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Corkscrew Thinking is a concept that focuses on teaching 'creative problem solving', 'self learning & initiative', and 'confidence in leadership'. The term was first used by Winston Churchill to find creative thinkers we believe it should be revived to create the next generation of game changers.


  • 1. Change your thinking
  • 2. This is what we do We create environments that develop your creative problem solving, initiative & leadership skills through the process of business start-up. #corkscrewthinking
  • 3. Corkscrew thinking was coined by Winston Churchill to describe creative problem solvers
  • 4. What is corkscrew thinking? Corkscrew Thinking can be thought of as three distinct skills, each with their own applications and uses. Each takes a great deal of time, effort and experience to acquire but are also the most rarest and desirable skills to have. Creative Problem Solving Creative problem solving is about looking at the world with curiosity and finding innovate, useful and original solutions to all manor of problems. Confidence in leadership Without the natural leaders pf the world we would never achieve lasting change or have the courage to deal with the difficult challenges that face us. Initiative & Self learning Showing initiative and taking responsibility for ones own actions and self-development is an important part of progressing as an individual.
  • 5. Corkscrew thinking in start-ups Corkscrew thinking is a key aspect of creating your own business start-up. In business, youll hit lots of barriers and its how you overcome those barriers that will measure how successful your company will be. Cilia launched her own vintage fashion range in Amsterdam, Red Cauliflower After finding her real passion in life was designing and crafting vintage jackets and bags, Cilia set up and now sells her products from multiple stores. Cilia sells from several shops in the fashion quarter of Amsterdam After getting great feedback, shes hoping to expand into more shops
  • 6. Corkscrew thinking in Employment Its not just for business start-ups, Corkscrew Thinking is necessary in all roles. Corkscrew thinking is about thinking outside of the box and not being scared to stand up for what you believe in. Amy took one of the top area manager positions at aldi, ireland Amy trained as a lawyer, but soon realised the legal world wasnt for her. After leaving Corkscrew she snapped up one of the top jobs at ALDI, where shes now working in a fast track management program. Amy was invited to be part of a fast track management program due of her creativity & knowledge Upon completing the program, shell have one of the top retail management jobs in ireland
  • 7. We like to teach corkscrew thinking through business start-up The act of starting a business teaches you a lot of invaluable techniques. Not only does it require creative problem solving to find a viable business opportunity, but it also takes a lot of self-learning and leadership to sell your products and build a customer base. Creative Problem Solving Finding an opportunity Confidence in leadership Building customers & growing Starting a business Initiative & Self learning Teaching yourself business
  • 8. Your next four weeks on the program
  • 9. Learn how to start a business step by step Over the next few weeks well be working with you and taking you for hands on training sessions and workshops in Week 1: Big thinking Week Week one focuses on creating your first business idea with lots of workshops focused on problem solving, looking at the future, and being a leader. Week 2: SEAMLESS Business Week two takes the ideas youve created in the first week, and asks how feasible are they? Well look at the SEAMLESS canvas and get you to understand the basics of business. Week 3: Kickstart Your Business After weeks one and two youll have an business start-up idea thats feasible, but how do you launch it? Week three gives you practical experience in setting up and running a business. Week 4: Self Brand & Pitch The last week focuses on your own professionalism and how you represent yourself online. Well look at your CV & online profiles and youll also be pitching your business idea to our business bears. the four stages of starting your business 1. Idea creation 2. Feasibility 3. Launch and 4. Pitch it!
  • 10. The big finale Corkscrew pitch night Pitch your business idea to our business bears Your 5 minutes of fame
  • 11. Pitch for monopoly money The idea with the most investment at the end of the night, wins! A bit of friendly competition
  • 12. Youll Also be working with real clients Youll be working on real time business projects given by our project partners, all social enterprises and charities, during which youll have direct, 1 to 1 contact with someone in the organisation. Learn new skills Consulting experience Project management experience Great for CVs & Resumes
  • 13. Some of our project partners Youll be working on real time business projects given by our project partners all social enterprises and charities during which youll have direct, 1 to 1 contact with someone in the organisation. Not only does it look good on your CV, but its also great professional experience. Give me tap Project Partner "Corkscrew put together an awesome campaign for us and helped us increase revenue and fan reach. Thanks again!" - Edwin Broni Mensah, Founder The Big Issue Foundation Project Partner "The work Corkscrew participants did for us continues to help us today and I can't wait to work with them again. - Charles Howgego, Editor Global Vision International Project Partner "The Start-Up Internship participants did a great job and their work will be a key factor in our continuing progress - Andy Woods-Ballard, Director
  • 14. In summary, lets take a look at all of the amazing things youll be learning on your journey here with Corkscrew. Well encourage you to do a lot of things you dont often get to do and we encourage you to get as much out of it as you can. Start your own business Improve Your CV/Resume Become a leader Make international connections Youll get out what you put in Why corkscrew? Learn new skills Build your confidence
  • 15. Each participant Becomes part of the Corkscrew community Were lucky to have quite a tight knit community at Corkscrew, full of enthusiastic, bright and like-minded people from all over the world, learning and supporting each other not to mention grabbing some beers on the weekend!
  • 16. leadership and learning are indispensable to each other John F. Kennedy Leadership is a crucial part of the program and as we go through the next four weeks, we encourage you to come out of your comfort zone a little and try things you havent tried before. Push yourself to be the one making sure the work gets done on time with interesting and valuable results and make sure no-one gets left behind on the way!
  • 17. Clean the cups Dont expect people to look after you, show humility. Its impossible to have stratospheric success without having your feet planted firmly on the ground. No. 1
  • 18. No. 2 No Divas Keep moving in the same direction, no one is bigger than the team. Work together as a collective and you will achieve far greater rewards and results.
  • 19. No. 3 Champions do extra The philosophy simply means finding incremental ways to do more, in sport may be called marginal gains. A focus on continual improvement, the creation of a continual learning environment.
  • 20. No. 4 Dont fear failure Keep calm in difficult situations and dont let a red head get the better of you. Breath and except the situation and focus on solutions not stress. Frustration and failure are all part of business and life.
  • 21. No. 5 Evolve to do something better Just as in nature business leaders must look to evolve from those before them, to be better than those that they replace. Learn from your peers, family, colleagues and strive to be better.
  • 22. Leaders Create Leaders True leaders inspire others to raise their games, to constantly evolve and them themselves become leaders of others. This is the sign of a true leader. No. 6