at theWorld Health Organization (WHO), some that havent;all within the prism of taking Wendy out of Neverlandand back to reality.Confab 3 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 4. Some questions Why does Captain Hook not like Peter Pan? To some web content is a challenge to their technical content,dumbing down of information. How to avoid this? How to show the benefit of what cant be seen? Who keeps the Captain in check? Who keeps the doubters in check?Confab 4 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 5. Legacy content What about all that old content? Its simple really The old content is not my responsibility If I cant see it is not there Just how much can you manage? WHO 80,000 pagesConfab 5 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 6. WHO legacy content Content life cycle Update, archive, delete Focusing on SEO, usability and accessibilityConfab 6 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 7. Websites and content are magic A sprinkle of pixie dust and you can fly Creating content is easy Drafting content is fast and cheapConfab 7 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 8. Fast is not fast enough An exploding bomb- work can be done in seconds and everything isan emergency even if you had year to prepare. Getting content online is fast There is no tagging and linkingConfab 8 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 9. Even faster No longer play time you wont be let out of here until you deliver Content posting is the end of the line If things are posted quickly that will make everything alright We can go fast because errors only matter on paperConfab 9 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 10. No focus Too many audiences Tinker bell, Wendy, Mermaids, Tiger Lily One size doesnt fit allConfab 10 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 11. Captain James HookStopping Wendy from returning to realityCutting down simple contentGood content is a threat undermines their work takes away resources is a distractionConfab 11 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 12. Back to reality Get out of Neverland Get back to reality 12 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 13. People Components Conservative companies Entrenched work flows Politics Top down doesnt always work But neither does bottom up Changes that will work but not change businessWhy? Because of people User friendly changes are not a requirement, itsa necessityConfab 13 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 14. Experts are no longer trusted Doctors (and experts) were trusted and respected and thesource of all medical advice Our patients took our advice No one complained about our communicationsDr Gaya gamhevage: 14 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 15. Good content challenge Speed vs value Reactive vs proactive Barrier vs solution Free up resources to be proactive Focus on what can be seen Celebrate successConfab 15 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 16. Get support Engage a project sponsor- crocodile Inform the sponsor Equip the sponsorConfab 16 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 17. Stakeholder analysisConfab 17 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 18. Strategy without evidenceConfab 18 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014Guesswork 19. Use all resources -fly Use the tools at your disposal- fly writing team editors web producers web working groupConfab 19 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 20. Flexibility or Fly some more A multifaceted approach to managing and improving web content Value added content management production Editorial calendar Content strategy meeting Futures meeting Content life cycle Hold on to best contentConfab 20 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 21. Growing up Wendy grows in Neverland but doesnt grow in one bound You must grow up but only when you are ready Choose your battles In WHO two steps forward, one step backConfab 21 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 22. Going home Neverland doesnt just exist for children Winning may require multiple approaches Take paths and tools that are right for you Step by step Watch your stakeholders: stop the captain feed the crocodileConfab 22 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014 23. Confab 23 | Europe 29 Sep 1 Oct 2014Questions?