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    Division of ForestryAlumni Newsletter

    Division of Forestry, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia November 2007

    InsIde ThIs Issue:Presidents Corner ........... 1News from Dr. McNeel ..... 2Endowment Fund ............ 3Life Membership Fund ..... 3McNeel Anniversary......... 4Cruiser Needs Your Help . 4Executive Committee....... 5FeedBack and FeedForward ................ 5Obituaries ........................ 7Congratulations Dr. Samuel ! .................. 8Membership Reports and Donations .............. 8Executive Committee Officers ......................... 8Outstanding Faculty Award Nominations Form ........ 9Financial Report ............ 10Membership Notice.........11

    Editors: Ann Steketee and Nancy Lough, and

    PresIdenTs Corner dan KInCaId (71)


    Due to various concerns expressed by, shall we say, lots and lots of people, the WVU Forestry Alumni Association and the WVU Division of Forestry & Natural Resources have jointly decided to hold this Springs Alumni Banquet at the Waterfront Place Hotel in Morgantown. For those of you who havent been back in a few years, thats the former Radisson Hotel near the Monongahela River in the downtown area. We expect to have good service, good food, adequate parking, and a nice location. Well try it for a year and see how it goes. Many of you have suggested this location in recent years. If everyone seems to like it this time, well stay with it for awhile.

    Were planning to do some things to speed up the whole evening, too. The last few years, too many of us older folks were falling asleep before the final gun had sounded. Were going to streamline the agenda as much as possible, shorten the presentations, eliminate things where possible, and keep a close eye on the clock. Well ask everyone to keep their remarks brief, and when they hear the orchestra start to play, that will be their cue to leave the stage. I think we can accomplish all of this, adequately recognize the honorees, not shortchange anyones remarks, have a great time, and do it more quickly.

    One thing we plan on doing is to go with a buffet meal format. That should speed up that part of the evening. There will probably be three entre selections and adequate salad and side choices. There will be more information forthcomingspecifics about registration and a weekend agendain the March 08 Tally Sheet and the WVU Branchlines Newsletter. Oh yes, this Springs Forestry Alumni Weekend will be April 4-5, 2008.

    If anyone has comments, concerns, or suggestions for the Alumni Association Executive Committee, please let us know. We have a good, strong, and active group there now. We are instituting a new award, Outstanding Faculty Member, which you will be hearing more about. In fact, a nomination form appears in this issue of the Tally Sheet. Our dues-paying membership continues to be well over 500, which was a longtime goal, finally achieved in the last 2 years; and we have 212 Life Members. We now offer three scholarships to deserving students, and it is within sight to offer another one. The Endowment Fund is strong and getting stronger. If you want to know something, just ask us; and if you have suggestions, let us know. We will take them seriously.

    The faculty, students, and administrative staff of the Division are also operating at a high level. Enrollment remains strong, both

    Mark Your Calendar!

    Executive Committee Meeting

    Conference Call Saturday,

    January 12, 2008, at 10:00 a.m.

    Spring Alumni WeekendApril 4-5, 2008

    Awards BanquetThe Waterfront Place

    HotelApril 5, 2008

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  • Tally Sheet Page 2

    Enrollment for the fall semester of 2007-08 remains strong with about 390 undergraduates enrolled in our four programs of study.

    Enrollment continues to climb for Forest Resources Management and Wood Science and Technology, with WST enrollment around 65, the highest its been in several years. Small declines were noted for Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources and for Wildlife and Fisheries Resources, although the WFR Program has the highest enrollment with about 155 undergraduates. Grad student enrollment continues to increase, with more than 18 new grad students enrolled in the Division this fall. That brings our total graduate student enrollment up to about 80 students!

    The Division just received notification that the states of Ohio and West Virginia have entered into a Tuition Reduction Agreement that will go into effect in January of 2008 (this spring semester). With this agreement in place, Ohio residents wanting to enroll in any of our Division programs will be eligible for West Virginia in-state tuition rates. As this is a significant savings for Ohio residents, we anticipate a significant level of new students

    news from dr. JosePh mCneel, dIreCTor, wVu dIVIsIon of foresTryfrom our neighboring state in the coming semesters. With the existing agreement between the Division and Hocking College, we already have a strong representation from Ohio in the FRM and WFR Programs. Hopefully, well see similar increases in enrollment in other Division Programs.

    Research continues to be a major priority for our faculty. This year, weve received nearly $4 million in research funding from external sources, like the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A good indicator of the strength of our research program is the number of graduate students enrolled in the Division, and, as mentioned earlier, were having a banner year for graduate students! Of the 80 or so graduate students in the Division, at least 70 are financially supported by these externally funded projects managed by our faculty.

    The Westvaco Natural Resource Center is tentatively scheduled to re-open this spring after minor structural repairs have been completed. We hope to have the facility available for the Alumni Weekend scheduled for April 5th!

    The new Learning Bridge to Percival Hall is finally starting to take shape. Donated materials from Allegheny Wood Products, Weyerhaeuser Corporation, and Burke, Parsons, Bowlby have

    helped us emphasize wood and a wood products theme in the design of the bridge. We anticipate that it will be completed before the end of the fall semester. All we lack now is a covering that emphasizes our forest heritage! Such a covering will help the Division spotlight forestry and natural resource themes to pedestrians entering Percival Hall. With nearly 3,000 people crossing the bridge daily, we think that the covered bridge will inform and influence students and others visiting Percival and Allen Halls regarding West Virginia and our natural resource heritage. With the help of interested alumni and corporate sponsors, were hoping to start construction of a covering for the bridge sometime next summer. Contact our office (304-293-2941) if you are interested in learning more about the bridge and what you can do to help make it a reality!

    If you dont get the Division newsletter, Forest Branchlines, and would like to receive a copy in the mail, call our offices to get on the mailing list. We put out an edition in the spring and in the fall to keep our alumni and friends up-to-date on Division activities and accomplishments. Wed like for everybody to get one, particularly our alumni. So, if youre not receiving a copy, call us now at 304-293-2941, ext. 2471 and ask Sara to get you on the mailing list!

    Submitted by Joe McNeel

    undergraduate and graduate. In fact, the graduate enrollment is excellent. Faculty have received in the neighborhood of $4 million in outside funding for research projects. Many of their projects

    are cutting edge. Dr. McNeel and his staff are steering this ship admirably. Times seem to be very good for the Division. We all have a lot to be proud of. Stay in touch, talk with Joe, the faculty, students,

    and dont forget join the Forestry Alumni Association, and pay your dues or become a Life Member. Hope to see you in April! Best regards, Dan

    PresIdenTs Corner ConT.

  • Tally Sheet Page 3

    The WVU Forestry Alumni Association Endowment Fund was created by the WVU Forestry Alumni Association in 1969 to serve as a source of scholarships for deserving students in the Forestry School. It is supervised by a three-member Trust Committee appointed by the Forestry Alumni Association. The fund is managed by the First National Bank which invests the money in the fund as instructed by the Trust Committee. Members of the Trust Committee are John W. Crites, Chairman, Edd L. Bills, and Harry V. Wiant, Jr.

    The Endowment Fund is totally funded by the WVU Forestry Graduates, their families and/or friends, and companies for which they work. All donations are tax deductible as it is a 501-C-3 organization. The fund also has a mechanism for obtaining the matching funds for those donors who work for a company which has a matching fund program. The fund is composed of a General Fund in which general donations

    are deposited. There are also special funds within the General Fund established for scholarships in the name of certain individuals. There are also two dedicated funds established by the families of two individuals, W. Clement Percival, the first Director of the Forestry School and George A. Myles, Class of 42 and one of the first members of the Trust Committee.

    As of September 30, 2007, the total in the Endowment Fund was $675,259.47. These monies are distributed in the General Fund - $312,962.97; the Percival Fund - $217,093


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