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ExCEL After School ProgramsAugust InstituteAugust 7, 2014

Administrative Updates:Invoicing for DCYF match funds through CMSInvoice documentation Simplified*Subcontractor approval form NEW*Injury/Incident/Suspension reporting NEW *Off site Educational Activities New* this summerEMS Inventory module for logging in equipment purchases New*Expenditure forms New*Allowable expenses Food for trainings and other meetings NOT allowed per audit finding New*

Program Updates:Quality Action Plan Physical Activity component New * Expansion of supper meals program New* Calendar of Events The full years calendar is posted on the ExCEL Website

THOMAS GRAVENExecutive DirectorPupil ServicesKEVIN TRUITTAssociate SuperintendentSFCSDMELE LAU-SMITHExecutive DirectorSchool PartnershipsKIM COATESExecutive DirectorSchool Health Programs

AthleticsStudent Advisory CouncilSchool Health Programs & ServicesHealth Education Program K-12Bullying & Violence PreventionGood Behavior GameNutrition Education ProjectCDC HIV Prevention/YMSM/YRBSSafe Routes to SchoolTobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)Crisis ResponseStudent Intervention Team-Mental Health InternsSocial Work Services (LSPs)Foster Youth ServicesNursing and Health ServicesVision & Hearing MandatesMentoring for SuccessSupport Services for LGBTQ YouthWellness Initiative (High Schools)Pupil Services Programs & ServicesDisciplinary & Restorative Conferences and HearingsAttendance & Truancy InterventionTranscripts/Records/Subpoenas Work PermitsRestorative PracticesFamilies & Youth in TransitionAlternative EducationPeer ResourcesCounseling ServicesGear UpSF PromiseCPI TrainingCARE ProgramBridge to SuccessFamily VoiceExpanded Learning & Out of School TimePrograms & ServicesCommunity Schools InitiativeExCEL Afterschool & Out of School Time Family LiaisonsTranslation/Interpretation

Programs &Services

Access & Equity make social just a reality

Student Achievement create engaging learning environmentsAccountability walk the talk

Students & Families first

Equity & DiversityLeadership


Equity (v): to create or modify systems to eliminate oppression and end bias to ensure equally high outcomes for all SFUSD students so that all students have the opportunity to thriveOften times equity is used as a descriptor, but the districts definition uses it as a verb:

56781113141516Tier 3: Intensive supplemental academic & behavioral supports for 5% of studentsTier 2: Supplemental targeted academic & behavioral supports for 10-15% of studentsTier 1: Academic & behavioral supports for all students.Multi-Tiered Systems of SupportSFSCD plays a key role in the districts implementation of A Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS). A unified model of service delivery that

Integrates RtI for academics and RtI for behavior


recognizes the reciprocal influence academic performance and social/emotional/behavior performance has on each other17


ExCEL participants attended more program days in 2013-14.91% of youth report that adults in the program are happy to see them.

97% of high school youth report that adults are happy to see them!90% of youth report that there is an adult who really cares about them in the program.

92% of high school youth report this.ExCEL participants continue to report caring adults.Nearly three-fourths of all youth (73%) report participating in community circles.

Of those for whom it was relevant, 78% report that an adult used the restorative questions with them when they had conflict.ExCEL programs are implementing restorative practices.8 in 10 youth report opportunities to learn and lead in their programs;

73% report that they get to make rules or choose activities in the program (compared to 68% last year).

81% report that they get to help other students in the program compared to only 77% in 2012-13.More youth report having leadership opportunities in their ExCEL program in 2013-14 compared to the prior year.72% of youth report that they learn study skills in their ExCEL program; this is comparable to last year.

Among older youth, 86% report they are more likely to finish their homework on time because of the program

and 81% report being more prepared for the next grade level.ExCEL programs continue to build academic skills, but could do so more consistently.Initial QAP is due in EMS on 8/29

QAP site meetings will take place during September/October

Final QAP including revisions is due in EMS on 11/7Important QAP Dates#1: Implement SFUSD Core curriculum and use student data to make informed decisions

Quality Action Plan is developed based on data from Excel evaluation.

Principals bring the school level data to common planning time today to ensure academic portion of QAP supports school day goals.

#3: Build a clear vision, culture and conditions for college and career readiness

Structure of ExCEL programs academic, enrichment, PA/recreation. The more intentional program design the more support career and college readiness.

# 6: Family Engagement Standards Support implementation of family engagement standards to work together to address student and family concerns.


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