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CATESOL 2010 Statewide Conference


  • 1.Wikis ePortfolios Digital Storytelling Cassie Piotrowski, SJSU/ SALSunny Yu, SJSU/ SAL 04/28/10

2. How connected are you ? 04/28/10 3. Yesterdays learners

  • didnt expect to be engaged by everything they did. There wereno video games, no CDs, no MP3snoneof todays special effects. Those kids lives were a lot less rich
  • less rich in media, less rich in communication, much less
  • rich in creative opportunities for students outside of school.
  • Many if not most of them never even knew what real engagement felt like.
  • -- Marc Prensky,EDUCAUSE r e v i e w September/October 2005marcprensky.com

04/28/10 4. Todays learners

  • have something in their lives thats really engaging
  • something that they do and that they are good at
  • todays kids are challenging us, their educators, to engage them at their level, even with the old stuff, the stuff we all claim is so important, that is, the curriculum.
  • -- Marc Prensky,EDUCAUSE r e v i e w September/October 2005marcprensky.com

04/28/10 5. Great Paradigm Shift

  • So, since students use media and technology regularly, why not engage them at their level of interest.

04/28/10 6. an Inspector Gadget Teacher??? What does it take to Succeed 04/28/10 7. Options

  • Threaded Discussion: an electronic discussion -- such as e-mail, e-mail list, bulletin board, newsgroup, or internet forum
  • in whichthe software aids the user by visually grouping messages
  • shows all of the postsin date order, regardless of who may have specifically replied to whom.
  • Blog: a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video -- entries usually displayed in reverse-chronological order .
  • Wiki: a collection of user-friendly web pages that enable those with access to contribute or modify content -- used to create collaborative, community websites allows settings for various levels of privacy

04/28/10 8. July2008 www.pbworks.com 04/28/10 9. Wiki FrontPage http://d1wcspring2009.pbwiki.com 04/28/10 10. 04/28/10 11. Mans Personal Homepage 04/28/10 12. 04/28/10 13. Trans Avatar Talking avatar -- text to voice -- using voice to introduce writing d1bwc.pbworks.com 04/28/10 14. Quiz criticalreasoning1.pbworks.com 04/28/10 15. Introduction toCritical Reasoning introcriticalreasoning.pbworks.com 04/28/10 16. Automatic Revisions Log Automatic e-mail notification of editing changes you set the schedule 04/28/10 17. Student Portfolio 04/28/10 18. Wiki ePortfolios

  • Showcase student artifacts
  • Provide opportunities for reflection
  • Demonstrate student growth and learning

04/28/10 19. Digital Storytelling

  • Encourages research
  • Fosters critical thinking skills
  • Encourages students to become better writers
  • Gives students a voice
  • Tells a personal narrative
  • Helps students retain knowledge longer
  • Enhances learning by encouraging effective communication --
  • Helps students connect with the real world
  • Encourages creativity
  • Promotes digital literacy
  • Can be used at all levels of proficiency!

04/28/10 20. 04/28/10 Do you remember having difficulty adjusting to a new place or new environment?What happened?Introduction What happened?(background information when, where, who, how, etc.) Problem/ Difficulties What kind of problems/difficulties did you encounter? (examples/stories ) Why was it hard for you? Problem SolvingHow did you overcome the problems/difficulties?Lesson/ Prediction What did you learn from your experience? What would you do differently in the future if you face the same problem? 21. spring2010foc.pbworks.com 3. Record: 4. Post: 2. Write 5. Evaluate 1. Discuss 04/28/10 22. 04/28/10 Evaluator: ________________________________ CATEGORY Excellent Good Average Needs more work Point 1. Topic Its clear what the speaker is trying to say. 4 3 2 1 2. Pacing (speed)The story is not too fast or too slow. 4 3 2 1 3. Images Images (photos) match the story.4 3 2 1 4. Length The story is not too long or too short. 4 3 2 1 5. Grammar The speaker used good grammar.4 3 2 1 Comments:/20 23. This is the first digital storytelling "textbook" originally created for students in the Center for Digital Storytelling's workshops and has been used throughout the years to help those new to digital storytelling understand the medium and begin the process of making their own digital story. You can download the first five chapters of the cookbook: 1. Stories in Our Lives:2. Seven Elements:3. Approaches to Scripting:4. Storyboarding:5. Digitizing Story Elements:04/28/10 24. d1wcfall2009.pbworks.com http://myths.e2bn.org / Traditional Folktale 04/28/10 25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mB_KIdgs98 Turning Point in Your Life 04/28/10 26. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXUS3YHv9f MeaningfulEvent in Your life 04/28/10 27. http://eduscapes.com/tap/topic60.htm Free training:http://pbworks.com/content/webinars PBWorks.com 04/28/10 28. the journal.com

  • an integrated channel of print and e-media to efficiently reach K-12 administrators and teachers.

educause .edu nonprofit-- mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology Edu Hound.com directory with FREE categorized resources, lesson plans, clipart, and site sets for teachers.edutopia. org thousands of articles, videos, slide shows, expert interviews, blog entries, and other resources Print/OnlineResources 04/28/10 29. 04/28/10 Additional Links (Just Google any one to find the website) 30.

  • The fact is
  • that
  • even if
  • you are
  • the most engaging,
  • old style teacher
  • in the world,
  • you are not
  • going to capture most
  • of our students' attention
  • the old way.
  • Marc Prensky
  • (marcprensky.com)