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Convince me. Building Relationships with Influencers and Brand Advocates. By Mannix Pabalan Digital Influencers Summit January 26, 2013 Thunderbird, La Union. The biggest convincing factor. Family Friends Colleagues Celebrities Personal Experience. Creates immediate affirmation … . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Convince me

Convince meBuilding Relationships with Influencers and Brand Advocates

By Mannix PabalanDigital Influencers Summit January 26, 2013 Thunderbird, La UnionThe biggest convincing factor

Creates immediate affirmation FamilyFriendsColleaguesCelebrities Personal Experience

Your key to open doors for brand advocatesWhat is your Product?Your product should be worth the try! Your SERVICE should be 101%

BRAND Influencer and advocatesBrand Influencers are those people who has personal ties with a person be it a friend, colleague or acquaintance physically or virtually Brand Advocates are those experienced individual (sometimes compensated) on a particular product professionally engaged to give instant credibility

No Hard selling HOW DO YOU FIND THEM???

What now?Engage themTake care of them

Meet them offlineSocial eventWelcome themWhy are they importantbrand advocates: make up about 1% of a brand's active social connections and 0.1% of the total social participants push up to 5% of a brand's social insights Brand advocates are responsible for about 8% of company signal 'echoes' begin about 8% of all brand-related discussions

Cutting edgePeople will follow for a good cause

Just a #digital clik away! Looking forward to be working with the influencers among you!