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Get Found Local 480-626-4807 Is a Scottsdale, AZ based SEO and digital marketing agency specializing in helping small to medium sized businesses attract and retain customers online through SEO, Reputation Marketing and other online services.


  • 1.Today's Internet Marketing

2. Attracting new customers is the life-line for any business NEW CUSTOMERS Getting your satisfied customers to keep coming back is critical and less expensive REPEAT CUSTOMERS Getting your existing customers to spend more money with your company creates stronger sales funnels CUSTOMERS SPEND MORE Getting your existing customers to refer more people to your business creates effortless longevity CUSTOMERS REFER MORE 4 IMPORTANT Focus Points for Businesses 3. TechnologyMarketing Costs Competitors MAJOR Obstacles 4. Website Design A PROFITABLE Website Can Grow Your Local Business 5. 1: Navigate to Get a Feel for Your Company 2: Read Helpful Content 3: View Products & Services Offerings 4: Opt-in for Free Information or Discounts 5: Social Media Interaction (share, like, follow) 6: Contact or Visit You 7: Make a Purchase! 8: Refer Others to Your Company or Website Website Visitor Action Cycle Consumer Website Action Cycle 6. Profitable Website Strategy Reason #1 Reason #2 Reason #3 STRATEG Y Fast- Loading Strong Call-to- Action Pleasing to the Eye Lead Opt-in Social Integration Helpful Content 7. Mobile Website Overview The Importance ofThe Importance of Having aHaving a Mobile-Friendly WebsiteMobile-Friendly Website for Your Local Businessfor Your Local Business 8. What are the Features? Also Tap-to-Call Prominent Contact Details Product and/or Service Information Limited Videos, Photos, and Images Pertinent Information that On-the-Go Consumers Need Map and Social Media Integration Thumb-Friendly and Easy to Navigate Loads Quickly 9. Why Google+ Local Can Grow Your Local Business Google+ Local 10. What Does it Involve? Optimize Your Profile Claim & Complete Your Profile 100% Add Company Details Ask Customers for Reviews Monitor Reviews Add Great Content 11. Benefits of Google+ Local Main Benefit: It Helps Your Business Get More Search Engine Exposure Goes hand-in-hand with search engine optimization Its integrated with Google Maps to help visitors find you Provides your visitors with the pertinent information they need about your business 12. Local SEO Get Found in the Search Engines with an Optimized Company Website 13. Reason #1 Reason #2 Reason #3 STRATEG Y Local Keywords Local Address Local Phone Number On-Page Optimizatio n Off-Page Optimizatio n Relevant Content Profitable Local SEO Strategy 14. Online Reputation Marketing The Importance of Marketing Your Companys Online Reputation 15. Benefits of a Good Online Reputation Easily Retain Existing Customers Easier to Get New Customers Easier to Establish New Business Partnerships Continuous Growth in Sales and Profits 16. What Does it Involve? Monitoring Publishing Content Positive Customer Reviews Customer Service Customer Engagement Your Online Reputation 17. 17 Social Media OverviewSocial Media Overview Boost Sales by SOCIALIZING with Your Local Target Audience 18. Benefits of Social Media Main Benefit: It Builds Customer Loyalty Consistent Customer Engagement Ability to Stay Connected Direct Access to Make Special Offers Automatic Brand-Building & Exposure 19. Video Marketing Importance of Adding Online Videos to Your Marketing Mix 20. Main Benefit: Videos Capture and Hold Attention Benefits of Video Marketing People like to watch videos more than reading text Videos are proven to boost conversion rates People stay on websites longer when there are videos 21. Reason #1 Reason #2 Reason #3 STRATEG Y Tutorials Product Demos Sales Videos YouTube Optimized For Ranking On-Going Video Marketing Strategies 22. 480-626-4807