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CVIM Development & Marketing. A Strategic Discussion. December 4, 2013 CVIM Board Presentation. 3 Year Overview. CVIM is financially strong, meeting goals and raising money, but wanted a deeper look. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>A STRATEGIC DISCUSSIONCVIM Development &amp; MarketingDecember 4, 2013CVIM Board Presentation</p></li><li><p>3 Year OverviewCVIM is financially strong, meeting goals and raising money, but wanted a deeper look.</p><p>Strategic analysis of three aggregated categories: Individuals, Corporations and Foundations.</p><p>Individuals = Individuals, Board, Former Board, Staff, Volunteers. </p><p>Corporations = Corporations, Organizations, Government, United Way, Religious Groups</p><p>Foundations = Private and Public Foundations </p></li><li><p>Three Year Totals</p><p>RAISED FY11DONOR#RAISED FY12DONOR#RAISED FY13DONOR#TOTALRAISEDDONOR#FUNDS TOTAL %FY14PROJECTIONSIndividuals1,311,6296811,395,7285351,224,0106983,931,3671,91456%1,400,000Corporations/Groups/Orgs664,565101625,49089563,378851,853,43327526%650,000Foundations339,44729363,05933572,139411,274,64510918%450,000TOTAL RAISED2,315,6418112,384,2776572,359,5278247,059,4452,298100%2,500,000</p><p>GIFT CATEGORIESTOTAL $ RAISED% GIFTS# DONORS%DONORSFUND PROJECTION FY14$100,000 &amp; Above2,482,4773512875,000$50,000 - $99,999790,0001114275,000$25,000 - $49,9991,441,2472147525,000$10,000 - $24,9991,103,1161678400,000$5,000 - $9,999440,818674150,000TOTAL MAJOR GIFTS6,257,6588922510%2,225,000Below $5,000801,787112,07390%275,000TOTAL RAISED7,059,4451002,298100%2,500,000</p></li><li><p>Critical Observations : IndividualsMajor donors ($5,000 or more) represent 4% of all donors and responsible for 88% of total dollars raised.</p><p>Over 3 years , 86 major donors raised $3,466,756 representing 49% of all donations.</p><p>Gifts less than $5,000 represent 96% of donors and are responsible for 12% of total dollars raised. </p><p>Over 3 years 1,828 gifts of less than $5,000 raised $464,611.</p><p>We have an aging donor base, our longest and most generous donors are well into 70s &amp; 80s.</p><p>Trend is an increase in lower level donors and a static or reduced number of major donors over $5,000.</p></li><li><p>Critical Observations: OrganizationsCorporations account for 26% of total dollars raised - $1,843,433 over a 3 year period.</p><p>CVIM is seeing a 3 year overall reduction in donors/dollars as reflected in national trends.</p><p>Need renewed Company of Caring focus for business sectors: pharmaceutical, biotech, banking, construction/real estate.</p><p>Need to build stronger relationship to retain and grow Golf Sponsors into consistent donors beyond Golf Classic. </p></li><li><p>Critical Observations: FoundationsFoundations donors and dollars has increased over last 3 years. </p><p> FY13 saw significant jump of Foundation dollars ($572,139), representing 24% of dollars raised.</p><p>Sustained growth from year to year is difficult due to changing application requirements and guidelines as well as funding limits.</p><p>Continued engagement is critical with foundation leadership even if grant application is not possible.</p></li><li><p>CVIM Advancement Committee An integrated marketing and development approach with the Strategic Objective of fostering and strengthening CVIMs financial stability through growth and development of donor strategies.</p><p>Members: Robin Shine, Betty Moran, Diego Calderin, Franny Abbott, Donna Coffey, Eileen McAnally, John McGowan, Ken Mumma, Perry Pepper, Mike Schnably, Stacy Sempier, Noel Stanek, Richard Wells </p></li><li><p>Advancement Committee DeliverablesChair discussions on increasing collaboration among established Committees A new approach.</p><p>October 23rd combined work session with Marketing and Development committees</p><p>Identified 5 Key Goals for next 18-24 months</p><p>Brainstorming ideas and outline of tactics for Goals were defined</p><p>Ongoing joint planning and collaboration</p></li><li><p>Advancement Collaboration Development-Major GiftsCompany of CaringGolf ClassicMarketingAdvancement Planning Team</p></li><li><p>Goals &amp; ObjectivesGoal #1: Growth and Retention of individual donor base. Strengthen donor long term giving and increase overall donor giving volume.</p><p>Objective 1 : Increase the number of major gift donors (gifts greater than $5,000) by 3-4 annually &amp; major donor dollars to reach 50% of funds annually. FY13: 45% ($1,060,000) 27 donorsFY14: 50% ($1,250,000)</p><p>Objective 2 : Retain current donors &amp; identify new donors to increase donor base for gifts less than $5,000. </p></li><li><p>Goals &amp; ObjectivesGoal #2: Develop &amp; Expand Corporate/ Organizational GivingObjective 1 : Establish an active Company of Caring Program targeted at corporate leadership.</p><p>Goal #3: Develop Next Generation Strategies for donor cultivation and funding sourcesObjective 1 : Define &amp; create focused outreach strategies to engage young adults (ages 25 40) in donor opportunities.</p></li><li><p>Goals &amp; ObjectivesGoal #4: Maximize all potential foundation and grant funding sources available to CVIM.</p><p>Objective 1: Solicit foundation and grant resources for funding that is relevant to CVIM mission.</p><p>Objective 2: Cultivate &amp; engage trustees, funders and administrators in the mission &amp; work of CVIM.</p></li><li><p>Goals &amp; ObjectivesGoal #5: Create Communication Strategy to increase awareness of the agency and its mission. </p><p>Objective 1: Create consistent messaging and positioning to communicate CVIM value to internal and external audiences.</p><p>Objective 2: Define specific messaging as it relates to CVIM and the impact of the Affordable Care Act.</p><p>Objective 3: Create positioning and messaging for communication relative to new facility acquisition and program improvements.</p><p>Objective 4: Increase technology and social media tools to support CVIM communications. </p></li><li><p>Advancement PlanningNext Steps:</p><p>Individual teams will refine tactics and assign timeline, metric and responsible party</p><p>Cross communication and oversight of plan will be collaborate effort by Advancement Planning Team</p><p>Progress reports against plan provided at Board Meetings</p><p>Board engagement in tactics specifically for Major Gifts and Companies of Caring</p></li><li><p>Board InvolvementEvery Board member can be a fundraiser and friendraiser</p><p>Introduce leadership individuals to CVIM.</p><p>Participate in visits and presentations.</p><p>Provide input to Development review potential donor lists.</p><p>Help write personal thank you notes to donors.</p><p>Make personal thank you calls to donors.</p><p>Serve on a committee.</p></li><li><p>Questions &amp; Feedback</p><p>*</p></li></ul>