eds discovery service assessment for scelc vendor day, march 2014

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EDS Discovery Service assessment of content by % of databases held, discipline and material type. Further information available on request.


  • 1. DISCOVERY SERVICEASSESSMENTLinda Wobbe Saint Marys College of CA2014

2. SMC Goals Google-like searching Access the entire Library collection Discovery of overlooked resources Improve cross-disciplinary access 3. Discovery: search everything?0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%Index + FT - AggregatorseBook databasesCatalog databasesDigital Media databasesPrimary Source DocumentIndex & AbstractsFT JournalsReference databases% EDS Partners by MaterialType 4. What is missing? 5. Reference Desk Do you use Discovery at the Reference Desk?YES: 100%6543210Reference desk YES NO 6. Reference YES: as a way to retrieve known articles. YES: when I'm not sure what discipline a topic willfall into. YES: when no results are found in the subjectspecific database, then I'll show Multisearch to"discover" things that might be hiding somewhereelse. YES: students often aren't sure whether they wanta book or article YES: students at the desk need something NOWand Multisearch is great for that. 7. InstructionDo you teach Multisearch to undergraduates? YES: 67%4.543.532.521.510.50YES NO 8. Instruction for undergraduates YES: one search box is easy for students YES: perfect for lower division courses YES: "Google-like" experience that makesresearch easy YES: limit results by full text 9. Instruction for Undergraduates NO: lower division classes focus on learningthe database for that discipline. NO: brings up too much, which isoverwhelming for the lower division students'needs. 10. Graduate Instruction Do you teach Discovery to graduate studentsNO: 67%43.532.521.510.50GraduateinstructionYES NO 11. Instruction for Graduate &Upper YES: as a supplement to the disciplinarydatabase particularly with interdisciplinarytopics NO: they need more options for limiting NO: their more sophisticated needs are met ina database that has subject nuanced searchfeatures NO: The search feature in subject specificdatabases is detailed to the particular subjects 12. Increase use? Number one:Present Discovery Search as the default 13. How to increase use? Improve precision Material type limiters Discipline-specific limiters Take advantage of catalog scopes Sign truce with ProQuestWould percentage included to 60% from 50% Enhance reference handbookand statistical resources content 14. Multisearch Results


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