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Costume / Image

In the beginning of the video , Kelly Rowland has high lighted red and black hair. She is wearing a black boob tube top with blue jeans. She also wearing black stiletto boots. The high heels bring out her femininity and also by wearing a boob tube it increases male gaze ,and it creates the idea of voyeurism.

Kelly Rowland looks really casual here ,which is effective as the audience can purely relate to the character she is portraying. She is wearing a plain white tank top with blue jeans. She is also wearing beige/caramel hat which matches her skin tone. She is also wearing accessories such as pearl earrings to make the outfit more detailed.

This outfit is worn by Kelly Rowland when she is going on a date with her boyfriend's is wearing a stripy off the shoulder top with beige shorts. The stripy top matches the beige shorts. The shorts and off the shoulder top increases male gaze as it shows a lot of her skin. Also the idea of voyeurism is created by her costume.

This outfit is worn when she is standing with Nelly. She is wearing a brown backless top with loads of straps aside of it. It shows a lot of skin and increases male gaze.

This is another outfit worn by Kelly Rowland, She is on a date with her boyfriend. She is wearing a bright blue/green halter neck top. The top has revealing hole in the front of it , which was fashionable at the time. This outfit yet again increases male gaze.

Kelly Rowland is wearing casual baggy clothes, however it was fashionable at the time. The colour of the top matches her skin tone. Also it seems that browns and beiges was a popular colour at the time.

Nelly is wearing a black and white cap ,with a very large white baggy tshirt. He is wearing black shorts which matches the outfit. He is wearing accessories such as chain, watch, rings and earrings.

Nelly is wearing yet again a white and black t-shirt with long black shorts, however he is wearing a fashionable hat.

Here , Nelly is wearing a along red, blue and white jersey which is very popular in America. His outfit is colour co ordinates as his blue denim shorts have red in them ,and also his trainers are white and red.

Nelly is wearing a green jersey with white tracksuit bottoms and white trainers. He is also wearing a green wrist band which matches his outfit.

Here , Nelly is wearing a very large yellow t shirt with dark blue jeans. He has colour co-ordinated the yellow with a head band and timberlands (footwear) which is a very famous brand.

In this frame Nelly is wearing a bright blue/red/white jersey, with a white t-shirt underneath. He is wearing red shorts to co ordinate with the jersey. He is still wearing accessories such as a chain and earrings and a red watch to match his outfit.