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CVIM Development & Marketing. A Strategic Discussion. December 4, 2013 CVIM Board Presentation. 3 Year Overview. CVIM is financially strong, meeting goals and raising money, but wanted a deeper look. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


A STRATEGIC DISCUSSIONCVIM Development & MarketingDecember 4, 2013CVIM Board Presentation3 Year OverviewCVIM is financially strong, meeting goals and raising money, but wanted a deeper look.Strategic analysis of three aggregated categories: Individuals, Corporations and Foundations.Individuals = Individuals, Board, Former Board, Staff, Volunteers. Corporations = Corporations, Organizations, Government, United Way, Religious GroupsFoundations = Private and Public Foundations Three Year TotalsRAISED FY11DONOR#RAISED FY12DONOR#RAISED FY13DONOR#TOTALRAISEDDONOR#FUNDS TOTAL %FY14PROJECTIONSIndividuals1,311,6296811,395,7285351,224,0106983,931,3671,91456%1,400,000Corporations/Groups/Orgs664,565101625,49089563,378851,853,43327526%650,000Foundations339,44729363,05933572,139411,274,64510918%450,000TOTAL RAISED2,315,6418112,384,2776572,359,5278247,059,4452,298100%2,500,000GIFT CATEGORIESTOTAL $ RAISED% GIFTS# DONORS%DONORSFUND PROJECTION FY14$100,000 & Above2,482,4773512875,000$50,000 - $99,999790,0001114275,000$25,000 - $49,9991,441,2472147525,000$10,000 - $24,9991,103,1161678400,000$5,000 - $9,999440,818674150,000TOTAL MAJOR GIFTS6,257,6588922510%2,225,000Below $5,000801,787112,07390%275,000TOTAL RAISED7,059,4451002,298100%2,500,000Critical Observations : IndividualsMajor donors ($5,000 or more) represent 4% of all donors and responsible for 88% of total dollars raised.Over 3 years , 86 major donors raised $3,466,756 representing 49% of all donations.Gifts less than $5,000 represent 96% of donors and are responsible for 12% of total dollars raised. Over 3 years 1,828 gifts of less than $5,000 raised $464,611.We have an aging donor base, our longest and most generous donors are well into 70s & 80s.Trend is an increase in lower level donors and a static or reduced number of major donors over $5,000.Critical Observations: OrganizationsCorporations account for 26% of total dollars raised - $1,843,433 over a 3 year period.CVIM is seeing a 3 year overall reduction in donors/dollars as reflected in national trends.Need renewed Company of Caring focus for business sectors: pharmaceutical, biotech, banking, construction/real estate.Need to build stronger relationship to retain and grow Golf Sponsors into consistent donors beyond Golf Classic. Critical Observations: FoundationsFoundations donors and dollars has increased over last 3 years. FY13 saw significant jump of Foundation dollars ($572,139), representing 24% of dollars raised.Sustained growth from year to year is difficult due to changing application requirements and guidelines as well as funding limits.Continued engagement is critical with foundation leadership even if grant application is not possible.CVIM Advancement Committee An integrated marketing and development approach with the Strategic Objective of fostering and strengthening CVIMs financial stability through growth and development of donor strategies.Members: Robin Shine, Betty Moran, Diego Calderin, Franny Abbott, Donna Coffey, Eileen McAnally, John McGowan, Ken Mumma, Perry Pepper, Mike Schnably, Stacy Sempier, Noel Stanek, Richard Wells Advancement Committee DeliverablesChair discussions on increasing collaboration among established Committees A new approach.October 23rd combined work session with Marketing and Development committeesIdentified 5 Key Goals for next 18-24 monthsBrainstorming ideas and outline of tactics for Goals were definedOngoing joint planning and collaborationAdvancement Collaboration Development-Major GiftsCompany of CaringGolf ClassicMarketingAdvancement Planning TeamGoals & ObjectivesGoal #1: Growth and Retention of individual donor base. Strengthen donor long term giving and increase overall donor giving volume.Objective 1 : Increase the number of major gift donors (gifts greater than $5,000) by 3-4 annually & major donor dollars to reach 50% of funds annually. FY13: 45% ($1,060,000) 27 donorsFY14: 50% ($1,250,000)Objective 2 : Retain current donors & identify new donors to increase donor base for gifts less than $5,000. Goals & ObjectivesGoal #2: Develop & Expand Corporate/ Organizational GivingObjective 1 : Establish an active Company of Caring Program targeted at corporate leadership.Goal #3: Develop Next Generation Strategies for donor cultivation and funding sourcesObjective 1 : Define & create focused outreach strategies to engage young adults (ages 25 40) in donor opportunities.Goals & ObjectivesGoal #4: Maximize all potential foundation and grant funding sources available to CVIM.Objective 1: Solicit foundation and grant resources for funding that is relevant to CVIM mission.Objective 2: Cultivate & engage trustees, funders and administrators in the mission & work of CVIM.Goals & ObjectivesGoal #5: Create Communication Strategy to increase awareness of the agency and its mission. Objective 1: Create consistent messaging and positioning to communicate CVIM value to internal and external audiences.Objective 2: Define specific messaging as it relates to CVIM and the impact of the Affordable Care Act.Objective 3: Create positioning and messaging for communication relative to new facility acquisition and program improvements.Objective 4: Increase technology and social media tools to support CVIM communications. Advancement PlanningNext Steps:Individual teams will refine tactics and assign timeline, metric and responsible partyCross communication and oversight of plan will be collaborate effort by Advancement Planning TeamProgress reports against plan provided at Board MeetingsBoard engagement in tactics specifically for Major Gifts and Companies of CaringBoard InvolvementEvery Board member can be a fundraiser and friendraiserIntroduce leadership individuals to CVIM.Participate in visits and presentations.Provide input to Development review potential donor lists.Help write personal thank you notes to donors.Make personal thank you calls to donors.Serve on a committee.Questions & Feedback*


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