elements of poetry 8 th grade language arts mrs. uglialoro

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Elements of Poetry

Elements of Poetry8th Grade Language ArtsMrs. Uglialoro

AlliterationThe repetition of the same consonant sound at the beginnings of several words of a line of poetry or a sentence.

Example of AlliterationThere will come soft rains and the smell of the ground, And swallows calling with their shimmering sound.

AllusionDirect or implied references to people, places, events, literary works, or artwork. Example of an AllusionIn desperate times be brave and boldYour Cinderella story is not yet told.AnalogyA figurative description that compares two or more things that are similar in some ways, but otherwise unalike. Example of an AnalogyDog is to puppy as cat is to kittendog: puppy :: cat:kittenAssonanceDeliberate repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds.Example of AssonancePoetry is old, ancient, goes back far. It is among the oldest of living things. So old it is that no man knows how and why the first poems came.ConnotationIdeas associated with a word beyond its definition.Example of a ConnotationThe actress is a diva.

Connotation of diva: Power, confidence, talent, arrogance, bossiness

ConsonanceRepetition of consonant sounds in stressed syllables with different vowel sounds.Example of ConsonanceGulls gracefully pass across the sky. DenotationLiteral definitionExample of DenotationThe actress is a diva.Connotation of diva: Power, confidence, talent, arrogance, bossinessDenotation of diva:Successful female performerFigurative LanguageMade up of all the tools that a poet uses to create a special effect or feeling. It includes metaphors, similes, alliteration, personification, and onomatopoeia.Free VersePoetry written without a regular rhyme scheme, meter, or form.HyperboleA bold, deliberate overstatement or exaggeration.Example of a HyperboleIt is going to take a bazillion years to get through Medical School!IdiomA common phrase made up of words that cant be understood by their literal, or ordinary meanings.Example of an IdiomIts raining cats and dogs!

ImageryLanguage that appeals to the five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight.Example of Imagery

Literal MeaningActual, everyday meaning of wordsMetaphorA direct comparison between two unlike things. It does not use the words like or as.Example of a MetaphorLife is a journey.OnomatopoeiaThe use of words that sound like the noises they describe.Example of OnomatopoeiaZingPingPoofClankThudWhackPow

OxymoronA seeming contradiction in two words put together.Example of OxymoronHot ice

PersonificationGiving human characteristics or abilities, such as the ability to hear, talk, feel and make decisions, to something that is not human. Example of PersonificationThe stars danced playfully in the moonlight.

ProseCommon form of written language. It includes both fiction and nonfiction. Stories, articles, and novels are all prose.

RepetitionTo repeat somethingSimileA comparison between two unlike things, using the words like or as.Example of a SimileThe wind is like a child playing on a brisk fall day.

StanzaA group of lines in a poem set off by blank lines. It usually develops one idea.ToneThe attitude the writer takes towards the audience, the subject, or the character.