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  1. 1. Global Integrated Consulting, LLC Your Hub for Organizational Development (OD) Services
  2. 2. GIC will enhance organizations around the globe to optimize employees overall well-being and happiness while boosting the financial health of their organization. Vision Statement
  3. 3. Mission Statement Global Integrated Consulting,LLC is an HR/OD and management consulting firm. Our leadership founded this company with the belief that organizations should be able to hire high-quality consultants with a wide range of experience without breaking the bank. Our consultants seek to inspire our clients to thrive and to evolve their organization, in order to outperform the expectations of their people, leaders, and customers and outlast their fiercest competitors.
  4. 4. Assessment & Development Center GIC offers individual or custom packaged services to meet your essential OD needs. We can also design your own OD Center with assessments to match your unique organizational culture. Candidate Screening Change Management Executive Coaching/Staff Mentoring Job Migration Planning Leadership Development M&A Integration People Risk Management Performance Management Retention/Succession Planning Talent Acquisition Team Development Training
  5. 5. Employee Engagement Surveys & Projects GIC helps even the most optimal organizations make improvements. Let us bring your employee engagement data and projects to a higher level! How is your Morale? Job Satisfaction? Absenteeism? Job Retention? Many different factors affect an organizations productivity and profitability. Organizations that have enhanced employee engagement are able to attract top talent and have much higher retention rates! They are in much better positions to weather economic dips, fierce competitors, and challenges that often accompany mergers. Employee engagement includes everybody from the entry level staff to the top leadership. If you only use one type of data collection on a limited yearly basis, you will miss vital data. Engagement projects often do not make it past the strategy stage; thus no improvements happen. More importantly, employees will begin to feel that their opinions are not valued and will stop responding to new surveys.
  6. 6. Organizational Wellness Is your current workload and schedule sustainable? Work Burnout is one of the biggest problems facing most organizations around the globe. It leads to emotional and medical problems and has a huge financial and negative impact for the individual and the organization as a whole. Preventing work burnout should be a top priority at your organization! GIC will assess your current health programs and create a new organizational health strategy. We provide individual assessments and health coaching and group seminars. Download the Work Burnout Screener on this page for free. Organizations that promote and support healthier lifestyles for their employees have happier staff that are more productive and absent less from work. This cannot be achieved by simply sending out memos and newsletters or the occasional health fair at work. Healthier habits and lifestyles require a commitment within the organizational culture!
  7. 7. People Risk Management GIC screens potential candidates for high paying positions and high-risk positions! We can also provide specialized assessments, coaching and support for your staff that already hold these vital jobs! In the last couple decades alone,employees at various companies around the globe who have been reckless and greedy have caused the loss of millions and sometimes billions of dollars.Regardless if they acted alone or not, their direct actions to hide losses and continue risky behavior lead to record financial losses for organizations. These losses also lead to an array of other problems like layoffs, negative impact to the public, and unbelievable losses for investors. In other cases of unethical and immoral behavior by employees, there was a direct loss of human life.
  8. 8. Dr. Wayne McClellan President Dr. McClellan is the President of Global Integrated Consulting, LLC, since the founding of the company in 2007. He spent 23+ years as an HR Executive before deciding to return to graduate school to earn a Masters and Doctorate in Psychology. He previously earned a Masters in Counseling and one in Communications and Marketing. Dr. McClellan has been a key participant for 50+ mergers and acquisitions. He led the HR integration of 2 regional health care systems with combined revenues of $1.2 billion and 15,000 employees with 25 locations in the US. He has worked with coaching expats around the world. He was the first US Executive to work with the Vietrade Office in Manhattan, NY for international trade and business development. He held various HR Corporate Management and Consultant positions while working in telecommunications, resort/hotel, real estate development, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and chemical industries.
  9. 9. Dr. Chez F. Cristiano Global VP of Organizational Development & HR - EMEA & The Americas Dr. Chez Cristiano is the Global VP of Organizational Development and HR, EMEA & The Americas at Global Integrated Consulting, LLC. He has been a critical OD/HR Business Partner since the companys founding in 2007 after spending almost a decade in the financial industry. He has a BA, MA, and doctorate in psychology and has studied human and organizational behavior. He has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, and the US. Dr. Cristiano has studied the cultures of many different countries during his university years and while living abroad. He is passionate about HR and Organizational/People Development.Chez Cristiano believes that Organizational Development (like psychology) is a mix of science and art. Understanding the human factor behind statistics and analysis has been a key factor in his success. He has designed and copyrighted a Transformation of HR/HRM Model, customized talent acquisition screening tools, Work Burnout Screener, GoldenTree Employee Engagement Survey (multiple languages), an Assessment & Development Center and many other customized assessments. Chez Cristiano has been instrumental in the strategy,design,and implementation of OD projects across diverse industries and multi-national organizations.
  10. 10. Please contact us if you are interested in forming a strategic alliance, partnership, and/or participating in our referral fee program.
  11. 11. Contact Information 302 Washington Street, # 150-5882 San Diego, CA. 92103 USA +1 (949) 209 - 8938 +1 (949) 209 - 8834 Borsigstr. 9 10115 Berlin Germany or see website North America: Telephone: Fax: Europe: Sales e-mail: Web Address:
  12. 12. Global Integrated Consulting, LLC Your Hub for Organizational Development (OD) Services