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In a design- and development-centered culture, where content is something that fills the pretty boxes, how do you initiate a content-first approach? Determined to insert a more thoughtful approach to content into existing processes, including Agile and scenario-focused engineering (SFE), Kate Kiely set out on a journey—first to understand her environment, then to influence change from the inside out. Through many hours of interviews, documentation, and the introduction of a distributed ownership model, she was able to put a content strategy practice in place within 6 months. In this hands-on workshop, Kate will share her story and help you explore ways to shake up your workflow.


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2. What does this have to do with content strategy? 3. Sometimes we use guerrilla tactics. 4. Sometimes we play in hidden spaces. 5. Were trying to make our world a better place. 6. Sometimes we have to gain real power from perceived power. Shepard Fairey 7. This Presentation is About Process (Workflow) 8. Process is the establishment, but it can be infiltrated. 9. How do we do it? Invite everyone to the table Identify ways everyone can benefit Gain trust over time Become workflow gurus 10. workflow defines how content is requested, sourced, created, reviewed, approved, and delivered. Kristina Halvorson, Content Strategy for the Web What is Workflow? 11. How Do You Know You Need Workflow? Does your organization: Design first and then fit the content in later? Love Lorem Ipsum? Skip that part where you talk about content goals? Create new content without thinking about what the user wants? 12. Dominant Processes 13. Content Gets Overpowered 14. Multi-Device, Multi-Channel Reality 15. Content creation process goes more smoothly Content quality improves More thought given to how content fits into the larger site structure Content influences design, user experience, functionality Content strategy becomes a team sport Benefits of Content-First 16. Distributed Content Model 17. Must-Have Content Task List Content migration inventory and audit Content strategy brief Asset recommendation list A page- or module-level scope document 18. Negotiations 19. Support for Distributed Model Training Documentation Templates Consultation 20. Sprint System at Autodesk 21. Sprint System at Autodesk 22. Quick Fix 23. Tacking Content to the End Crazy workarounds Poor integration of design, functionality, content Content held responsible for epic timeline Editorial gets squeezed 24. An Integrated Approach 25. Hybrid Between Agile and Waterfall ddddddddddd d 26. Bring People Together 27. Document Tasks 28. Interviews 29. Socialize 30. Make it Less Scary 31. Maintenance 32. Master Task List by Sprint 33. Master Task List Categories 34. Parallel & Waterfall Tasks 35. Recap Negotiate for distributed model if necessary Create training and templates to support content tasks Bring people together from across teams Position content tasks earlier in the process Integrate content cycles into larger workflow Try it out, iterate, socialize, keep updating 36. Figure It Out As You Go 37. Testimonies The sprint workflow process has been great at improving collaboration and reducing churn. Now we decide as a team which items we need to accomplish for each sprint cycle. Chris Franz, Director of OEX When content decisions were made earlier in the process, key structural and layout decisions were made earlier, bringing more clarity to my work and more opportunities for collaboration between content and UI. Joanna DeJarnett, UI Designer It was a great tool to have visibility into what other people are doing and identify dependencies for the entire team. Midori Irie, Product Manager The early content strategy exercises helped the whole team understand our users betterand this resulted in a more cohesive, more effective product. Audrey Zekonis, Writer