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Culture Exploration: Ireland and Northern Ireland. By: Nic Cavanaugh. Ireland’s Location/Capital. Western Europe Occupies 5/6 of the island of Ireland Dublin Population 525,383 Located Eastern coast. Ireland’s Languages/Subcultures. English and Irish or Gaelic are the official languages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By: Nic Cavanaugh

  • Western EuropeOccupies 5/6 of the island of IrelandDublinPopulation 525,383Located Eastern coast

  • English and Irish or Gaelic are the official languagesGaelic is spoke mostly along the western seaboardThese languages form subcultures within the country

  • FlagOrange symbolizes ProtestantsGreen symbolizes CatholicismWhite is the hopes of peace between themShamrock

  • 4,015,676 people as of 200588.4% Catholic3% Church of England1.6% Other Christians1.5% Other2% Unspecified3.5% None

  • Devoutly CatholicPatriotism/Hatred of EnglishAppreciation of Alcoholic BeveragesHuge Soccer FansNational Holiday- St. Patricks Day (March 17)

  • Small, trade-dependent economy 4.3% Unemployment rateDistribution of jobs5% Agricultural46% Industry 49% Services

  • 600-150 BC Celtic tribes arriveEnglish invasions begin in 12th CenturyBegins seven centuries of struggles1921 Ireland parts from UK

  • Like- I like this culture because it is part of my heritage on my dads sideDislike- I dislike this culture because they cant reconcile their differences with Northern Ireland

  • Currently at odds with Northern IrelandHeart of conflict is Catholicism vs. ProtestantsTerroristic attacks by both sides

  • I would like to live in this country temporarily. I may go to Dublin if I go to Duke because it is one of the locations for their community service.

  • Western EuropeOccupies northern 1/6 of island of IrelandBelfast Eastern coast Population 641,638

  • Official languages: English and Irish or GaelicUses Union Jack as official flagUsed to use the Red Hand flagShamrock

  • 1,799,392 estimate in 201045.57% Non-Catholic Christians40.26% Catholics14.18% Other

  • CatholicsProtestants

  • Conflict between Catholics and ProtestantsAppreciation of alcoholic beveragesHuge soccer fansNational holiday- St. Patricks Day March 17

  • Used to be heavy industryIndustry being replaced by services

  • 600-150 BC12th century English invasions begin1921-22 first Northern Ireland parliament Remains part of UK

  • As a part of the UK, they have been allied with England in major conflictsOngoing conflict with Ireland over religion and English involvement

  • Like- Its part of my heritage on my moms side.Dislike- Its continuing disputes with Ireland

  • No, for some reason Northern Ireland does not appeal to me like Ireland does. It may be that they chose to remain closely associated with the English. I wouldnt mind visiting there though.

  • I think Id like to remain in the US. However if I had to live somewhere else, Ireland would be my first choice by far.


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