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  • 1. Northern Ireland Introduction

2. Review In the past few lessons you learnt about the civil war in Sri Lanka and its impact on the country and her people. In the next few lessons, we are going to look at the conflict in another country Northern Ireland. As we move through the lessons, try to look out for similarities and differences between the two case studies (i.e. Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland). 3. Europe United Kingdom 4. TASK Read pages 111 113 of your textbook to find out about the history of Northern Irelandalternatively, you could do your own research using the internet. 5. Activity Watch the youtube video below. You could download the lyrics and read them as you listen to the song. What do you think the song is about? Post your comments below (dont forget to leave your name) v=5CNMJSXSsFw&feature=fvst

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