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Vanguard Newspapers 9 December 2013


  • ...towards a better life for the people

    N150VOL. 25: NO. 62031ONLINE |

    MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2013**

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    CONFAB: Jonathan tonominate 120 delegatesCommittee seeks referendum on outcomeTalks to have 6-month life span



    Modalities forrepresentationin the National




    LAGOS PRESIDENT GoodluckJonathan is to nominate120 members to the pro-

    Dr.AkinwumiAdesina,Minister ofAgricultureand RuralDevelop-ment, at theForbesaward cer-emony inNairobi,Kenya.

    ASUU refusesto budge asSenate mediates

    Nigeria's politicians can't compare withNelson Mandela, says Jonathan


    FOR MANDELA From left: President Goodluck Jonathan; his wife, Patience;mother of the President, Mrs Eunice Jonathan; wife of the Senate President, MrsHelen Mark; Senate President David Mark; Deputy Speaker, House of Representa-tives, Emeka Ihedioha; Sen. Hope Uzodimma; Sen. Philip Aduda; and the Chief ofStaff, Chief Mike Ighiadomhe during a Memorial Service for the Late NelsonMandela at Aso Villa Chapel, Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday. Inset: The choir (R)and President Jonathan (L) paying tribute to Mandela. Photos: Abayomi Adeshida.

    T R I B U T E T O M A N D E L A




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    I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways thatwont work. Murphys Law is much less sanguineabout it: If you never try anything new, youll missout on many of lifes great disappointments

    Thomas Edison

    THE beautiful outcome of Thomas Edisons experiments is the electricity we all enjoy today.Our lives are not so different. Of course we need toaccept ourselves as we are, but we cant stop there.We also need to value ourselves enough to makeneeded changes. Its a simple formula: If we want tolive fully we have to keep growing. If we want to keepgrowing we have to adapt. And if we want to adaptwe have to try on new ways of thinking and new waysof doing. For me its about making my life an activescience.

    I recall the story of Vincent Van Gogh, one the mostsuccessful impressionist artist of all times, he was notrecognized for his gifts and talents during his era. Hesays, what am I in the eyes of most people anunknown, an eccentric, someone to like or not, evenif that were absolutely true, then I should one daylike to show by my work what such an eccentric hasin his heart. That my creativity, based more on lovein spite of everything, based more on a feeling of se-renity than on passion. Though I feel lifes pain some-times, there is still calmness, pure harmony and mu-sic inside me. I see paintings or drawings in the poor-est cottages, in the dirtiest corners. And my heart isdriven towards these things with an irresistible mo-mentum. Ironically this artist was way ahead of histimes and his work is most renowned today. Hold onto your dreams and do everything you can to realisethem; they do come true.

    Never stop doing little things for others, you willbe surprised that those little things occupy the big-gest parts of their hearts.

    RETREATFrom left, CBN Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi; wife of the Cross River StateGovernor, Obioma Imoke; Governor, Cross River State, Liyel Imoke and Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede,GMD/CEO, Access Bank Plc; at the 5th Bankers committee retreat with the theme: The Bankers Commit-tee as an agent of Transformation: Sustaining the Momentum in Calabar, Cross River State.

    CONFAB: Jonathan to nominate120 delegates

    posed national confer-ence scheduled to takeoff early next year, thePresidential Advisory

    Committee on NationalDialogue has recom-mended.

    The Senator FemiOkurounmu led-com-mittee, according to the

    recommendations pro-posed to the President,wants the national con-ference to run for sixmonths well ahead ofthe commencement ofcampaigns for the nextgeneral elections.

    The Okurounmu com-mittee according to find-ings has also recom-mended that PresidentJonathan forwards anexecutive bill to the Na-tional Assembly for con-stitutional amendment toallow the incorporationof referendum in theconstitution.

    The constitutionalamendment sought bythe Committee throughthe bill, it was learnt atthe weekend, is to en-able issues and out-comes of the proposedNational Dialogue besubject of a referendum.

    Subjecting the dia-logue outcomes to a ref-erendum, the sourceadded, is to avoid ongo-ing issues about allow-ing the National Assem-bly to approve the rec-ommendations of thenational conference.

    President tonominate 120members

    An authoritativesource close to the com-mittee also told Van-guard that one of its rec-ommendations is thatthe President will nomi-nate 120 delegates to the

    conference, whose mem-bership is recom-mended to be between500 and 700.

    Vanguard also learntthat the conferenceshould take off earlynext year, with the Presi-dents nominees joiningthe other delegates tothe conference whowould be elected basedon senatorial or federalconstituencies.

    If senatorial districtsare used, there may notbe more than 300elected delegates as thecommittee had alreadyrecommended nomina-tion of 120 by the Presi-dent. Conversely, if fed-eral constituencies areused, there will be 580delegates to be elected.

    The proposal for thenational conference totake off early next year,according to the source,will help stave off ten-sions ahead of the cam-paigns for the nextround of general elec-tions.

    The conference accord-ing to the committee re-port already preparedfor submission to thePresident is to takeplace for six months dur-ing which Nigerianswould discuss all issuesbordering on the na-tions life.

    The report of the Sena-tor Femi Okurounmu-ledcommittee which hasconcluded its delibera-tions had been slated forsubmission on Wednes-day. The date was slated

    well ahead of PresidentGoodluck Jonathans tripto South Africa for theburial ceremonies of lateanti-apartheid icon, Nel-son Mandela. However,with the President out ofthe country it was un-clear last night whetherthe committee wouldseek another date forsubmission of the reportor present the report tothe vice-president or anyother senior official ofthe Federal Govern-ment.

    The committee in itsrecommendations, Van-guard learnt, took thestand that all its submis-sions were simply sug-gestions which weremeant for the presidentsconsideration.

    The panel would haveturned in its report de-tailing modalities for or-ganizing the proposednational conference onNovember 19, but wasgranted two weeks ex-tension by the presi-dency to wrap up itswork.

    However, the commit-tee over-shot the 14 daysextension by nine days.

    The committee con-cluded its zonal toursacross 13 cities in the sixgeo-political zones,three weeks ago with avisit to the Federal Capi-tal Territory, Abuja.

    President Jonathanraised the Senator FemiOkurounmu-led commit-tee on October 1 and in-augurated it on October7 with a six-week timeframe to establish themodalities for a nationaldialogue or conference.The Committee was alsoassigned the duty of de-signing a frameworkand come up with recom-mendations as to theform, structure andmechanism of the proc-ess.

    The cities visited by thecommittee were Akure,Jos, Minna, Calabar,Benin, Enugu,Umuahia, Lagos, Sokoto,Maiduguri, Lagos,Bauchi, Kaduna andAbuja.

    We didn't printN5,000 notes, coins CBN Gov


    LAGOSTHE Central Bank of Ni-geria, CBN weekend,refuted the rumour thatit had printed the con-troversial new N5,000notes and coins that thelaw makers had earlierstopped it from printing.

    The CBN Governor,Mallam Sanusi LamidoSanusi, disclosed thiswhile responding to aquestion on the scarcityof lower denominationand increase in the vol-ume of dirty banknotesin the economy after the5th Bankers Committeeretreat held in Calabar.He said as a result ofall the noise around N5,000 notes and coins, thatprocess was stopped. Wedid not print the new

    notes. I know some peo-ple think we have al-ready printed, but wedid not print the newnotes and we did notaward the contracts forthe new notes. We havere-ordered banknotesand I think they havestarted arriving andprobably you would haveseen some improve-ments on that by now.

    It was gathered at theretreat that the CBN,Bankers committeeagreed to deliver pricestability and economicgrowth in 2014.

    The Bankers Commit-tee also assured Nigeri-ans and otherstakeholders in thebanking sector of its con-tinuous collaboration topromote an efficient andstable economy for thecountry.

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    A group of hunters displaying during the conferment ofchietaincy titles on three sons of Mwaghavul Nation by theMishkaham Mwaghavul in Mangu Local Government Areaof Plateau State, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN.

    Police arrest man, 26, for defiling2-yr-old girl in Ogun


    Two UK-based Nigerians jailed over 19minternet scamTWO young Nigerians basedin Manchester, United King-dom have been punished by aCrown Court for their part in aNigerian inspired internet bank-ing scam which could have net-ted a phenomenal 19 million af-ter hacking the accounts of nearly2,500 people.

    The Mail Online reported, yes-terday, that Aderoju Bammeke,22, and his girlfriend, JessicaOgunyemi, 20, both of Manches-ter, were the UK platform for aNigerian phishing scam thatmade 41,000 in